Poppy The Pizza Guy’s – Las Vegas Food Trucks

Poppy’s Pizza – Delicious, great
They’re bomb They call it Poppy for a reason.
Its Daddy Denorgio. It’s good and cheesy.
I don’t even need to taste it. (Off Screen) Go ahead lets get a bite
Let me get a piece of that, I got you. We’re here at First Friday and we love Poppy’s
Pizza and the Las Vegas Food Trucks (Off Screen) Hey sir, you said you’re from
Missouri and you’ve eaten pizza in Brooklyn so we’re expecting the truth from you tonight.
We’re going to capture it from A to Z. We’re looking for honesty. Are we going to
go ladies first? Its very good with lots of cheese.
The sauce there has a nice flavor to it.
I like the cheese and the sauce. It has a good cheese sauce combination and flavor.
Very good cheese. Ma’ma, what’s your opinion on the crust?
I like it. It’s not too thick or too thin. (Off Screen) Captures the New York style? Poppy’s is where it’s at.

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