Parabolic Solar Cooker Test

This is a quick test of my parabolic solor
cooker that I built from a satellite dish. The temperature is currently just below
freezing with a slight breeze. It’s about 9:30 in the morning so the sun is still
pretty low in the sky. If you’re intesterested in knowing how I built
this cooker, I have another video in my channel that explains just how
I did it.

23 thoughts on “Parabolic Solar Cooker Test

  1. @DebtDumper I haven't tried cooking yet. I got a 1 qt pan and painted it black. Now I just need to make a hanger of some kind to position it. That way if it takes a long time my arm won't get tired :). I'll hopefully doing a video of it when I'm finished.

  2. Funny you should give that advice. 🙂 A few weeks ago I did just that. My pot didn't have a handle for hanging, so I made one with a wire clothes hanger. I also have a chain between the hook and the handle so I can have full adjustment. I hope to do a video of this setup and a demonstration in the near future. Stay tuned to my channel!

  3. That was pretty cool, good job. IF you could figure a way of tracking the sun other than by hand that really could become useful. I was hoping to see you cook up steak and potato. One question you used that reflective tape. Well the other day I was at Walmart and they had tons of spray can paints. Some looked like crome. You know how the caps/lids look, like the paint. Would the crome work ? It looked almost like a mirrow.

  4. How do you keep from burning your neighbors house down or a tree or something? Is there any way to regulate temperature?

  5. The focal point of the mirror is the location where it gets hot. That is the exact spot where you see the leaf burst into flames. Outside of that, it doesn't start anything on fire, so you don't have to worry about objects at a distance being effected by this. You DO have to be careful with getting your hand or face in or near the focal point – it isn't a child friendly device.

  6. I think anything highly reflective would work. If you look at my other videos, you'll see me cook some eggs, some sausage, and a hamburger. No steaks or potatoes, though. 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  7. The chrome paint may or may not be sufficient but you could wet sand the chrome paint. Keep a garden hose running over the paint while sanding with a 2000 grit sand paper. That will give it a super smooth finish and probably aid in getting you a tighter and more powerful focal point. I'm sure that you could do a video search for how to wet sand paint to get a better idea of techniques than what I have provided. That is a good idea, by the way.

  8. Very nice!  You should check out the parabolic cooker at How to make "solar cooker" (Simple Solar cooker) DIY project.  You can see how they made the pot holder at 8:32.

  9. Actually the satelite dish solar cooker can be used for a weapon
    like it is in Craig Colorado thats the mirror reflections as you drive down the road past the plastic factory-this is used to channel off so underground outgassing cannot be detected but then your in your car and your the new focal point
    they just add infection 

  10. I have been wanting to build one of these since my days in elementary school. That was a time long ago. I had gotten a book then from the socialistic book fair that showed how to build projects such as this using the sun. Sadly I lost it over time and have always wanted to build a solar cooker. The one in the book was cut out cardboard that you made into the curves of what is now a satellite dish . You then lined it with the shiny side of tin foil. Your project looks easer and I do have a few old dish's laying around that I could use .  Will have to re-post when I have time to do the project . As it stands now with temps in the high 90s all summer and it not raining a lot you could cook on the fake wood on my deck which gets to around 150 degrees without the help of reflecting foil. Post this 7 Aug 2016. Oh this will come in handy when my grandson and sons go camping in a few months.

  11. I used Dish Network dish with metalized reflective tape. It won't burn a leaf or a paper towel. WTF? The focal point seams to be a line not a circle.

  12. what kind of materail have u used for the dish???I am need to know dis for our mini project.We tried mylar but we didnt get the results we want.Please let us know.

  13. Thanks dude,you help me a lot with my school science project,and i was qualified to international competition.Btw, I'm from Malaysia

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