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Hi, i’m Jordan with BBQGuys.com. Today we are taking a look at the PK 360 charcoal
grill. Over the years, Portable Kitchen has become
known for their uncompromising design & legendary durability. This grill marks the first changes that Portable
Kitchen has made to their iconic design in 40 years. Let’s check it out! The PK 360 charcoal grill is made out of thick
cast aluminum for maximum durability. This wall to wall aluminum construction is
why the Pk 360 is a grill that will last for generations to come. In addition to durability, aluminum is excellent
at retaining & conducting the heat rising from the charcoal. This works so well, we were able to bake chocolate
chip cookies using the convective heat of the grill. They turned out golden brown on the top & bottom. Inside the grill, you will find three hundred
and sixty square inches of grilling space. The grids are hinged on one side for easily
adding wood chips & charcoal while cooking. They are made out of marine grade stainless
steel… & the hinged section can be completely removed if needed. Beneath the cooking grids, you will find the
charcoal grate, which is also made out of marine grade stainless steel. At the base of the grill, the PK 360 features
innovative twin cylinder air intakes. This design allows you to easily control your
airflow from the front of the grill by rotating the cylinders to reach your ideal temperature
setting. These bottom vents line up beneath the two
radial vents on the lid of the grill. This 4 point venting system makes the PK 360
a very versatile charcoal grill. If you are cooking something like chicken
wings, this allows you to grill with direct heat on one end to get them crispy, then move
to the other side to smoke with indirect heat for the remainder of the cook. Because of the oval shape of the PK360, we
had plenty of room to baste the wings over indirect heat without having to worry about
flare ups. They got some nice smokey flavor, because
we were able to force the smoke to exit the grill directly above the wings
4 point venting also allows you to fine tune temperature zones when using direct heat across
the whole grill. We set the left vents wide open to sear these
Tbones & opened the right vents about midway to roast the vegetables. Of coarse, for grilling something at the same
temperature across the whole surface of the grill, setting all four vents to the same
airflow works well to create even heat. The PK360 makes temperature monitoring easy
with a hood mounted thermometer that sits close to grid level, for an accurate reading. When it comes to cleaning, the bottom of the
grill has this plug, making it simple to remove any ash. The side shelves of the PK360 provide two
hundred and thirty square inches of space, allowing for plenty of room to serve food
hot off the grill when camping or tailgating. The components of the PK 360 are designed
to break down for travel. The side shelves can both be removed without
tools, and the grill capsule easily detaches from the base. The grill has handles on each side, making
it easy to carry with you anywhere. A great feature for portability is that the
PK360 can be used without the pedestal base. It has stabilizers along the back of the grill
body making it solid on just about any surface. Another nice feature of the PK360 is its cast
aluminum interlocking hinge. Simply lift the lid straight up & it can be
removed for travel or flat top style grilling. Thank you for watching, if you have any questions
at all, feel free to give us a call or check us out online… and remember, at BBQGuys.com,
we smoke.. the competition!

13 thoughts on “Portable Kitchen PK360 Cast Aluminum Charcoal Grill Review | BBQGuys.com

  1. Definitely a nice, good looking grill… but I have two classics that I should have for awhile. Good video… Thanks!

  2. I've been using my Classic for years and it still works great, but this one does have my interest.

    Edit: Just checked and it's $900. I think I'll keep enjoying the Classic for now.

  3. Wish the 360 had a wood pellet hopper add on attatchment!

    With 1/4" thick aluminum and the fine tuning of the vents, it looks like she'd be temp stable.

    The hinged rack is genius btw!

    Someone put some passion into engineering these!

    It's on my wish list!!😍

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