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what’s up guys welcome back to healthy
recipe we’re gonna make in some orzo today orzo is like a kind of pasta it
looks like a grain of rice is actually shaped like a grain of rice but it’s
actually made from semolina this specific one is just some Molina is
organic one ingredient we’re gonna be using some mushrooms and some veggies to
add in to add some extra nutrition it’s gonna be totally delicious and super
simple to make so let’s get right to work alright so this is basically what
we’re gonna be using four ingredients today have one actually about a half a
tomato dice and it’s just something that have leftover this is simply balance
organic or so this comes from Target is actually eight servings in here we’re
gonna do this whole thing so it’s about 200 calories a serving the only
ingredient is organic semolina so really natural clean product I’m gonna be using
about a cup and a half of white button mushrooms sliced half a lemon I have
here about two cups of kale from my garden and about two cups of arugula
from my garden also these are some onions white onions from a bottle of
Spanish olives that I had music using these to add a little bit of that ooh
mommy and brining briny nests from the salt to add that flavor into the recipe
and I have one white onion diced about six cloves of finely minced fresh garlic
and that’s basically it so first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna get the
orzo cooking like pasta cooks from eight to ten minutes and water and then you
just drain the water out and then after that we’re gonna start
ordering that process we’re gonna start working on our veggies and our aromatics
okay so I’m gonna start out with about a tablespoon and a half of olive oil in a
pan and we already have our water boiling for our orzo well not boiling
yet but it’s going and then we’re gonna cook it just like we cook pasta eight to
ten minutes drain it and we’ll add it back in there I’m running medium heat
right here I just kind of want to cook this a little bit slower to infuse that
olive oil with a nice product later actually at 275 degrees Fahrenheit I get that garlic nice and fragrant
that’s the base of our recipe now I’m gonna go ahead and add the onion I’d like to give you know 20 seconds and
between ingredients when I’m adding like this just so it allows the pan enough
time to regain this heat if you throw everything in at once what
happens is you cool off the pan rapidly and you end up getting sometimes more of
a steaming effect now I got the pan back up to temperature let me go ahead and
add tomatoes we’re just creating like different
layers of flavor so we add the ingredients aromatics now we’re gonna add those briny onions a
little bit of liquid now that we kind of sauteed the other aromatics already this
won’t affect by adding a little bit of liquid loosen it up a little bit to that
we’re gonna add away button mushrooms now we’re gonna cook the mushrooms for
about three to five minutes to soften up and then we’ll come back they’re done
okay so I wanted to bring you guys in to show you what the orzo looks like it
basically looks like that it’s kind of like rice grains so I wanted you guys to
have an idea what we’re working with here now it’s pretty much done is al
dente just like pasta so what I do now is I take this and I’m gonna drain the
water and we’re gonna use it back into our veggies all right so now we got our
mushrooms and our sauteed aromatics cooking up they’re pretty much done
we’re gonna go ahead add the greens in our or soil is draining and I saved a
little bit of the water because it’s got that sticky starch that will help all of
this kind of bind together and add some liquid in so I saved probably about a
quarter cup of that pasta water from it and we’re gonna cook this kale down and
then we’re gonna add the orzo and mix everything together add the fresh lemon
juice and then we’ll be ready to serve this beautiful recipe so we just
finished cooking this off and then I’ll bring you guys back when we add two or
so mix everything together all right guys so I’ve basically added the orzo
end and I am just mixing it now I forgot to
turn the camera on so and I didn’t show the part where I threw it in that’s ok
you guys still get the point now I’m gonna add nice fresh lemon over it I’m
also gonna throw a little bit of that pasta water just to make it a little bit
more sticky because of the starch but this looks and smells phenomenal there’s a little bit of cracked pepper
wouldn’t hurt in there I gotta add a little bit of heat somehow so there you
go mix that in Oh I’m also a good right now some recipes
just adding that freshly cracked pepper to it
also as another dimension of flavored pepper to me when it’s fresh like
freshly cracked it has such nice aroma it’s amazing so basically this is pretty
much done I’m gonna go ahead and plate this up and give it a taste for you guys
okay guys so here is the final dish look how beautiful this looks I’m gonna do
now is I’m basically gonna take a micro planer I’m gonna take some of that lemon
zest and put some of it over it give it a little bit of that lemony fresh taste and also because I want to use every
part of the lemon I didn’t a better micro planer because
this one is not very good one but we got some lemon zest on there now and I’m
actually gonna finish topping it off with some shredded carrot just to give
it some beautiful color there something a little different and fresh to add to
the recipe when you present it to your plate and your plate so I hope you guys
enjoyed the recipe let me give you a little visual that’s basically how it
looks like it looks beautiful it’s like perfect rice the texture just
because you know you’ve drained the water it doesn’t come out mushy so it’s
really really beautiful smells very fragrant amazing love the recipe I hope
you guys enjoyed it as much as I did remember to subscribe if you haven’t
already for daily healthy whole food videos give us a thumbs up if you like
this one and I’ll see you really soon on the next one all right so I’m gonna go ahead and give
this recipe a taste for you guys let you know how it came out Wow garlic sing from the lemon the
Orville’s just cooked perfectly right it’s not clumpy or anything it’s just
perfect her Philippe soft it’s not it’s not too long too hard like al dente but
it’s just perfect as far as the way came out I cooked it for about 10 minutes
mmm flavor of the arugula in there get a little bit of brightness from down from
the onions pepper the business of the mushrooms there’s an amazing ingredient
totally love it

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  1. Can I replace baby spinach in your vegetables? I don't know what it's is.. just wanna ask what's in the pack ? Is it rice?

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