welcome to Panlasang Pinoy today we’ll cook, juicy-licious Crispy Pork Leg Slices here is the complete list of ingredients with measurements if you’re ready, let’s start boil water in a pressure cooker to tenderize the meat put pork leg slices one by one carefully in the boiling water I’m using sliced pork leg because there’s no whole pork leg here in my location I made this video to show you that we can still make crispy pork leg with sliced pork legs add lemon grass add garlic and whole peppercorn cover pressure cooker and pressure cook for 20-25min. do not over pressure so we can still handle the pork, if it exceeds it’ll be too soft remove the pressure from the cooker before removing the cover but usually pressure cookers has a safe lock feature that won’t let you open unless pressure is released get the tenderized meat be careful with the meat to make sure it won’t disintegrate then transfer to a clean plate we used lemon grass, garlic and peppercorn to add flavor to our meat and remove the unnecessary smell as well discard the ingredients and water we only need pork leg this time cool down the pork leg then we’ll rub salt in it later sprinkle salt on both sides, then rub be careful and make sure all parts are rubbed then heat up cooking oil I’m using a deep fryer to make sure we’re safe with the oil splash it’s more convenient too if you don’t have deep fryer, you may use a deep cooking pot once cooking oil reaches 350 deg F, deep fry the pork leg fry until oil calms down around 6 min. or more should be enough. That’s an indication that there’s no more moist in the meat and it’s now crunchy notice the pork leg is brown and it’s crispy we want this to be super crispy so let’s double fry by cooling down after the 1st fry it seems it’s already done we may already eat this cook for a bit more to make it super crispy fry for 3 more min. in 350 deg. F then cool down again and remove from deep fryer transfer in a clean plate with paper towel to absorb the excess oil then let’s repeat procedure with the other pork leg left transfer to a serving plate with the dip and let’s serve thank you so much for watching I hope you learned a new trick in cooking crispy pork leg don’t forget to like our video and please subscribe to our youtube channel to get notifications for upcoming videos here’s our juicy-licious Crispy Pork Leg Slices come let’s eat

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