– Good day guys, Brendan here
from Tentworld in Prospect. Gonna tell you all about
the Oztrail Outback Cooker. This also doubles as a great heater during the winter especially. So the body is made of
cast iron and the legs are made of cast aluminium. These legs are also removable as well so it’s nice and easy for
transport and storage. You have three vent points on the front and each of these can be
moved in or out depending on how much combustion you
actually want happening. You’ve got a front bridge door. It opens up. And you have some heat
resistant glass as well. So you can actually see the fire burning to make sure it’s actually working. So you’ve got a few accessories that come with the Outback Cooker. You’ve got a lid lifter,
so you can use this to put on the grill
plate or even lift it off and put it in the second hole
which actually elevates it slightly above, so you can
move it around quite freely. You also get a flat plate as well. A pick tool, great for pushing
around the ash and the coals. You get four individual
stainless steel chimney pieces. You can always get additional
chimney pieces as well if you want to extend it. Or even an offset which
will offset the chimney by about 15 centimetres as well. On the very top you have a spark arrester which stops any of the
sparks flying out of the top. Good on you, champ. Here’s one we prepared earlier. To find out more, just come and see us.

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