Hello folks it is barry here I am one of your
self taught hosts on the channel here hope you are well sorry sometimes I just forget
to do it, today we have made this amazing gorgeous pizza burger, well I say gorgeous
but I have not eaten it right now, in fact shall I do it, yeah, oh my gosh, my mind is
telling me no, that is just perfection, shiver me timbers indeed, so let me tell you how
this has come about lots of you have been bombarding me in the last few weeks with a
recipe for a pizza burger so I have kind of been inspired by that recipe I did not want
to copy and paste it, I wanted to do my own adaption of it, and it is mind blowingly good,
the one they did looked good but I just wanted to do my own little barry tweak on it kind
of like the other day when I did that bloomin marshmallow thing that was going to be a flower
and turned it into a star, you guys are trying that give it a go if you have not already,
this has just rocked my socks and I want you to have a go it is looking at me right now,
so we are using a pretzel bun with a chorizo pizza base and it is wedged between a quarter
pounder burger that has parmesan in it caramelised onions, mushrooms, also cloaked in mozzarella,
oh� can I stop now. But of course you guys want to know how to
do it so first things first all the ingredients are on the website my virgin kitchen which
is down here not towards my, yep, so the first thing you want to do is grab some decent buns
of choice ok, I opted for pretzel buns as I just discovered those and they are amazing,
I have not just discovered pretzels by the way because pretzels as we know from the other
recent video make amazing reindeer antlers yes they do. So you are going to halve your bun of choice
and then smear on some tomato sauce I went for passata as it has some nice herbs in it
but you could just use ketchup if you are feeling a bit budget like that is fine, then
sprinkle on some cheddar cheese I went for a sharper mature cheddar it was not mature
actually it was immature what am I doing why am I talking about maturity levels I am definitiely
the wrong person to be doing that. It is a red Leicester cheese a little sharper
and orange in colour just more appealing on the eye to me that is why I used that, I also
had some slices of mozzarella that I sliced up and blobbed on there we are going to need
a whole cloak of it later on so make sure you have enough for that, then these are some
chorizo sausages you could use salami, pepperoni anything you like similar to that but nice
maybe 3 or 4 discs scattered on top of each bun so with them all in there shove them in
your pre heated oven to the temperatures on the screen right now which should be there
with you bake it for 15 minutes to warm through that sauce melt that cheese, it is actually
going to grip those chorizo slices it is quite important as you do not want to have them
plop off I was genuinely worried about that when making that it was my one fear! So while they were in the oven doing their
thing I fried up some onions and mushrooms in a pan in some oil until nice and charred
and smoky incidentally I am going to use them for my gadget video which I am about to film
after this so if you see that it is kind of cool and two videos in one, also when it comes
to the burger patty you guys have seen me make that before many times lamb burgers,
whoah, you ok, one sec, she just did some sort of hiccup now I have to wash my hands
and face, be right back, boston do not start he is down there he was very keen during this
recipe by the way well they both were, so yeah when it came to the burger I used a ready
made quarter pounder just a really decent quality one but mix it up to your liking,
cooked it in the same pan I had the onions and mushrooms in as it was hot enough as you
do not want any extra washing up which incidentally is a great idea to use a Michael Jackson sponge
by the way loads of people were saying it was a racist product, it is not it is based
on Michael Jackson with an afro they do a queen version too where she has a white afro,
just let it go barry. So once it is all nice and layered like that
this is where we ram even more flavour in there, I sprinkled some parmesan into the
centre to give it a nice sandy beach bed on there full of cheesy parmesan flavour grabbed
some of those charred mushrooms and onions and dolloped them on top, then cloaked it
in a sheet of mozzarella cheese stick a lid on the pan that will fit it and that will
help to steam it and warm through like a mini oven for your hob and melt the cheese nice
and simple, once it is all done like so, lift that lid off, sprinkle on some smoked salt,
which is amazing or standard salt if you cannot get it and a grinding of black pepper looking
absolutely gorgeous, rest it briefly on kitchen towel and we are ready to build it. Right now I am thinking this could be one
of the best burgers I have ever made, or it could not be, but it smells great in here,
we are going to use that bottom base, sit down that beef cheese infested patty, then
rest the lid on top, looking absolutely stonking. Now this is the bit I would say what it tastes
like, you have already seen it, what else have I got to say. Rediculously good, now they are both down
there I have to get them up here for you guys, right ok so that is it folks that is my twist
on that recipe now I want to see yours send me a picture of your attempts do not forget
to subscribe for regular videos and follow behind the scenes for bits and bobs and recipes
and stuff, see you later.

100 thoughts on “PIZZA BURGER RECIPE

  1. Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, if you want to make this, here's the full recipe ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I just did this! But… I took a 60/40 mix of hamburger meat, Italian sausage and mixed shredded mozzarella in there as well. Topped it off with pepperoni. O, M, G…

  3. I came up with an AMAZING burger recipe I would like to share.. you may want to try and make your own. I had this burger, and got this idea from the Nano Brewery in Cleveland Ohio. Just go and get the real thing if you're ever able! This is a decent substitute… but the real burger is the best, Really, all of their food AND beer is Amazing!
    I started with part ground bacon mixed into a lean ground beef patty. I topped the burger with cheddar, a little bit of southern vinegar slaw, chipotle mayo, and pickled red onion. Then finished it off with a sweet balsamic reduction. They call it the Acid Trip burger, and it's probably one of the best burgers I've ever had in my life… That's saying a lot since I have mainly been craving burgers since becoming pregnant! Needless to say… My husband is in heaven! If you're not into all those different toppings. The bacon and beef patty with cheddar, pickles and a mayo mustard and ketchup sauce (This sauce holds a bunch of different names) is just as yummy!

  4. OHHHEMMGEE Duuude Barry that looks so delicious! Nice touch with the chorizo and mushrooms with onions. I've only ever made the big ol' pizza burgers with two whole pizzas so I definitely want to try this recipe out!

  5. Barry, you've never had a dull video! You deserve millions of subscribers. Every recipe of yours I've tried has come out great and easy to accomplish. Long time fan xo ๐Ÿ’•Laura

  6. Pizzaburger are actually a thing here in Germany. But they are little Pizzas you can put together (like Top-Bun and Bottom-Bun) and you eat it like a burger. Just google it, it is delicious.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. why couldn't you have made this video before I had gastric bypass surgery? well I can use my imagination but I will share it with my family to try and tell me what im missing. lol.

  8. I remember getting "pizza burgers" from local places around here cant remember much about them now but think they were like regular beef patties infused with mozzarella cheese or something like that.

  9. om I love this burger! is it a Soy-free burger . the Patty too? allergische for Soy or Soya product. woud love to make this oneens with a close Fries of mine!

  10. i love levi roots reggae reggae sauce. i was in asda and they had the levi van out side serving burgers with the reggae sauce mixed up with mayo.. it was amazing. can u and use l roots sauce in something new maybe.

  11. I just realized some how I was unsubscribed from this channel!!! ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  12. Doing this tonight for the family! Putting my own twist on it of course, but your video is what inspired me ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Hey Mr. Barry I tweaked this the other day instead of bread rolls I used bagels and also used mozzarella instead of parmasan. next time I make it I'll send a pic. also just ordered your book.

  14. Tried this the other night after having one in a pub a while back, was love at first sight <3
    Soooo so good, making it a weekly dish it was amazing ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Best mixture of my two favorite things pizza and hamburgers love it!ps I subscribed to you you are awesome

  16. Amy and Boston are suuuuch adorable puggy dogggssss !!!!!!!! Awww, love how they just go full on ragdoll when you pick them up. And when Amy got happy at you. Awww..dogs are precious. And pretzel buns really does sound so delish

  17. If I were to make this, the only things I would change is I would use white(yellow?) onions and fire grilled tomato slices instead of mushrooms, but otherwise sounds like heaven in a burger!

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