Ro: Hey guys it’s Ro! I’m here with my
sister Mo today! Mo: Hey everyone! Ro: We asked you guys which game we should
play next and we got so many requests for Ro: The Pizza Challenge! Mo: I’m so excited, if you don’t know
what the Pizza Challenge is, we have 16 Mo: mystery ingredients in the bags behind
us. Ro: Yeah we don’t know what is in there. Mo: And we’ll pick numbers out and whatever
numbers we get we put on our pizza. Ro: Mmmhmmm. Mo: And once we have 8 on each
we’re gonna bake it. And then Mo: we have to eat an entire slice of it.
Ro: 1 whole slice! Mo: With whatever’s on there. Ro: I’m
really nervous, but also excited, cuz, Ro: maybe they’re good ingredients. Mo:
Yeah. I, I think I can do it, the only Mo: thing I do not want is anchovies. Ro:
Molly hates those! Mo: I think that’s a deal breaker for me.
Ro: Mo hates anchovies! Ro: We’re gonna get started, the first thing
that we’re gonna do is prep our pizzas. Ro: So, we have little pizza crusts right
here, and we’re gonna put a little bit Ro: of pizza sauce on. So Mo, grab your sauce.
Mo: Here we go! Ah, you got it? OK good! Ro: Alright, we’re gonna scoop a little
pizza sauce on here. Whoa Molly! Ro: That is a lot of sauce! Mo: I’m pretty saucy! Mo: Now we’re gonna add our cheese, and
I have a yummy soy cheese here. Ro: And I’ve got mozzarella. Mo: And I have
soy mozzarella, I wonder how different Mo: they taste. Ro: I’ve never had soy cheese.
Mo: What do you think? Ro: It’s not bad. Mo: Alright, these look great, let’s go
ahead and put them in the oven now! Ro: Molly! No! We have to add our mystery
toppings! Mo: 1st, let’s play Rock, Paper, Scissors
to see who goes first. Ro: OK, ready? Mo: Ready? Ro: Rock, Paper,
Scissors! Mo: Pfffft! Alright! Here we go! First number! Ro: That… How did you do that? Mo: Number 15! Ro: Oooooooh! Ro: A-ha-ha-ha! Mo: A banana! My favorite! Ro: Yes! Mo, I’m gonna go get you a knife…
Mo: Oh my gosh! Ro: We can do little banana pennies! Mo: Do I have to put the whole banana? Ro: I think so. Mo: OK… Ro: They’re like organic pepperoni, they’re
fine! Mo: Ohhhh, OK hahaha! Ro: They’re fine on
your pizza! Mo: When you put it like that! Ro: I’m having a lot of fun, this is great!
Mo: Mmmmmhmmm. Ro: We are off to a great start. Mo: Your,
your turn now! Ro: It’s my turn. Mo: Yeah! Ro: Oh no… 14! OK, what have we got? Oh
yeah! Olives! Ro: Da-neh-neh-neh-nah-neh-neh-neh-nee-nee-nee-nee-nee-nee!! Ro: Oh look how nice this pizza looks! Mo:
Mmmmhmmm… Mo: OK, I’m hoping for pineapple this time.
Ro: 2nd ingredient, here we go! Mo: Number 9! Mo: Oh! Chocolate banana pizza! Ro: Hershey! Ro: Mo basically has a dessert pizza going
on. Mo: It’s like a pizza sundae! Ro: Oh yeah, oh yeah. Ro: OK, here we go! Huuuuuuuuagh! Ro: Number 5! Ro: Baby Corn! Mo: A-ha-ha alright! Ro: I love
these little veggies! Ro: I’ve never had them on a pizza, but…
Hmmm. Ro: Ohp! Slippery little suckers, how do you?
There we go! Mo: Ahahahaha! Ro: Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho! Mo: Oh ew! Ro: Hey Molly, ahahaha! Mo: You’re so….
Creepy! Mo: Let’s see what the next topping for
our sundae will be. Ro: Hmmmm. Mo: Number 10. Mo: Maybe some… Ro: Ta-da-da-da-daaaaa! Both: Spaghetti noodles! Mo: It’s kinda like Elf! Ro: Huuuh! It is!
It’s like Elf’s breakfast. Ro: In the movie Elf, he makes a spaghetti
candy breakfast. Mo: And he puts chocolate syrup on it. Ro:
Yup! Mo: And M&M’s and Pop Tarts. Ro: 3rd ingredient! Ro: 3! Ro: Please, please, please, please, ta-ha-ha-ha-ha! Mo: Oh those are the best! Oh my gosh! Ro: Goldfish! Mo: Yes! Ro: Mo loves these, but I… On a pizza I
don’t know. Well they’re cheesy, so maybe Ro: it will just be like another layer of
cheese. With a little bit of crunch? Ro: Hey Molly. Mo: Hmm? Ro: It’s a school
of fish flying at ya! Mo: Oh my god! Ro: Ahahahahaha! Mo: Don’t
waste god goldfish! Ro: Oh wait, Molly, OK let’s try something, ready? Mo: No! I’m not gonna do that again! Ro: No, no, no, no ahahahaha! Look guys she
has a goldfish… Mo: 4th ingredient, here we go! Ro: Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! Mo: Number 4! Ro: What’s in there? What’s in there?
What’s in there? Mo: Gummy Bears! For my, my sundae pasta pizza! Ro: Wait, wait, let me taste test one. Mo:
Make sure they’re good? Ro: Mmmhmm! Mo: What do you think? Ro: Mmmmm, I mean it’s O… I better have
1 more just to make sure! Ro: 13, which is an unlucky number… Mo: Doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo! Mo: What is it? Ro: I know what it is! Mo: What is is? Anchovies! Ro: Anchovies! Mo: ANCHOVIES!!! Ro: Noooooo! Unlucky 13! Mo: This is a weight off my shoulders! Ro: Mmmmmm… Mmmmmm! Mo: Oh that’s a big one! Ro: Somethin’s fishy over here! Ooooh, hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Mo: Ingredient number 5! Mo: Number 1. Ro: What’s in there? Number 1, number 1! Mo: Chocolate chip cookies! Ro: Another, oh my gosh! You’ve got the
total dessert pizza! Mo: Here we go! Ro: Oh gosh. Mo: It’s because I’m so sweet, and you’re
such a stinker! Ro: Ingredient number 5… 11! Ro: Can’t be worse than anchovies, so it
can only go up from here… Ro: For me, some people like anchovies, but
I don’t like ‘em! Ro: M&M’s! Ro: Ohhh! Ro: Now mine is becoming a dessert pizza too! Mo: Kind of… Ro: Yeah look! Oh yum! Mo: Alright, 3 more ingredients left. Ro:
Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-da-dew-da-dew-da-dew! Mo: Here we go, number 2. Ro: Number 2 for Molly Lu! It even rhymes! Mo: My favorite! Ro: Pineapple! Mo loves
pineapple! Mo: I LOVE pineapple on pizza! Mo: So good! Ro: Maybe I can have 1 of these!
Little snack! Ro: OK… 7! Ro: What? Pickles!?!?! I do love pickles,
but I have never had them on a pizza before! Mo: Oh my gosh! Ro: Thanks you guys for suggesting these ingredients,
best pizza right here! Mo: Alright, I think I’m actually doing
pretty well, I think this pizza actually might Mo: be pretty fun to try… So, hopefully
it stays that way. Mo: Number 8. Both: 8, 8, hope you’re great! 8, 8, hope
you’re great! Ro: I got my fingers crossed for you Molly,
a good ingredient! Mo: Pepperoni! Ro: Pepperoni?!?! Oh my gosh! Mo: I don’t think you put it on a sundae,
but you do put it on pizza, they’re pretty good! Ro: I’m a really good taste tester… So…
It’s like, 1 of my specialties! Ro: Boom! 16! Ro: Pringles! Oh my gosh, these are great! Mo: You have the saltiest pizza ever. Ro: Yeah, it’s ‘cuz… I’m so salty!
Da-dew-dew-dew-dewww! Ro: Arnaf-herna-hew! Mo: Whe-hewwwww Mo: Last ingredient, here we go! Oh my gosh! Ro: I’m so excited, what is it? What is
it? Mo: 12! Mo: Ohhh-ho-ho! Wow! Ro: Just like chocolate syrup, you can do
little fancy ketchup lines. Mo: Just like chocolate! Ro: Huuhhhhh! Or Mo, Mo, can you paint a happy
face? Mo: Yeah. Ro: Yeah, can you draw me… Ro: Can you draw me a happy face? Mo: Let’s
do that. Mo: Oh, maybe! Ro: Oh what? What is that?
Mo: I’m getting there! Ro: OK, OK. Ro: Oh my! Both: Bahahahaha! Ro: Last ingredient! Mo: Oh! Ro: REAL BACON BTIS!?!?! Mo: Ahahahaha! Ro: I’m gonna be pretty liberal with these,
I love bacon! Mo: Wow, just party pizza over there! Ro: This is a party… Salty sweet party! Both: Ta-da! Ro: We have got all of our mystery ingredients
on our pizzas, and we are now ready for Ro: the final step in the pizza challenge. Mo: We preheated our ovens to 450 and we’re
gonna bake them for about 8-10 minutes. Mo: and then once they’re ready we need
to eat 1 entire Mo: slice of these beautiful creations! Ro: Fresh out of the oven, pizza! Get your
pizza here! Fresh out of the oven! Mo: Oh, Mo: oh that’s wafting over here! Ro: Take a smell of that Molly! Ro: Look at Molly’s! Mo: Yeah I think those
are the gummy bears? or what used to be Mo: the gummy bears? Ro: It’s a little bit of burnt chocolate
sauce and melted gummy bears all the way around! Ro: OK… OH yeah, really get in there! Mo:
OH yeah, this is… Oh, everything, Mo: it’s like soup on my pizza! Ro: No! Ohhhh, oh, ohhhhh! Oh! Mo: Make sure to get some pineapple on there…
Ro: Yeah, gotta get your pineapple. Ro: Ew! Ro: Yummy… Slice of heaven right here! Ro: Oooooh! Delicious! Ro: Are you ready? Mo: Yeah, thank you all for your wonderful
suggestions. Ro: Mmmhmmm, yep, thanks guys! Mo: Cheers! Ro: Alright, here we go! Ro: Big bite, oooh, there’s an anchovy right
in the front next to that pickle… Ro: Got a little… Mo: Oh gosh here we go!
Ro: Here we go, here we go first bite! Mo: This is very interesting… Um… Ro:
Pwah-hwagh-hwagh-hwagh! Mo: Melted gummy bears. Mo: Oh no! Did I get it on. Ro: There’s
anchovies in my… Molly: A-hahahaha! Oh no! Ro: Oh no, no, no, no! Mo: Oh my. Ro: How
do people do this? Ro: Bweghpp! Mo: A-hahaha! Ro: Oh-ho-ho-ho! Ro: How are you doing that? Does yours taste
better than mine? Ro: Well how could you be able to take 2 bites? Mo: I don’t know… That last one was weird! Mo: I got it all over! Ro: Mmmm! Here, I’ll
help clean it! Mo: It dripped everywhere! Ro: This is a technique… Mo: That’s not
a technique!!! Ro: Hee-hee! Ro: It’s a wash-machine technique, bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb! Mo: That’s cold! That’s really cold! Mo: Change of plans, we will not be finishing
these pieces of pizza. Mo: In this pizza challenge, the pizza has
won! Ro: Yes, congratulations pizza, you kicked
our butts! Ro: You’re gonna go over here now! Mo: But it was really fun, thank you for suggesting
this challenge, and if you Mo: want to check out any of the other vlogs
that we’ve done you can click up here… Ro: Or up here, doo-doo-da-doo-doo! Da-doo-doo-doo! Mo: And go watch ‘em! Ro: Yeah, and if you guys have done the pizza
challenge, please let us know Ro: what weird toppings you got down below
and let us know what your real favorite Ro: pizza flavor is. Ro: Mo what’s your favorite pizza? Mo: Pineapple!
Ro: Just pineapple? Mo: Pineapple not mixed with that other stuff. Ro: Yeah, right now mine is pepperoni, but
it changes all the time, but, I’m liking Ro: some pepperonis lately. Ro: Also, I’ll be putting my sister’s
links down below, she has Instagram and Twitter. Ro: So if you want to come say hi to Mo, go…
Go check her out over there. Ro: Alright, thanks again you guys, this was
so weird and fun. Ro: Alright, bye-bye! Mo: Bye!

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  3. 1. Chocolate Chip Cookies
    2. Pineapple
    3. Goldfish
    4. Gummy Bears
    5. Corn
    6. Bacon Bits
    7. Pickles
    8. Pepperonni
    9. Chocolate Syrup
    10. Spaghetti Noodles
    11. M&M’s
    12. Ketchup
    13. Anchovies
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    15. Banana
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  5. 1:43 Number 15 Burger King foot lettuce
    The last thing you want in your Burger King burger is somebody’s foot fungus

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  8. I remember watching her vids for the first time. I was in my mom's work and I saw this. I was like "ro is a cool name" and I thought rosannas name was ro for the longest time.
    And, like 3ish years later. Updating yt, looking and the pics, seeing her yt. All the memories came back. I love them.


  9. I would do this challenge on two conditions:
    1: No anchovies
    2: It's only normal pizza toppings
    Who else hates anchovies?

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