Hey guys,
it’s Arjun Ram. I’m here at Supercrawl
in Hamilton. Today, I’m gonna be
trying some festival food. And we’re gonna find out which one is the most worth it. ♪ [upbeat, rock] ♪ Yo, it’s Supercrawl once again
Straight from the Hammer. ♪ Loud music, crazy art,
all the talents have gathered ♪ Fashion to catwalk,
all the styles of dripping ♪ And the foodies at the trucks
they be munching and sippin’ I’m here with Phillip Hendricks
owner and head chef of Pimento Jerk
Barbequed Chicken. Phillip: We’re all about
jerk chicken here. Pimento spice and Pimento
wood is the key ingredient to making proper jerk chicken. Sprinkle on top to smother all
of that goodness on top. Scotch bonnet aioli. Put some zags
in here like that. Get some chives. And bam! It is our signature
jerk chicken poutine. Pimento Jerk Style. Your jerk poutine. Thank you. Good. Let’s try some of this. Oh. That’s good stuff. Yeah. Jerk chicken goes
great with the sauce. It’s good. I’m here with Mandip Kaler,
the head chef and owner of the Flying G’nosh,
obviously Indian food. I love Indian food. What’s your favourite
Indian food to make? Uhm, lamb naan kebab
on the truck. I got one right
over there. there on the grill already. Arjun: Looks awesome. Mandip: Yeah,
it’s really tasty. What do you think people need
to know about Indian food that they don’t know about? Uhm, primarily I think everybody
associates Indian food with curries
and hot-hot spicy. And ideally that’s
not how it is. It’s about
appreciating the flavours and the complexity
of the dishes. Well, I want to thank
you for your time and now let’s try some food. It’s a tandoori taco.
Try it. Honestly, this
is really good. The flakiness of the naan
bread, the chicken is spicier than the jerk chicken,
which is surprising, but it’s my kind
of spice, right. The sauces is nice
with the chicken and the naan brings
everything together. and the pickled onions
are a nice way to finish it off.
Really good stuff. I’m here with
Maurizio Visca, owner of Johnny Rocco’s
Italian Foodtruck. So here we are with
a wood-fired oven on wheels. All our recipes are
directly from Italy. Most of our products are
imported as well. I’m Italian. So we bring all our experience
right from the old country. I can’t wait to try
some of this. Well, if you
want to try it, you’re gonna have
to make it yourself. Let’s do this. ♪ [light hearted] We’ve got
to shimmy it off. Maurizio: Yeah, you’re
gonna go up on an angle. Oh, you kinda dumped it,
but it’ll work. Okay. Well, what do you
think of that? Arjun: Oh, that
looks amazing. There you go,
my friend. Enjoy. Oh, my God.
Pizza heaven. Delicious! Definitely worth it.
Really good pizza. I’m here at Donut Monster
with Sue Littleton. We opened our shop
on Locke Street a year and a half ago. We’ve made over
eight hundred thousand donuts. Eight hundred thousand? And you opened a year
and a half ago? Oh, my God! Eight hundred
thousand donuts. I can’t imagine that. I just finished trying a few
festival foods here at Supercrawl and I got
to say they blew my mind. But, my “Worth It” winner
is the jerk chicken poutine. Thank you, guys. ForCBC Kids News,
I’m Arjun Ram. ♪ ♪

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