PRIMITIVE TECHNOLOGY | Singed Cooked ON A ROCK (burning the hair off)! | ASMR (Silent)

Fresh caught snowshoe hare. My favorite winter spot to visit. My primitive bush camp. A dusting of snow covers everything. These rocks will be useful in cooking today. My bedding is covered in snow that blew in. I use this to grind up corn to make flour. My bow drill kit to make fire. Need some fresh bedding. This dying spruce will do. Spruce provides enough insulation from the cold ground and wet snow. A dead goat from last meal. Dead grass makes an excellent top mat. I thought this tree would snap easier. These dead cedars will be good enough. I will need a lot of wood for this type of primitive cooking. My complete bow drill kit. A thin slab of rock to cook on. It is held up be a pyramid of tall rocks. Cedar bark shavings make great tinder. Cedar does not hold moisture well. It is very rewarding to make fire this way. The tinder bundle can be any combination of flammable material, I prefer birch bark, cedar bark, dried grass. It’s like magic when the bundle finally flames up. I am singing the hair off. I want to see if it’s possible. Early hunter gatherers cook like this much of the time so nothing is wasted. This does not taint the meat with gut contents. Nothing is cooked, except the hair, the full contents are still very much raw and intact. This smells like burned hair. A quick rinse in the creek. Now it is gutted and ready to be cooked. It takes a lot to heat up the rock enough to cook on, even though it is very thin. I am being careful not to overcook the hare and dry it out. The meat is okay, slight burned taste, a little dry, but for hare, not bad. A fox enjoying the goat remains.

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  1. Talking vids on Friday!
    Headed back up North for bushcraft overnighter…with Jeremy
    Tik Tok:

  2. I have an incredible amount of respect for you and what you've taught here on your channel. I've learned so much. You also have an amazing community of subs that welcome everyone. Proud to be apart of this tribe brother!

  3. Sobrevivendo ao extremo muito frio na sua região.
    Parabéns pelo vídeo você é um grande guerreiro

    Abraço do Brasil 🇧🇷

  4. So it seems your ASMR videos are really bringing in the views.
    Gess i'll tap out now then.
    Fun while it lasted lol.
    Thanks for the vids i watched and enjoyed!
    But ASMR is not what i subbed for / cya

  5. Dude. Every video is the same. You build a shelter. You catch something. You eat it. Time for some changes.

  6. Omg woods beard 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️rare rabbit no talking that's how gollum and Greg ovens started 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂😂😂

  7. its reposted video, whyy? im subscribed u cus i want to see a new video not a reposted video:/ i just waiting to see a brand new video from this channel, but what, this channel just deleted video then reposted again, with a different title. ¯_ಠ_ಠ_/¯

  8. I am a 50-year-old American who has always been an avid outdoorsman and taught my three daughters the ropes so to Speak "hunting, Fishing, Camping & living off the land". In 2012 I was diagnosed with MS and by 2015 I am barely able to move without my crutches or wheelchair. Anyway watching your videos actually makes me feel like I am right there living the adventure with you.
    Thank you so much Wood beard!!! 👌✌✌✌

  9. WB after singeing pour water or dip it as you did then scrape with a
    dull will be cleaner that way.for the barbecued taste roast it on the coals not on the fire. Nice video..

  10. i dont like asmr videos, i liked to hear what you were planning to do throughout the video and the tips you would always give…

  11. I don't know why but I always feel he does all this while hiding himself from police as if he's doing something illegal 😅😅😅

  12. Full stop. Man I love your videos but this one irritated me. You wasted a warm beautiful perfectly useable pelt! Don't waste pelts man, make things

  13. I don’t know man shaking that tree like that that’s how freak accidents happen just saying also I don’t mind a little vocals

  14. Did you just literally rip off another BIG youtubers name for miss directed views???? Primitive technology. Lame dude. Pull it down change the name stand on your own character

  15. I used to Love ur old videos like survival challenge season 1-3 but that feels like u leave ure creativity to be like rest of THE yt community ,make wooded beardsman great again, and Bring One wildcrafter back ♥️

  16. yeah I get it you're outside acting like you're trying to survive but in my opinion that sure was a waste of a good rabbit at least you could have put it in a pot but like I said that's just my opinion!!! and really miss the talking you are a great teacher and have showed us so much on how to survive in the wilderness I mean yeah I guess we can just look at what you're doing but to me it's just not the same but anyways I still enjoy watching you and please keep the videos coming ✌

  17. It's probably so damn cold the Bearded Woodsman just didn't want to expand the energy to speak and just do a tutorial. Keep putting out the footage. 👍

  18. Just to let everybody who hasn't noticed, all of these asmr vids are edits and not seen footage from his past uploads. He's got decent playlists set up. Is asmr isn't ur thing you can find the non asmr versions of these in the playlists

  19. Burning hair is the worst smell in the world for me. It might just be because I saved my best friends little sister from burning to death when I was about 13 though

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