100 thoughts on “Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Jelly Belly Jelly Beans | Bon Appétit

  1. Who else grew up in the Bay Area and went to the jelly belly factory for a field trip in elementary school ??? I still get a headache just thinking about how strong that place smells 🤢

  2. you know its bad when they have to bring in the entire staff to cheer her up and its an almost 50 min video….. this is chocolate tempering x10

  3. Claire is amazing and everything she does is wonderful. However, the most unbelievable part of this episode is that anyone actually likes the buttered popcorn flavored jelly beans 🤮

  4. This honestly isn't fun anymore. Stop doing weird industrial-produced candies. She isn't able to and won't be able to improve them since she can barely even make them in the first place. Go back to doing cakes, pastries and stuff that you can actually improve. Ice cream or sodas would be really fun to see

  5. I’m convinced the kitchen purposely waits until a day when something weird is happening in the background of the videos

  6. I really do appreciate what you go through for this series Claire. It's why you are my favorite. (And yes I try to make every recipe. Mostly fail terribly. Although I probably will not try this one)

  7. What was the wire-rack between the cardboard and the beans for, when she was making the molds in the Starch? That seemed like a totally unnecessary thing in between the cardboard and beans. Why not just glue the cardboard to the beans?

  8. I personally feel like watching Claire struggle to replicate big manufacturing techniques is less entertaining than watching her elevate our favorite staples as children into something approximating "fine dining".

    Is the rest of this series going to be about torturing Claire with progressively complex bulk manufacturing processes?

  9. In my opinion she chose the worst flavors ever …..I don’t think anyone picks a jelly bean and says “I hope this is buttered popcorn” 😂😂😂

  10. 90% whinging, 10% praise me or i'm gonna snap, 0% results. this is "so much less cool than i thought it was gonna be".

  11. Whose idea was it to make a gourmet version of what is already marketed as a gourmet candy? Y'all need to quit doing Claire like that 😂 This was a jellybean shitshow.

  12. The toumbler was running at a too high speed, which is why the light beans were pressed too the side. For optimal coating you need to run it at a speed where the content goes up to an angle of between 120-180° and then falls back down to the buttom of the toumbler. You should not overfill it.

  13. I think if you flavor the powdered sugar and then add that powder to the tumbler with the powdered wax, it should help coat the beans.

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