100 thoughts on “Parmesan Potato Stacks Recipe

  1. looks delicious, but I'd need a bigger mixing bowl, otherwise most would end up on the floor, or me. Not that I'm not yummy buttered, but, ya know, time and place.

  2. I love these youtube chefs that are always trying to use a bowl that barely contains the food they're trying to toss or turn over. You either need half the food, or twice the bowl to avoid what I like call "a fucking disaster" on your floor and countertop.

  3. These things look absolutely delectable. I personally down own a mandolin, so I prolly won't bother to make them, but they sure do look good!

  4. Oh how I love your channel. You create such mouth-watering recipes. I have tried some of your recipes too. They came out better than perfect!😘😙😘

  5. Oh how I love your channel. You create such mouth-watering recipes. I have tried some of your recipes too. They came out better than perfect!😘😙😘

  6. There is/was NO WAY for you to "toss" all that in the size bowl you use, NO way! There would be a MUCH better way to accomplish that step.

  7. I definitely going to try this, however, did you ever think that you should have used a bigger bowl?

  8. What he is doing with the mandoline is unsafe a good mandoline has a gaurd. Tupperware has a good large and mini the go on sale about twice a year

  9. I didnt have this cheese and I used oregano instead of tyhme. My stacks didnt turn out to look like this at all. They turned into a grayish color and were not crispy at all. Plz help

  10. Looks lovely and I think your videos are going to do fantastic once you get rid of that icky music. It's almost too stressful to watch

  11. These look delicious. I will try this recipe. I watch a lot of videos and it's always nice to see the chef cut open and taste his/her product. A chef who likes their own food is the best advertisement you can get to draw others to your channel and watch your videos 😊❤😊

  12. The texture of the inside of the stack must be very rich, soft, and moist while the outside has much to add to flavor; herbs are wonderful on potatoes, and sometimes I use a bit of mustard (Dijon or brown) and a cooking spray or olive oil. The stack is what is going to give it beauty and extra flavor. I need to use more salt, personally. I just had some today. What a great way to serve a potato with a steak! Now, where to get the chip slicer?

  13. Will try out this recipe but music is too noisy too annoying. Doing a good vlog works well with some soft music too. Do consider that in future

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