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Hey guys, this Alex from French Guy Cooking and today I’m gonna show you
how to make a delicious and sweet chocolate souffle. This dessert will ever reach
a chocolate chip flavour. Indulgent and decadent. You can keep that
for special occasions, to impress your guests. So if you’ve seen my stuff before
you know that I like simplifying French cooking and make it more accessible. So “Souffle” means ‘to blow’
or ‘to puff’ and we use that word
because the steam is what makes
the souffle rise. So Souffle is made
around two things. First, of a creamy base, and then of foam,
usually egg whites. So to start, we need to
prepare the mould and brush them with
melted butter. Twice, instead of once. Because we absolutely
don’t want the souffle to stay stuck at the bottom. They go in the fridge to chill. Let’s prepare the creamy base. Turn on the heat on medium, place the saucepan, and pour in
300 ml of whole milk. To that, I’m gonna have
2 tablespoon, that’s 20 grams of cornstarch Stir this nicely and don’t stop stirring
because otherwise it will burn. While this is slowly heating up
and I’m keeping an eye on it You wanna break up
300 grams of dark chocolate at least 70% dark chocolate. Very intense in terms of flavour. As soon as it reach a simmer,
then you can pour it over the chocolate bits. Now, combine those together until
you get a smooth texture. Right, so this is the texture you want. Glassy and smooth. So, at this time of the recipe,
you have to resist the urge to dip your whole body
in this mixture. To make this base a bit moisture
we’re gonna need 2 eggyolks but save your egg whites
for later cause we are gonna need them. So keep in mind to buy
the best quality eggs you can afford. Now combine those together. Okay, so i reckon this is good. Let’s move on and now whisk
those egg whites. I already have two egg whites
from previous steps. So let’s add one. So in the border of the mixer,
let’s add 3 egg whites, and one tablespoon
of caster sugar. At first you want to mix this slowly. Just to combine
the eggs with the sugar. And then you can increase the speed. And slowly, slowly add
5 tablespoon of sugar. So that’s the texture
you’re looking for. Firm peak that looks like
a bird’s beak. And in France, we call it
‘un Bec d’oiseau’ Right, so this is
the technical part of the recipe You want to mix
the creamy base in the egg whites but not exactly mixing In fact, we are gonna folding Keep in mind, you add
the creamy base gradually. So folding means taking
the egg whites from the bottom and placing them on top. Term, repeat. So the reason why we are folding
instead of stirring, I mean gently folding it, is because we want to keep
the air into the mixture. If we just stir it, simply, then we are gonna lose
all the air and the souffle is not gonna rise up. I reckon the mixture is ready But before we pour it
in the mould, we need to coat them
another time with butter, and a sprinkle of sugar. The reason why we are coating
the size with caster sugar is because we want to create
some tiny little bearings that will help the souffle rise. Right, everything is ready. Let’s fill those ramekins. So, as you can see, those ramekins are a bit higher
than your normal ones. But the reason behind it,
is that we want to get that vertical rise in the oven. Place those on the baking tray. And it goes in a preheated oven,
at 180 Celcius or 360 Fahrenheit. for about 20 to 22 minutes. These are our beauties
out of the oven. Look how they nicely puffed out. This one is a bit broken
but nobody will care. C’mon. You made souffle. Right, let’s have a taste. The texture is so light. It’s fluffy. It has some intense
chocolate flavour. The thing is it’s
almost cloudy. Guys, that’s it. I hope you enjoy this brilliant
yet simple souffle recipe. And if you didn’t forget,
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100 thoughts on “Perfect Chocolate Souffle | French Guy Cooking

  1. "Make sure to buy the best quality eggs you can afford." Okay, this is Jamie Oliver. Those are probably million dollar eggs.

  2. @Alex French Guy Cooking can we replace the chocolates with cocoa powder??? And if we can how many grams should we add???

  3. Very accessible recipe! Makes something that's usually considered difficult to do look manageable. Now I just need an oven. 😂

  4. Cant wait ^^. Should I serve the souffle on its own or can i actl. Combine it with something that fits to the taste as the center of the dessert?

  5. wait, Alex is on Jamie Oliver's channel? So that's how he got together with the Italian guy…


  6. I just made this. Easy to make, great outcome.
    But be aware: Take small cups, it fills you up so quickly. Don't overestimate

  7. I don’t think I’m really listening to how I’m supposed to make this chocolate soufflé. The Chef is equally if not more amusing and appealing 🐵

  8. We made incredible souffle. This is the link that we got The tast is amazing

  9. "..dip your body in chocolate mixture.." hmmm, I like your train of thought 😉 btw, the FrenchGuyCooking link doesn't work in the description.

  10. I tried this recipe, and it was perfect. I did need to keep the souffle in the oven for extra time to get the texture I wanted. I guess that was the oven's problem.

  11. The accent sounds rather artificial. Also, his English grammar is too perfect and he often throws in words that are very unusual for a second language English speaker. I suppose it does add some charm to the video….

  12. So, I am afraid of the corn starch taste. Do you think it could work if i just use butter or heavy cream instead of the milk with the starch? Or maybe add flour instead?

  13. I prefer to add the merengue to the chocolate rather than the other way around. I would add a third of the merengue to the whole chocolate mixture and stir, by hand, until combined to prepare the mixture for the remainder of merengue. Then, add the remaining merengue to the mixture and then fold. I would cook them for 13-16 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. I also prefer to use cream of tartar when whisking egg whites, but I guess that doesn’t matter as much. I also use a mechanical stirrer when combining the simmering milk sauce with the chocolate and then with the eggs. Last thing I do differently is I coat the melted butter, in the ramekins, with granulated sugar.

    Regardless, your soufflés turned out great. I’m only commenting my method because mine turn out taller than yours and with much less cracks, if any at all.

    Thank you for posting your video to help everyone make soufflés at home.

    Edit: Here is a picture of my most recent batch in the oven.

    The one on the right is a little pushed over because I overfilled the ramekin too much. The inside was perfect, but I won’t make that mistake again.

  14. OMG this looks sooo good, I have to try it!! But one question: What is the first thing he adds to the milk? (for the cream)

  15. I swear Alex needs his own show…. Dude's a mad scientist, an absolute genius, when it comes to food, cooking, finding the best methods, teaching, etc. He is one of a kind.

  16. Loved the video, found it on Jamie's site , Loved his site. But one question, how high and wide are the ramekins that you are using?

  17. Bonjour j'adore ton video (btw I'm not French but i lived in Paris for 4 years so i know how to speak it 😂)

  18. his accent sounds like when I do french accent to take the piss…now I'm thinking I'm better at accents than i thought

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