Preparing a Wildlife Food Plot with a Chain Harrow

Howdy my name is Larry Pierce, I’m the County
Extension Agent here in Washington County for Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service.
I’m here today in Carmine on the Western edge of Washington County with Mr. Doodle Johnston
the landowner. We want to talk to you about some of the equipment that he uses for planting
and preparing food plots for whitetail deer. Mr. Doodle Johnston- This is a chain harrow
that can be bought from just about any tractor dealership or farm supply. It has fingers
on one side of it and you can see the bottom side which will make it a little bit rougher
when its dragging along and will drag more soil. you can turn it over on the other side
and smooth stuff out and it will pick up any loose grass, stems, limbs, that kind of stuff
and also help level the ground that your trying to put your plot in with.

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