Philadelphians Review Cheesesteaks From Chain Restaurants

– We love our hoagies, we love Wawa. – Fuck yeah, exactly. – Love our cheesesteaks. – That’s like real Philadelphia. I’d say as far as real
Philadelphia cheese steaks go, Jim’s on South Street
would be my favorite. – It’s definitely Jim’s on South Street. – I’m a Geno’s girl. Love it. – Tony Luke’s…
– I’m disappointed. – Is my number one. – I’m expecting dry
meat and terrible bread. – I’m kind of a little
worried about the bread. – I’m expecting them to
be like either too cheesy or not cheesy enough. – Whit wit, 100 percent. – Bring on the first cheese steak. – Cheese steak. – God. (bright music) – Okay.
– Oh,oh. – Okay. – Looks like there’s provolone on here. – It’s not Whiz. – You gotta put Whiz on the cheese steak. – I miss that like fake cheese flavor. – Gummy. – You can never get the bread. – No, the bread, I mean,
there’s only one kind of legit bread, and this is not it. – It could use a little love. – There’s steak and there’s cheese, but it doesn’t taste like a cheese steak. – That’s not bad. – It almost tastes more
like a cheeseburger. – I’m gonna give it four Liberty Bells. – Two Liberty Bells. – I give this one a two. – Three Liberty Bells. – Let’s get the next one. (bright music) – Ew. – Um.
– Ew. – Hmm, this one’s a little messier. – Are they mushrooms in here? – This is a panini, first of all. – Is this ciabatta bread? – That is a big chunk of steak. – Look how thick that is. – Mm. – It’s got steak meat,
that’s not a cheese steak. – It’s really not bad though. – Maybe I just like all cheese steaks. – Can I go negative Liberty Bells? – Taste wise, I give it
like four Liberty Bells. – I’d give it zero. – Three. – Good job, Denny’s. (bright music) – Subway. – Oh it’s not called a
sub, it’s called a hoagie. – It looks the closet thing
I’ve seen to a cheese steak. – Yeah. – There’s jalapenos in here. – Jalapenos? – Oh no, this has jalapenos. I can’t do it. – Tastes like Subway. – The meat is cut better. It’s not as chunky as the other one. – The meat is pretty good. – Meat, definitely cut better. It definitely has more of
a consistency of a real Philly cheese steak. – This is the closest.
– we’re getting there. – Almost reminds me of
like when your parent would make cheese steaks for dinner. Three bells. – I give this one three. – Yeah, I’ll give it a three. Bye Hoagie way. (bright music) – Hooters sells Philly cheese steaks? Get out of here.
– When did this start? – Have you ever eaten at a Hooters before? – There’s lots of
nontraditional Philadelphia items on this guy. – There’s mushrooms, there’s some peppers. – The vegetables are throwing me off. Tastes kind of like a fajita. – So this bread feels
like a baby’s bottom. – The roll feels a little soft. – The meat in here doesn’t
have a lot of flavor. – I guess at Hooters, you know,
the flavor comes elsewhere. – I really just want some Whiz. – I don’t know what
Hooters think they doin’. – Sorry Hooters, I’m gonna
give you zero Liberty Bells. – Yeah, I think this
is zero Liberty Bells. – I give it three. – Hooters.
– Got to go. – Stick to wings, man. (bright music) – A lot of people don’t
realize that like south Jersey is basically Philadelphia. – Oh yeah. – This looks the most like a cheese steak. – Mike, don’t let me down. – The bread is almost perfect. – I can get with this one. – Mm-hmm. – Mmm. – Easily the best one. – Okay, Jersey Mike’s. – This is the cheese steak. – It’s not as good as a
cheese steak from Philly, but it does taste like a
cheese steak you would get like in New Jersey. – I would definitely give
this four Liberty Bells. – Mike’s a four Liberty Bell. – I mean, as far as the
ones we’ve had so far, this is by far the five. – Yeah. – Y’all all right.
– Yeah. – Philly definitely makes
the best cheese steaks. – If your like, I need a
Philadelphia cheese steak stat, where can I get one? Go to Jersey Mike’s. ♪ Fly Eagles fly ♪ ♪ On the road to victory ♪ ♪ Fly Eagles ♪ I love you Wawa, I miss you. (squeaking)

100 thoughts on “Philadelphians Review Cheesesteaks From Chain Restaurants

  1. The best cheesesteakes in philly are from the damn papi store, Ishkabibble's, or Jim's. Only tourist go to Pat's or Geno's and they steakes trash.

  2. Philly makes the best cheesesteaks because literally no one else wants to eat steak with cheese whiz

  3. You can tell I'm Canadian by the fact that I thought a cheese steak was a steak with cheese on it and thought that hooters was only in movies

  4. Most cheese steaks are either too juicy and they soak the bun, the bun is low quality, too much cheese or the meat doesn't have flavor. i'd say where I personally found the best philly so far for me, but I might lose all credibility lmao.

  5. this video pisses me off so much. Like these fuckers act like they're an evolved species of human because they live in the Delaware/Jersey suburbs.

  6. It's called a SUB not a Hogtie, Hogtie is something that comes out of your nose. A Sub, is a Sandwich. It's never Hoagie. Sometimes it's a Hero. But never a Hoagie. And FYI: Cola is Soda, not pop. SODA.

  7. The video proves people from the burbs push Philly stereotypes

    I'm from South Jersey and their fav choices disgusted me

    And wiz doesn't make a cheese steak

  8. Jersey Mikes is great but they always short the meat on the ends and i end up getting mostly bread. but other than that, they got a solid cheesesteak

  9. These are the type of people avoid LMAO. Especially the ones that went in being biased and trying to act to "philly"


  11. I like how the lady with the wawa hoodie complained about “fake cheese” yet she wanted cheese wiz. Idk, maybe it’s a Philly thing

  12. The Philly Cheese Steak Sammich is an overrated sandwich.

    The Philly Pork Sandwich… Now THAT is a SANDWICH!!!!

  13. They're acting so entitled to something so …normal. It's as if that sandwich is all that Philadelphia has going for it.

  14. Procrastinating studying on a math test ( on the whole book, year 8 ) I have tomorrow….sigh…gonna get outta bed and start studying now, wish me luck !!! Sigh… I’m so tired…

  15. I’m going on a field trip with my grade next week to philly and we are getting cheese steaks. Wish me luck it’s good

  16. You literally chose non of the actual cheesesteak chains in the US. Why? Bc your lazy and just make content for contents sake?

  17. If you’re from a county…YOU’RE NOT FROM PHILLY. And that Cheese wiz is some straight tourist bs. Max’s, Abner’s, and Ishkabibbles are your best bet.

  18. So, exactly zero consensus among these philly cheesesteak "experts".  It's almost like individuals have their own opinions.  These people could've been from Arizona for all we know.

  19. Am I the only Philadelphian who doesn't get whiz on cheesesteaks?? Just ketchup, some onions and the beef? Ok 😁

  20. "I'm a Geno's girl".

    Is that girl an actor or is she really from Philly? I'm from Detroit and even I know that Geno's is garbage. Geno's and Pat's are tourist traps. If you want a quality cheese steak, I recommend that you go to Dalessandro's.

  21. Bro they should try this one place called Jersey Mike's it is bomb. Ok just finished watching they did but Jersey Mike's have better Philly chess stakes then they regular

  22. If you’re from Philly you know Genos and pat is only for tourists. Best cheesesteaks are from small pizza shops

  23. What about Charley's Grilled Subs? I thought their steak sub is way better than Subway. I've been to Philly several times in the past, and when I asked on where to go for a good cheese steak sub, Tony Luke's was recommended.

  24. the fact that no one said delassandros makes me believe that they aren't from Philly. Geno's, Tony Luke's really?????

  25. Honestly being from Philly im not really an eagles fan but im happy they won the super bowl dont even eat cheestakes that much every on ive eaten has been great dont even like hoagies tho

  26. As a Philadelphian it killed me that only one person was from philly and everyone else was form suburbs 45 minutes out and 1 was from Delaware

    Also gooey Louis has the best steaks

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