Potato Skins Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 280

Hi guys. I’m Laura Vitale, on this episode
of Laura in the kitchen I’m going to show you how to make everyone’s favorite – potato
skins. But I am going to show you how to make them at home, without the hassle of a deep
fryer. They are going to be quick and easy to make, so let’s get started. So first thing
we are going to do is go over the ingredients, you are going to need some thick slices of
bacon, you are going to need some cooked potatoes which I will talk about in a second. I have
some freshly grated extra sharp cheddar, I have some green onions that I have finely
chopped, salt and pepper and a little bit of olive oil and then you can use sour cream
the end if you prefer. Now, for the bacon you want to preheat your oven to 450F, we are
going to do everything at 450F so it doesn’t matter. Preheat the oven so that it is nice
and hot. For your potatoes you have two options, you can cook them in the microwave for about
20 minutes or until they are just about tender all the way through. Or you can cook them
in the oven at 400 for a couple of hours because these are russet potatoes so they are really
big, so they will take a while. I made mine in the oven because I had the oven on, but
it doesn’t matter. Whichever way you do it you just want them to be just about all the
way cooked through. Now the potatoes and the bacon I am going to kind of cook at the same
time so I am going to prep my potatoes. Here is what I am going to do. You are going to
take your potato that is just about cooked all the way through. What am I doing with
that little bitty knife? I am going to cut this in half – just like so. With a spoon
I am going to scoop out all of the flesh leaving about a quarter inch border around just so
that the potato can keep its shape while we cook them in the oven. Now all I did was hollow
them all out and then I cut each half in half, so each potato is going to be in four pieces
and then I put some olive oil at the bottom of my baking sheet so that the bottom of the
potato kind of crisps up. Now I am just going to drizzle the top with a bit more olive oil
because I want everything to be crispy and then just season it with salt and pepper.
Potatoes need seasoning otherwise they will taste like nothing. Now this along with the
bacon is going to go into your preheated oven at 450 for about twenty minutes or until the
potatoes are super crispy and so is the bacon. My potatoes baked for about twenty-five minutes
and the bacon only cooked for about fifteen and then I let it drain and then I rough chopped
it. Now all I am going to do is top these. It’s that simple. I am going to do the cheddar.
You don’t have to be perfect or precise. I just like to scatter it all over the place
pretty much. Then I am just going to top that with the bacon, again – just scatter it all
over the top. It does not have to be perfect because once it cooks together and the cheese
melts, the cheese kind of becomes the glue for the bacon, the scallions to stick to.
Lastly, and this is totally optional, I am going to scatter a few scallions over the
top. I like the freshness and it has a little bit of an interesting flavor – to me anyways.
So it gets away from that cheese and bacon and gives it a little something extra that,
you know, kind of takes away from all the richness. This is going to go back into your
450 degree oven for about five to ten minutes or until the cheese is lovely and golden and
bubbly and melted. These went back into the oven for literally five minutes or until the
cheese is melted, which takes absolutely no time since everything else is already cooked.
But that’s it! They are quick and simple to do. You don’t have to think about the fryer
and grease or all the hassle. You can just make them in your oven, they will come out
ten times better I guarantee it. Everybody loves them. That’s it! Hope you enjoyed spending
time with me. To get this recipe and others go to www.laurainthekitchen.com and I will
see you next time. Bye-bye.

99 thoughts on “Potato Skins Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 280

  1. Ahh! I agree with Laura! Scallions do have a certain taste it's weird but it tastes so good. For me I find it like a seasoned onion layer but it's natural *-*

  2. hahaha think i had to fight some people here to get to them 😉 they look soooooo delishious,gonna tty them to saturday night this week and a cold beer yum yum

  3. OMG, I almost wanted to skip the add before the vid, but then I saw it was a commercial for your channel! LAURACEPTION! It compensated for the intro not being there :p

  4. I usually make potato salad after boiling the potatoes washed with skin on. Then I take the skin off and it normally doesn't peel right off as intended. So..I have a bunch of skin with a small amount of tater on it. toss them in the toaster in a shallow pan treated with olive oil…top with what you want. It equals a full meal for one person if you make the average 2 lbs of potatoe for the salad. yum…yum…thanks..I like watching your videos…because you are cute and you CAN cook.

  5. If you don't like the way she chews..don't watch her channel! And didn't YOUR parents teach you how to criticize with some decency?

  6. Thanks Laura for this easy and awesome recipe..Got lot of compliments from my friends. .😀 l used shredded grilled chicken instead of bacon and also sprinkled some mixed herbs on the potato skins before crisping it up….. Thanks Heaps once again !!

  7. hey @Laura in the Kitchen u should do some homemade nachos i wanna be able to make my own homemade nachos and chili cheese fries since you already made homemade chili why not nacho cheese???? 🙂 🙂 🙂 it would be great if you did it

  8. When I worked in a kitchen, we quartered the potatoes first, then cut out the inside, in one section. That way we could chop the inner part into pieces for hash browns.

  9. You are the greatest cook I ever came across without any regrets. I watch your videos to the end. Keep up the good work & hope to see you on your own TV Cooking Show. You have my Vote.

  10. This is the only way I know how to make them… Never even considered deep frying them before and I don't think I ever will (now that I know that that's how people do them…)

  11. I couldn't be on a diet at your house…I would eat everything lol!!! Thanks for helping improve my cooking skills 🙂

  12. That aluminum foil drives me insane!!! ALUMINUM FOIL IS SO VERY POISSONING 💀 💀 💀!!! Do NOT USE ANY if you care for your health!!!

  13. This is the kind of chick you ask her to cook for you then have sex with her after all of that you offer to drive her home but drop her off on the street corner where all the hookers are.

  14. 20 minutes in the microwave? Not only would the potato be a brick so would my head. Also, "a couple of hours" in the oven to bake a potato? What?

  15. I love watching you, even if I’m not planning to cook! Lol! You’re an awesome cook and I learn basics just watching. Plus, you have the most delightful personality- and you’re funny 😄.

  16. I love that recipe. The only thing I would switch is instead of salt, I would use garlic salt. So good

  17. My diet requires that I eat 1 oz of protein every 3 hours i don't know if this is suitable.
    Thanks for wasting my time Lauren.

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