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hello everybody & welcome back to the
channel today guys I’m here with a Emil Emil is bringing some crazy stuff for
you guys to learn this is gonna be amazing I this is a master class on
lula kebabs isn’t it, yes, it is amazing you have no
idea how good this thing is until you make it and Emil here is gonna teach
us every single detail about that how to make it have to put it together every
single step on the way and you guys are gonna learn everything because you guys
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everything because I don’t know nothing about this thing and I’m learning as,
exactly as you guys are learning right now so let’s get into that…
okay guys the first thing you need to know is that we need a lot of onions for
this plate and I talking about a lot if you’re making four pounds you need 1
pound of onions so it’s a 25% of the weight of the meat in onions in this spices department we are gonna have this beautiful mix it’s gonna be salt, black pepper thyme
basil cumin and coriander we’re gonna mix this with a little bit of olive oil
and add it to the onions that we already cut this is gonna make this onions
really soft and really nice and it’s going to add a little bit of humidity
into it it’s gonna be awesome and we’re gonna be adding this to the meat guys
you’ll love it! something else you need to add into the middle will be fat you
need 25% fat on the meat so we’re talking about if you have 4 pounds it’s
gonna be 1 pound of fat in this case we’re using just picanha trims which
is amazing for this thing and it’s gonna be a really nice flavor and it also adds
really good to the lamb after the fatty side all you need to do is add your
spices with the onions and mix everything together really well and this one you’re gonna say that we
are a little bit too much sophisticated but this is a easy way to do it guys we
only have to spend ten minutes mixing everything up in here and it’s gonna be
amazing the key is to mix everything really well
ultil you can see the strings of the protein coming up as you can see in this
piece of meat it’s not even falling off his hand we need that meat to be really
sticky so I can stick really well to the skewers I won’t fall off when we are
cooking this beauty this is good one guys don’t miss it! See that, it doesn’t fall, that’s what will happen that’s what’s gonna happen on a stick it will
stay there! Right there you can see by yourself that this is really sticky doesn’t
even falling off his hands when we’re putting on the bawl, now let me allow the
expert to explain to you what’s gonna be the next step… For the refrigerator and
let it stay there for 3-4 hours this is a very thick piece of meat big mass it
needs to be chilled when you put it in the sticks it it has to be very cold
because it was gonna be a warm when its put on the grill is gonna fall apart the
first few moments when you pour it in a hot coal that’s going to be searing that
top layer, that protein is gonna hold it together when you put the fats
there it’s gonna make it juicy the onions will start releasing juice when
it becomes hot so that piece is gonna be very flavorful because of the herbs you
put and spices it’s going to be very juicy because we have onions and
fats there and it’s going to be looking amazing when it starts searing on a top we left them in the fridge for about
three to four hours we let a cool really good and then we start putting all the
skewers together as you can see what he does is just make a little ball with the
meat then put on the scure and play with it
until everything gets taken there really well everything else done to it is
just to make a look pretty sometimes you see that people squeeze it really well
but in this case the way they’re doing in his country
they just make like that let me tell you is delicious! Also for good measure I’m
gonna be cooking some veggies we need those veggies to put them on the
grill and let it really cook really well the grill that he has is a… it was
created specifically for these kind of things and it’s something that allow
the charcoal to get really hot really quick as you can see it’s just put them
in there we’ll give it about two minutes on each side and the veggies were ready now
it’s time to put our meat and create our Lula kebabs which I know are gonna be
amazing you have to see this look at the colors it just been there for about a
minute and that’s what you do you put it on the fire for about a minute on each
of the sides and let it be don’t worry don’t touch it don’t do anything because
if you start playing with it it will fall off from the skewer also he adorned
the plate in this beautiful way he puts on lettuce and then he puts on bread
right on top and we start adding all these beautiful kebabs on it I can tell
you this man this is one of the best presentations are ever seen his
beautiful is amazing and the mix of the colors it just bring everything alive on
the plate look at that it’s beautiful! All it was missing was a little bit of cilantro and we are adding that right now that’s the only thing
missing and that’s the perfect condiment for this beauty! Look at it! Alright guys as you can see Emil
prepared a feast for us I mean this is too much food man what do you want to do with this thing you’re gonna need a few days, call your friends to help, you guys
you have to understand the smell on this thing is amazing I have a little
piece already and the flavors are crazy guys but this is a completely new
experience to me it’s something that I wasn’t expecting at all look at the
presentation the way they present these plates is amazing the colors everything
in the way this is incredible brother I love it! So tell me how we eat this thing? I don’t even know you can take it
naan bread here that’s lavage
lavage? alright and grab one of those drop of those with some naan bread yeah we can put some tomatoes here just a little bit we can put some onions here, pickle onions oh brother and then I’m gonna you want
me to put some of it inside hey hey okay alright man
it’s time to try this thing cheers cheers guys! Wow! Came out good! you know is like… it tastes like lamb but
there is no gaming here at all guys the flavor is amazing, the cumin flavor
will come up a lot and then you have that onions and those tomatoes that
complement all that a little strong flavor of the meat wrap into this bread
this thing is amazing brother freakin love it
Mrs Ninja! oh Mrs Ninja you’re missing the good stuff oh my god first of all this presentation is just absolutely gorgeous! No need for restaurants you can join us here! We have a little bit of a problem we
have to try with naan bread you want it so hard I’ll try it by itself because
look they’re so kind and nice to me that look at those beautiful vegetables
that’s of you look at the tomatoes I love it I’m not a cutter we need more
subscribers like this one please they cook for us that’s awesome oh my
God look at this… the smell! just smell it’s unbelievable seriously
I’m going with you oh this is perfect all the spices the cumin I mean you can
feel the lamb but it’s just like way far over there I love it! Good job remember that Mrs Ninja is not a lamb fan mm-hmm how do you like it I love it! you don’t need anything else this thing is amazing! Brother thank you so much for sharing this with us !thank you! It’s
amazing we really like it thank you thank you thank you! I really enjoyed
doing it I really enjoy spending time with you guys
enjoy sharing, sharing the experience sharing that the whole experience
sitting eating talking, expressing itself yeah that’s that’s amazing and
that’s something that I love to when I do some food and stuff like that
for somebody that never tried before I have the same feelings you know I love
for them to try it and if they even if they don’t like it I don’t care I just
want them to know what it is and how it tastes and everything and these guys
this is DEEELICIOUS brother! And sisters! Because Emil cooked for us today! look at the feast you got here
Dale I mean we’re still eating we have so much here this was gorgeous
absolutely delicious so Dale you’re lucky one you won that chair we’re gonna have a lot of left over here so you come and help us out please we need it and if you
run out of all of these things we’re gonna cook some more for you
yeah you’re gonna have a lot of fun we’ll have the master here so he’s the
one that knows how to do this thing I don’t know nothing but I can call him up he comes in and do it we’ll make it
happen! Alright guys that’s all for today please see if you
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questions on how to make it because it’s delicious
you can leave your comments down there and Emil he’s gonna reply to
them alright that’s all the guys and remember that I love you! we love you!

82 thoughts on “Original Grilled Lula Kebabs Recipe – How to Cook Kebabs | Salty Tales

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