100 thoughts on “Pro Chefs Challenged to Plate a Carrot in 1 Minute | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

  1. I always love reading all the comments because everyone is thinking and feeling the same as me. We have a BA community 🥰

  2. I love this thing that BA does, where they do challenges and then they show you quick results but they never analyze, they never announce a winner, they never judge . They always fall back to "it doesnt matter who chopped the fastest" or it "doesnt matter who plated the nicest" its just nice to see the process and learn and be entertained by these professionals..

    Top notch… Really

  3. Producers: Describe your dish
    Everyone: Describes their dish
    Molly: It doesnt matter…its just some carrots, i mean it does matter, but it doesnt really matter…y'know?

  4. I would have picked up the thing the carets where on and put them in the oven and as long as I don't touch it I can add stuff to is right and then I have aa min to plate it boom

  5. What if one never makes physical contact with the carrot? does the timer not start. Like my knife, I'm not touching it!

    Maybe cheat and for the last minute where you finally do touch it, you are plating to a bento.

  6. And here I am, in the comments, looking for the one that says "this ain't plating, plating videos are over here" with a helpful link. alas. I still love what BA's done with this channel, and I try to watch each video, as I've enjoyed the majority of them.

  7. I like that Brad isn't like a hoity-toity, stuck-up, elitist chef. He's just a normal dude who loves to cook and have fun doing it

  8. Chris walking around evryone's stations while they talk to the camera is so awesome. I feel your frustration, Chris. I feel you.

  9. I would watch this series more if everyone did it like Carla. It makes it so much more entertaining to watch and it follows the title more

  10. Really enjoying the channel. But some criticism for this video. The editing cuts way to much to follow along. It had a neurotic feel to it. The content at its core I'd enjoy but this made it hard to like. Keep it up tho. Love the stuff and creativity is appreciated.

  11. I love brad and the way he talks!!! So funny! I literally have been so sad some days and all I need is a little Brad bop talkin and I'm back to happy again!

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