[Panlasang Pinoy] How to Cook Ginataang Mais

welcome to Panlasang Pinoy today we’ll cook Coconut Milk Corn here is the complete list of ingredients with measurements let’s start add coconut milk in a cooking pot then add coconut cream or “kakang gata”, this is the first extract you may use canned but fresh is better warm it then add glutinous rice then mix make sure it’s well mixed so glutinous rice won’t stick that’s rhyming! Here in our pot, use low heat only after 10 min. add sugar granulated white sugar or regular sugar start with half cup, so I can adjust later. It’s up to you how much sweetness you want add corn fresh sweet corn, chopped but you may use canned whole kernel corn but you need to chop it continue cooking for 8 min. while mixing then add vanilla extract, optional ingredient my suggestion, it’s better to add vanilla extract now, let’s add a pinch of salt to balance the flavor once salt has blended in, it’s done. Transfer to a serving bowl and serve thank you for watching I hope you learned something new in cooking Coconut milk corn don’t forget to like our video please subscribe to our channel to receive notifications for new video here’s our coconut milk corn come let’s eat!

20 thoughts on “[Panlasang Pinoy] How to Cook Ginataang Mais

  1. Favorite meryenda ko to when I was in elementary. Thank you sir for the tutorial.
    Next video po sana, I suggest tungkol ito sa cooking hacks po to make cooking easy and fun. 👍

  2. Keep up with the good work, we are regularly following you! My darling asawa is a chef too and watches you with an expert eagle eye….full mark of approval thus far! 😀

  3. Hindi pq ako naka tikim nang ganito….Ang damin palang putahi tayong mga pinoy, kaya alam ko lang ay shotukil😂 very limited talaga nang knowledge ko sa pagluluto…Salamat may YT medyo nalaman ko na marami pala tayong putahi…

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