Penguin Food Pushers: Cut Bank’s hottest food truck

one glacierCounty community knownforits frigid temperatures is now turninginto ahotspot for small businessesempty and Kaylee Collins takes us insideone town’s onlyfood truckthree months agoCut Bank welcomed itsfirst food truck the penguin food pushersJosh RutherfordandBrian Lindberg says businesshasbeen greatso far it’s beengoing greatcommunity’sbeen awfully nice to useveryone wasbeen comingdown to eat herfood and everyone’s been spreading theword aroundit’sa great dealand theycouldn’t behappier oh I love itit’sawesomeit can’t be being your ownboss andjustcoming to workwith asmileon your face and working hard alldayeven have a catchy slogancoldestfood truck in the nation serving up thehottestfood you know the penguin foodbutchers are openTuesday throughSaturday where they’re servingup foodlike their penguin ribs which aremadeout ofpork and their penguin flipperswhich are also knownas their home friesthe men say they’ve always wanted tostart their own business butthey justdidn’tknow it would bethis onewe knew we kind of wantedtostart abusinesswell had industry jobs doingdifferent stuffand in the food historyin the bar industry and kind of knew wewantedto ownour own businessand wecould do itandgot some ideas to makesome food and just kind of that jumpedon that opportunitywhenit waspresentedtouswhile the food truck isonly stationary right now there are talks of becomingmobile we do plan totravel at some point in timeopportunities presentedto us that wecan go to an eventand sell some foodlove to do it incutbank KayleeCollinsMTN news the penguin food pushers arelocated in the courtyard behindthecutbank creeper areayou can visit thefood truck duringthebreweries businesshours

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