Greetings, my beautiful lovelies. Hi, it’s Emmy. Welcome back. Today’s video: I’m going to be testing out some adaptive equipment. I’m going to be making an entire meal one-handed. So I will try to put my arm into the sling and cook the entire meal one-handed. Now, this video was inspired by Keely. Keely, thank you so much for suggesting this video. She left a comment for me on one my other videos saying she has cerebral palsy and all she wants to do is be able to make herself a meal and how interesting would it be for me to test some of this equipment? So a while back I was actually an art teacher for adults with both physical and mental disabilities And I saw firsthand how difficult simple tasks could be if you did not have the means to lift things, move things or just had limited mobility. And when you’re able-bodied you take so much for granted. Your mobility, your ability just to do simple tasks, like opening doors, or getting through doors, or cooking yourself a meal. So today I’m going to take up a challenge and see if I can do it. So Keely, thank you so much for suggesting this. I went online and I researched some things that I thought I could use to make a meal. Put my sling on. This is just a t-shirt. This actually reminds me of my baby carrying days. Okay, so my sling on. First thing I’m gonna do is make some pasta, and this is what I found and I think this will work. This is called the FoodPod. Isn’t it great? It looks like a Yayoi Kusama sculpture. I love it. So it looks kind of like a little pumpkin And you’re supposed to be able to cook things like eggs and vegetables in it. But I thought I could probably cook some penne pasta in it So as you can probably imagine, if you’ve got limited use of your hands or you don’t have a lot of muscle tone, lifting a pot of boiling water is not only dangerous, but impossible. So this little thing is made out of silicone and you put the food into the basket and then you can pull it out of the boiling water, eliminating the need to actually lift up and drain a whole pot of water. I’m going to take these… This top part off… And… fill up the basket with pasta. Now I imagine I’m gonna lose some of them. I think most of them… [dry pasta clattering] Hopefully will stay. So, one challenge I’ve noticed so far already is that the floppy nature of this basket makes it difficult to fill. Okay, now that I’ve got some in there, I’m gonna pour some. There we go. Now I’m going to replace this back on top. And this is actually proving a little easier than I thought it would be. Okay, so I’ve already lost some pasta. I can put some of it back through these holes. (goofy laugh) Go back in there! I feel like I’m a preschooler playing with a toy. Alright, go back in there. And now I’m going to place my pot of pasta into the boiling water, or the hot water, and let this boil. The next little piece of equipment I have is this. And this is a Dycem mat and… (sniffs) It smells kind of stinky, kind of plasticky, but it’s kind of a silicone rubbery material and it’s very very grippy. Very grippy. So if you’re unable to hold something with two hands or use another hand to hold it, this should hold it. So this is used on all kinds of surfaces and see there’s crumbs and everything sticking to this. You can just wash it with warm soapy water and allow it to dry, and you’ll get the stickiness back. Kind of reminds me of those, like, little crawly things that you can throw on the wall, and they like crawl down and they get covered with the fuzz. Same idea, right? So if you wash them they’ll be nice and sticky again. So now that I have my mat for grippy surface, I’m going to test this gadget out. Now, this is called the Robo Twist. It is a battery-operated bottle or jar opener. So I have a jar of pasta sauce. I’m curious about a couple things. I’m curious if I have to hold the jar at all. I’m gonna try to do it without holding it. I put it on the little sticky mat so hopefully it won’t tip over, but I really want to see how well this opens. You’re supposed to just set this on here, and then push this green button until the claws grip onto lid. So neither the Robo Twist or the FoodPod are sold necessarily as adaptive equipment. I just thought they would work for this type of situation. Alright, let’s test this out. I’m supposed to touch this and hold it down for three seconds, until it grips the lid and then it’s supposed to do the rest itself. [loud whirring] Whoa. See this? [whirring continues] [lid pops] Whoa! [whirring continues] Wowsers, did you see that? That was kind of impressive. First of all, I did not have to hold the jar at all. Second of all, it worked. It popped it off, it twisted it completely, and now it let it go. I do have to say it is very, very loud. I almost thought it was broken when it started to go, but it- it worked and look at that. Totally removed the lid. Super easy. I find the lids that I have the most trouble with and I am able-bodied are the ones that are wider This was absolutely hands-free and it totally worked I’m impressed. I believe I paid $19.99 for this. And now I’m just gonna warm it in my… container. It’s been about 11 minutes and our pasta is ready. I forgot to mention that on the end of the FoodPod There’s a little hook so you can attach it to the rim of the pot so it doesn’t wander away. Alright, let’s stop this And pull the pasta out Here we go Look at that. So I thought that the silicone might not be able to withstand the weight of the pasta but it’s doing fine I’m gonna put in this colander so it can drain a little bit more. I did lose some pasta I probably have I don’t know about 15 pieces of penne still in the pot but still plenty in here I think another thing that would be really useful in an adaptive kitchen would be using something like this This is an induction burner You’ve seen me use it a lot in my other videos But it’s great because the surface of it does not get hot only where it makes contact with the pot Does it get hot so it’s really safe for small spaces It’s great. I really like it. You do need equipment that will work that is compatible with the induction burner So it has to have some sort of iron in it And if you’re using stainless steel you have to make sure that it’s induction Compatible and you can regulate the heat really well Too they have a digital display so you can get very precise increments in terms of how much heat or how little heat you want to use so I highly recommend Induction burners liked them a lot. I actually got this one on clearance at Target, but you can find them anywhere online I think IKEA even makes one The only drawback is that you need induction compatible cookware But if you’re cooking with cast iron, you’re already set. Now this is the next piece of equipment And it is the special cutting board and this is made by Etac.
E-tack, A-tack? I’m not exactly sure (the pronunciation). It’s a Swedish company and this cutting board is quiet expensive. It was about $75 it came with a knife. It’s a little rocking knife. It is made to be used one-handed It looks a little bit like a Mezzaluna and this piece here is a clamp and these pegs move so you can clamp Different things between the clamp and these pegs and there are suction cups at the bottom of this cutting board So it does not slip the build quality seems to be okay. It’s not fabulous, but it’s okay The surface is pretty slick. The side is textured the plastic is kind of similar to the plastic cutting boards, but a little bit more rigid and These right here are spikes that can hold your vegetable that you’re cutting. This is reversible So you can put it on this way So you can actually have a smooth surface got myself a cucumber to slice and first I’m going to try Stabbing it on the spikes and cutting it this way Hmm this blade by the way is not that sharp. I felt it is not honed very sharp, and it’s kind of difficult to cut through Very violent and not a very clean cut. Let’s just use a regular knife. Oh Yeah much better not so loud. You can get very thin slices if you like It’s easier to cut Just using a regular knife the knife they give you not so great. I think this would probably be great for chopping herbs Something that you want to get really finely minced to my bowl of salad greens. I will add my cucumber slices So the spikes worked really well, so a radish isn’t really so easy to spike, but I can’t try it This is gonna be a little sea not so great for that. I can spike it a little bit. Yeah. Oh, yeah, beautiful That works beautifully Just try it setting it against the spikes and even that should help no it still wants to slide so time to impale I’m just gonna impale maybe the first couple just to hold it into place. Alright Even then it wants to wiggle, but if you have a sharp knife It helps let’s try poking it more on the spikes Yeah, if you spike more of the tomato onto the spikes then it moves less and is much easier to cut Let’s see how chopping does, though. Maybe using something like this would be better Because you can kind of just rock it Rather than trying to keep them all together So yes, I think this is much better for chopping and just a regular knife is better for slicing. Let’s add that to my salad This sort of fits on the spikes a Tricky thing I did find is that these suction cups almost work too well And so getting the cutting board off your counter is kind of tricky when you can only use one hand So that’s a slight annoyance and now we’re going to use it more as a clamp station. It’s going to set the spikes in here Put the grater here Push the clamp forward I’ll clamp it. And now I’m going to grab my cheese and great my cheese That works Beautifully, I need one of these in my garage It’s like a vice me unclamp it beautiful So if you have a melon and you put that in here and trying to cut something like that Yeah, it looks great so this is a really great solution for cutting something like this because a melon is a ball and Cutting something round one-handed is just a bad idea. This holds it really nicely in place take out my knife, unclamp it and There I have a beautifully cut melon So that was my favorite thing so far to cut with this cutting board setup is the round object. Now we’re in the final stages of putting our meal together. Let’s go ahead and get our pasta out this pod is pretty easy to Unassembled one-handed. It’s putting it together that’s trickier. Now we’re going to take this and Dump out some of our pasta Stuck together a bit. I think if you added a little bit of olive oil to the cooking water I know purists are balking but this is a different kind of situation, isn’t it? I think that would probably alleviate some of this sticking And now I’m gonna add my shredded cheese On top And for my salad, I’m gonna add a little bit of olive oil a little bit of salt a Little bit of balsamic vinegar. I normally would add freshly ground pepper, but you can’t really use a pepper grinder with one hand but if I give it a good shake there’s some residual pepper in there so I can get a little bit of pepper on my Salad, and in the case that I only have the use of one hand, I probably wouldn’t have a peppermill like this There are ones that you can push a button that are electrified and it just makes fresh ground pepper for you Let’s give our meal a taste. Here we go. Itadakimasu. And it tastes like jarred sauce on pasta. It’s great. This actually reminds me a lot of college, I ate a lot of pasta and jarred sauce when I was in college So it totally takes me back Mm-hmm. It’s good! Now, let’s have some salad with our very very simple simple vinaigrette Here we go. Mm-hmm You know what really makes that sound for me is the addition of green onions or scallions Really liven things up a little bit of onion goes a long way. Even if you don’t like onion, I suggest you Try it. Try a little green onion. It’s much milder than yellow onions, or even red onions for that matter, and just adding a little bit to your very simple dressing just livens things up — there’s no need to buy bottles of dressing when you just got a little olive oil; you’ve got a little balsamic and green onion; or just a little bit of fresh garlic. Wonderful! Instant, instant vinaigrette. So there you have it: the one-handed cooking challenge with adaptive equipment. Keely, thank you so much for suggesting this as a video idea. So all of this equipment worked, and it worked pretty well — I think the decision on whether or not to purchase something like this will depend on your individual situation: how much chopping do I do? How much boiling do I do? How many jars do I open? Be sure to subscribe, if you’re not subbed already; share this video with your friends. It really helps me out. Follow me on social media so you can see how you can win this equipment, and I shall see you in the next video. Toodle-oo. Take care. Bye!!!!

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