Pit Barrel Cooker Lump Charcoal Tips and Temps Cooking Pork Shoulder

Today, we’re cooking with Royal Oak
lump charcoal. The standard for the PBC (Pit Barrel Cooker) is the Kingsford Original We’re going to cook with lump charcoal today. We’re going to figure out
1) how hot it cooks
2) if it lasts, and
3) if it works overall (if it changes the flavor) Stick with me while we’ll get this lighted and hang pork shoulders and see how it works I have two pork shoulders
these are about in the 8 pound range (3.6 kg) You can go bigger, you can go smaller but I just wanted to get to about the same size I put mustard on it (spice binder) and rubbed it up
with Weber dry rub We’ll get this Pit Barrel Cooker heated up
and put these shoulders on These coals are pretty well ashed over
I’m going to dump these. I put some Jim Beam “Oak Barrel” wood chips in The temperature this whole cook has been
in the 265 to to 75 range Recently it backed down a little bit to 225
I’m kind of surprised the temps stayed this low using lump charcoal but I’m
happy with the temperatures What I’m going to do is pull these out and grate them You can take a look down there
We got a decent amount of charcoal left I am going to get a little bit more on
this other side so we don’t run out It’s burning a little bit more over there That should be enough to get us through
As I mentioned, I’m not going to wrap these. I like having bark (on my pulled pork) That’s all we have to do. Put the lid back on and let it cook to about 203 Fahrenheit (95 Celsius) is my goal This is at 203 F (95 C), so we’re gonna pull it I’ve monitored the internal temperature
and it’s been it’s been between 265 and 275 F (129 and 135 C) the entire time
I’ve been quite impressed with this Royal Oak lump charcoal There’s been one time were temperatures dropped to 235 F (112 C) and once when I open up the lid it went
up to 290 F (143 C) Other than that it’s been great!
Hopefully you can see that
bark on there I’m going to pull them and put them in this cooler to rest for a couple hours if it’ll let me get it out
They’re so tender I’ll let you look inside here
There’s a lot more charcoal than I figured there’d be Now, I did put some in when the butts
reached 160 F (71 C) thinking that I had to but I’m not so sure looking back
There’s quite a bit of unburned charcoal Overall, I’d have to say that
lump charcoal did just as good Maybe better than the Kingsford Original
briquettes Here’s what these look like with no wrapping
I like a little bit more bark so after a couple hours sitting will pull them out It’s tender and falling apart There you go.
That wasn’t hard at all. We’ve got some nice bark here It’s real tender so all signs point
to lump charcoal being a good option to use in your Pit Barrel Cooker if you want to I can’t wait to give it a taste
Now I will try it – it’s going to be hot! WOW, that’s really good! I’m not going to lie. I think I’m using
lump charcoal from here on out I had temperatures that stayed between to 265
to 275 F (129 to 135 C) pretty much the entire cook I think I could have gotten by without
adding more at the 160 F mark (71 C) on the pork shoulder, but I did just
as a little bit of insurance I had the lid open anyway but overall this
turned out fantastic! If you’re thinking about using lump charcoal go ahead give it a try! You might have to watch a little bit more than the briquettes but it works out well!

57 thoughts on “Pit Barrel Cooker Lump Charcoal Tips and Temps Cooking Pork Shoulder

  1. YUM! Some of the best ribs I ever had, a friend cooked this way in an old barrel. He said "The secret to it is that you have to use a pesticide barrel!" I hope he was kidding………he died a few years ago, so maybe not!
    HEY! Don't throw away that bone! Makes great tasting pork & bean soup! Or bear bait! HA!
    Good job!

  2. Very cool video Chip! I have never used the lump charcoal in my PBC. I always get at least 10 hours+ out of Kingsford with no issues when following the PBC directions. This is worth trying for sure…….. and that pulled pork looked so delicious!!! You nailed it brother!!! Take care!

  3. Yummy!  I know that I'm new here, but did you make the barrel cooker? 👍👍👍👍

  4. I'm glad you did this video. I've been considering trying this with my PBC. I've been using royal oak briquettes in there, and they work very well.

  5. Nice looking bark. Looked good when you pulled them off. I added your channel hope you can add mine back. Thanks and GL!

  6. I think my horse is very sick……it might be dying ………You have me by 30! Holy cow! Way to go my friend!But I'll get you….and your little dog too HAA HA HAW!!!

  7. That looks delicious! Never tried that charcoal before, but worth a try. Great channel content, we subscribed.

  8. Looks delicious, nothing like a hot ! zesty pulled pork sandwiches!!! Mmmmm thanks now I got to get out the grill!

  9. I just got bit barrel done my first cook was ribs. I didint relise I burns so hot ribs was done at 3 30 mins . But I put brown sugar in when I wraped big mistake cam out wee bit burnt

  10. I've had the same issue where I was smoking on the PBC and had a lot on the grate, only to notice dropping temps with adequate charcoal.. I think the issue is with 2 large items like pork shoulders, you can start to block off the airflow. It hasn't been as big an issue when I have them hanging.

  11. I would like to know how much lump you used in this pork cook I use the blue oroigional in my WSM and have gotten over 12 hours with a 14 pound bag and the minion method for cooking brisket. I have thought of trying lump but the whole consistency of cooking is what i usually go for.

  12. Looked great and the nice thing about natural lump is you can use it rite away unlike briquettes which usually needs to ash over. Also love lump it burns hotter and put quick sear on burgers and steak

  13. Great video! How much charcoal did you have in the coal basket at the start? Did you fill it up to the top and take some out and put them into your chimney and light it? Aka the typical approach. Or did you only use the amount that was in your Chimney? With the coal basket basket being empty?

  14. You're doing a good job bro thanks for sharing keep up the great work thumbs up God bless bye for now can look forward to hear from ya

  15. 133…Thumbs up bro tell me do you ever put your wood chips in water? Thanks for sharing God blessed by for now Ken.

  16. I have always used lump except once I tried briquettes a few years ago and wasn't to thrilled with it but last week I gave briquettes another chance. Well to my surprise I was happy with the results. Was not Kingsford but Embers which are the Royal Oak bag of seconds. Worked out just fine and less of a mess. I may continue using briquettes from this point out or a combination of the two.

  17. How long did you let the lump burn before you put the meat on? Did you let it burn covered or uncovered?

    I’m having a hard time with my best tasting bitter and I’m following the instructions from the pbc website. Kingsfords suck and the smoke is a heavy white, not thin and blue

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