100 thoughts on “Pro Chef Learns How to Cook Ostrich Eggs | Bon Appétit

  1. Molly, "Hey.. Guys… I need a consult. So, let's say you have 24 egg yolks–"
    Producers, "hm, maybe we should've done Molly Cooks For The Army before this." Army cooks, all about that mass quantity cookin! (and actually really good, too!!)

  2. Is Delany aware of the thirst there is for him? I feel like this needs to be acknowledged…maybe in editing, instead of the DELANY villain music it should be 'Let's get it on'?

  3. Molly is the next Big Star thanks to this series. She has the charisma, looks, sass, humor, antics, relatable to a girl we all know that the target viewers can relate too early-young working professionals.

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