Online Master’s Nutrition Epidemiology and Public Health – student experiences

I study online because it’s very efficient for me. I have a family and I have a job. For me it’s not possible to come to Campus every day, so it’s the ideal way to do a master’s. Those who study online have a full-time job
that they want to keep up and they want to integrate their master’s into the work
they are already doing. So they can use those skills that they’ve gained in their profession into their degree and vice versa. I’m a nurse, so I want to combine my practical experience with this research experience. With this degree I hope to move on to do work on
public health interventions in Third World countries. So looking at a country with a low income looking at the population there who don’t have
a lot of resources to help themselves. And determining what their main health problems are and trying to come up with ways so they can help themselves. I’m based in England, I can study at Wageningen which has a great
reputation without leaving my job and coming here. I can still gain my experience at work but additional to that I can gain all the knowledge that the supervisors, the lecturers
and professors at Wageningen can bestow upon me.

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