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hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with peaches and cream that’s right i’m gonna show you how to make what
might be the ultimate summer dessert but that’s not all
i’m also going to show you how not to make it since even though this recipe is
perfect as is it needed absolutely no improvement i
attempted to do a new variation which at the time I thought was pretty genius and
was gonna be amazing but it actually ended up being none of
those things so officially I’m glad I tried but unofficially I don’t know what
the heck I was thinking so with that let’s go ahead and get started by
prepping our peach and we will start that by finding the crease in the skin
and we’ll cut in right there until our knife hits the pit and we’ll go ahead
and cut all the way around as if we were doing an avocado and then hopefully just
by twisting the peach will come apart into two halves and if it does like this
that means it’s called a freestone peach and we will go ahead and pull out the
stone and by the way if it doesn’t do that it’s called a clingstone peach and
you can still use it it’s just not quite as easy but anyway we’ll go ahead and
remove the pit and cut a slice and I’ll go ahead and trim off the skin which I
guess you could leave on there if you’re into something more nutritional or you
just enjoy edible fur but I’m gonna go ahead and remove it and now we’re not
gonna do that a slice at a time I’m just doing this so I could take a taste to
see exactly how sweet this is because if it is super sweet we don’t have to do
the sugar syrup step and this piece was good but it wasn’t super super super
sweet but anyway after we’ve tasted for ripeness and sweetness we’ll go ahead
and peel off the skin and slice this up and yes there is a technique where you
dip these in boiling water to peel the skin off but I’m just gonna go ahead and
peel the half as shown and I will go ahead and slice that up as thick as we
want and then so I have a little more of a bite-sized piece I’m gonna go ahead
and cut these slices in half and that’s it that’s exactly how we’re gonna prep
our peach so I went ahead and did a couple of those off-camera
and once our peaches prepped we can move on to making our simple syrup which is
done by combining two part sugar with one part cold fresh water and what we’ll
do is set that over medium-high heat and possibly give it the whole shake a
shaker and what’s going to happen is this is going to start to boil
and the sugar will disappear in the mixture will turn clear and once we have
that bubbling we’re gonna let it cook for exactly three minutes before very
very carefully transferring in our peaches and like I mentioned if you
taste your peach and it is just so sir be sweet then you really do not have to
do this step but the ultra ripe super perfect sweet peach is a rare thing so
generally for this I do recommend doing this extra step and then what we’ll do
once all that’s been stirred together is just leave it on the heat for like one
more minute or until we see our liquid start to bubble again at which point we
will remove that from the heat and transfer it into a bowl to cool and
that’s it once those do cool down they are pretty much ready to use and then
traditionally once this is cooled we would combine it with regular heavy
cream to finish what is one of the greatest desserts of all time but that
is not what I did because I think I’m smart and creative I decided to reinvent
the wheel and what follows is my tragic attempt to make something that’s already
perfect better and what I did was add some heavy cream to the sauce pan along
with some white sugar and I stirred that together over medium-high heat and
waited for it to start to simmer and the reason I was doing all this is because I
know from past experience if you cook cream for a little while with some sugar
and then stir in some lemon juice once it’s cold it will actually thicken up
and I thought that slightly thicker little bit sweeter cream would be way
better with the peaches which it was most certainly not but anyway like I
said I brought that to a simmer and let it cook for about three minutes or so
before pulling it off the heat at which point I went ahead and stirred in about
two teaspoons of lemon juice and that’s it I simply waited for both of my
components to cool down a little bit before putting them together and once
that happened I went ahead and use a slotted spoon to transfer some peaches
into my serving glass and I used the slotted spoon because I do want a little
bit of that sugar syrup in with it but not too much and then once I determined
I had a perfect portion of peaches I went ahead and filled that up with my
cooked cream mixture and I have to say at this point I was pretty proud of
myself I was like you know what chef John you really are smart guy by heating
that cream you’ve created something that’s going to be even richer and more
luxurious and hey more delicious probably and because
I was so sure this was going to be fantastic I actually ended up doing four
so I went ahead and wrapped those up and popped him in the fridge until they were
thoroughly chilled and while I was waiting I decided to take all the rest
of the leftover juices and add that to a pan and reduce it down until it
thickened up a little bit since I thought that would make a beautiful
drizzle for the top so that’s what I did and once that had reduced by about half
I went ahead and turn off the heat and simply let it cool oh and if you’re
looking for an insanely delicious ice cream topping keep this little trick in
mind but anyway once my peaches and creams were chilled I went ahead and
pulled one out and went ahead and spooned over some of our now chilled
peach syrup which as I was doing I thought to myself that does not look
that great which in the movie business is known as foreshadowing but anyway I
syrup the top and grabbed a spoon to dig in and was thoroughly thoroughly
disappointed okay it didn’t look that bad it actually looked pretty good but
my idea for making the cream thicker and slightly sweeter was not a good one okay
not only did it kind of clash texturally with the peaches but also the fact that
that cream had sugar in it really sort of took away the natural sweetness of
the peach so to summarize by trying to do more we ended up with less which in
hindsight seems obvious now and I really should have known but for some reason
the universe forced me to go through this exercise too I guess I don’t know
build character and of course since there’s no accounting for taste some of
you might actually like this but compared to the classic approach I did
not and I officially deem this recipe a food wish failure but as you know we
never let the food win so I whipped up another batch of peaches which actually
ended up being even sweeter and more orange but I did the same thing with the
simple syrup and I used a slotted spoon to transfer some into this bowl where we
are gonna add an equal amount of pure heavy cream not cooked not sweetened
just good old-fashioned cold heavy cream and that my friends is how you actually
make peaches and cream but don’t try to eat it quite yet this stuff is way
better if we wrap it up and pop in the fridge for a few hours to get really
cold and also to give that cream time to absorb all those beautiful peach flavors
at which point then we can pull it out and possibly drizzle over a little that
optional syrup and as I finish this up I was already feeling a lot better in my
earlier frustration faded away replaced by anticipation for how amazing this was
going to be and it really really was alright that combination between the
sweet sticky peaches and the thinner unsweetened but still rich heavy cream
really is what makes this dessert so extraordinary and by the way no we
didn’t forget any ingredients to me this is not something you want to add things
like cinnamon or vanilla – okay for this I really don’t think we want anything
else getting in the way but of course having said that you decide I mean you
are for all the queen of your peaches and cream and whatever pleases your
highness is fine with us but anyway that’s it peaches and cream I think we
all learned something here today which is if you’re going to do a video to
improve a recipe pick a recipe that actually needs improving you know like
cauliflower pizza crust and not an iconic already perfect recipe like
peaches and cream so lesson learned and in keeping with this simple theme of
this recipe I will finish up by simply saying I really do hope you give this a
try soon so head over to food wishes comm for all the ingredient amounts of
more info as usual and as always enjoy you you

100 thoughts on “Peaches and Cream – 2 Ways – Food Wishes

  1. I freeze the peaches, then add cream, sugar, and maybe a little vanilla but not always though, and then blender.

  2. Okay – it’s in the fridge, anxiously awaiting my dinner tomorrow 💕 the peaches alone in the simple syrup could have been enough. So I can only imagine with the cream!

  3. Chef John, thank you for this beautiful and illuminating tutorial on peaches and cream! 🙂 To go in an embarrassingly different direction than this summery, refreshing and sweet peaches and cream, will you please create a tutorial for ramen? Potentially, if it's possible (gasp!), homemade ramen that is flavorful and rich but not clog-all-your-arteries-all-at-once rich? 🙂 Thank you for considering this food wish!

  4. I just used canned peaches and canned cream. I would highly recommend these two canned goods for your emergency food cupboard. Sat through a hurricane in Florida with a bowl of peaches and cream once.

  5. My uncle had a peach orchard and my dear aunt often gave us peaches and cream at breakfast when we visited in summer. This brought back some happy memories!

  6. If the peach isn’t juicy and ripe enough that you can peel it without juice getting all over everything then it isn’t sweet enough for Peaches and Cream

  7. Give us a Peach Drink…
    I lived in Augusta Georgia for a year once, and I went to this small drink shop, got a natural cold Peach Drink, and it was the best drink I've ever had in my life.
    Sadly, have no idea anything about the drink to know why it was good only had it once and was young.

  8. I wonder if Chef John talks with that cadence all the time.
    "HELLO wife. I WAS HOPING. We could get. FREAKY-deaky tonight. I've GOT my gimp suit. AND a ball gag. MADE from. THIS delicious meatball. WHICH was. SO easy to make."

  9. growing up, i had this little dwarf peach tree in my front yard, but it gave enough peaches to last the whole block all summer long. my grandfather always made me peaches and cream, but he did it differently:

    in this order: get a bowl of vanilla ice cream, and sit it on the counter. take a "medium-sized" fresh peach (i.e. the biggest damn peach you can find in the store that is both very aromatic and has a little give when you put pressure on it… yes, use the whole peach… no, you don't have to eat it all now) and slice it up- the ice cream should be a little soft when you're done… pour in a splash of milk, dust with white sugar. spoon it with a little milk, ice cream, peach, and sugar in each bite… put the inevitable leftovers in the fridge for later, where it will just improve over the span of the evening

    the milk makes it less super-sweet, smoother, and more creamy, the sugar crystallizes into chunks with the flavor of the vanilla and peach so it's a bit like rock candy

    not sayin' chef john is wrong… but this is the peaches and cream i grew up on

  10. The cadence of your speech throws my brain for a loop. Its like listening to someone who is reading 5 words at a time before turning the page.

  11. could i freeze this and make it into ice pops? or would you be willing to make a video on how to make this into popsicles.

  12. I made this exactly as shown and it was really good. The next day I made it again, but I didn't stir the peaches into the hot simple syrup. I added them to an already made, room temperature simple syrup (only a couple tablespoons) before adding the cream and putting it in the fridge. The peaches seemed to have a more intense and enjoyable flavor doing it that way.

  13. This looks really good. I'd also like to try it by adding gelatin to the heavy cream so you get a peaches and cream jello. oooh and with whipped cream on top? Mmmmmm.

  14. Amazingly, for such a simple recipe, you still managed to overcomplicate it. Don't bother with the simple syrup. Just peel and slice your peaches, put them in a bowl, and then sprinkle them liberally with sugar. Cover and stick in the fridge for an hour or so. The sugar will draw juice out of the peaches and create a thick sweet syrup all on its own. Then just put it in your serving container and add cream.

  15. Here in sweden, the go to simple fruit/berry summer desert is simply strawberries (usually halved) with a little bit of sugar and high fat milk and/or cream.

  16. Chef, an upgrade to peaches in cream already exists, and it is peaches with creme anglaise! My mom boasts about a time she served dinner guests her home-canned peaches with creme anglaise and they said it was the best dessert they'd ever had. 🙂

  17. Why IS he? ….. SPEAKING LIKE this? He is PUTTING INFLECTION… on REALLY WEIRD words. And every SENTENCE…. is chopped UP INTO…. three or four WORDS?

  18. Thanks for sharing. I had the pleasure to make my big brother peaches and cream the way Grandma would make us each August decades ago when California peaches used to be large, juicy, and sweet. Put a little sugar on the peaches and Watkins vanilla flavor in the cream. Mmm!

  19. I think this was a valuable and informative experiment. As disappointing as it felt, different folks ultimately have different palates, and even if you personally didn't like the result, it was good to confirm what NOT to do. <3

  20. haaa "edible fur" plz. Also: My aunt sometimes whipped the heavy cream with a little sugar and vanilla but not so much it turns into whipped cream. Just enough and yeah…I like it like that. Always served cold.

  21. This hurts my soul, because I am from Georgia and those peaches are not ripe enough. It Is super hard to peel a ripe peach, it's supposed to be that juicey.

  22. Me: I want to eat healthier and I think I’ll have some peaches for dessert.

    Also me: These peaches need sugar and cream with sugar and a drizzle of sugar on top.

  23. 👨🏻‍🍳Chef John: This cream needs sugar

    🌏Universe: You need some milk!

    Lesson: Be humble and don’t add sugar🤨

  24. Way too much Sugar Chef John! I love your videos, but can you please serve up more recipes that are amazing without serving a large cup of Type 2 Diabetes to an unhealthy nation? More Keto Friendly ideas? ENJOY & LIVE LONG!

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