Hello everyone it is Barry here welcome to
myvirginkitchen it is barry here and boston hello mate today we are making something I
have been bombarded with on email this week this is a chocolate coca cola bottle it looks
like a coke bottle right but inside is an oreo cream cheese filling, it is quite easy
to make you can cheat by putting m&m�s in the middle of it if you fancy it but you guys
wanted to see it so this is how you do it. The first thing you need is a bottle of coke
make sure you have drunk it all up and emptied and cleaned out also now remove the label
and put to one side as we use it at the end. I am using some good quality dark baking chocolate
today and all we are going to do is plonk down a pan with some water in it put a bowl
on top and bring it up to a low simmer making sure the water does not touch adding the chocolate
in there and gradually letting it melt over time so you have got a little time to kill
now while it melts into a lovely chocolate lake you just want to drink that. Now we do
not want to put that into the coke bottle right away as it is so hot so what we do is
transfer it to a measuring jug which will make it easier to pour leave that to stand
for about 5 minutes. With the chocolate cooled but still manouverable
pour it into the coke bottle once it is in there grab the bottle and spin it so the chocolate
coats all on the inside on the bottom and also pay close attention to the top you want
to bring it right to the top of the lid rotating as you go as the chocolate cools it will cling
so make sure you rotate the bottle from time to time until it sets to ensure even coverage
and then once all done with that plonk in the fridge to firm up ideally overnight but
if not at least 4 hours. Just before you are ready to remove the bottle
from the fridge make the oreo cheese filling grab some oreos into a sealable bag and bash
away with a rolling pin until you get fine crumbs or you can just whizz it in a food
processor then dump it in a bowl with some cream cheese mixing it together until combined.
It sort of blends into the colour of boston at first it is a light cream cheese colour
then as the oreos kick in you get a nice dark all over pug colour that is what you want
in a pug colour. Keep the plastic on the bottle to prevent the chocolate from melting as you
push in the filling you can do this in so many ways through a piping bag using spoons
or if feeling really dirty just use fingers and push it in get it all in there then shove
it back in your fridge just to firm up for about half an hour.
Once you are ready to remove that layer grab yourself a craft knife or sharp small table
knife and begin to cut away the plastic ensuring you point upwards to keep away from the damaged
chocolate keep going until you remove all the plastic and you are left with a chocolate
bottle put that back in the fridge for ten minutes to hold its shape get rid of any blemishes
if you need to, then you are ready to put your label back on it and that is your chocolate
coca cola bottle with an oreo cream cheese stuffing all done cutting out a chunk on the
bottom is a surprise and tastes pretty darn good indeed. I have just realised it has a
Euro 2016 sticker on the label so if you are watching this after Euro 2016 my prediction
is that Spain will win it, if they have not then hey, do not gamble.
So there we go then folks a little naughty but I had so many requests to make that so
if there is anything else you want to see let me know on twitter facebook Instagram
leave me a comment below or on my website and I will do my best to make it if you have
not subscribed please do so follow me on social media and I will see you again with boston,
he is alive, next time!

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