100 thoughts on “Professional Chef Tries The 7-Eleven Cooking Challenge

  1. felt like this couldve been better because the ingredients that were selected werent that good. I think you guys should choose better items (preferably not limit yourself by having to fly them back), or at least let the chef pick out the ingredients themselves

  2. I don’t know what 7-11 they shop at but clearly it’s not like mine with fried chicken fried rolls pizza …slurpies and energy drinks lol

  3. This whole comment section is either talking about how hot he is or calling out the ones talking about how hot he is I-

  4. They have been fantizing about the guy but he looks just the ordinary basic asian males I see along the streets. He is not really handsome or hot. If people is attracted to this type, we have lots of laborers and construction workers who look like him with abs and muscles here in PH. ROFL

  5. Chef is cool knows how to cook but food sounds like it was doo doo. Im sure he can do other authentic food with right ingredients.

  6. Video suggestion: could y’all gather some kids and have them pick several of their favourite foods/ingredients each which Calvin gets to use in constructing an entree and dessert?

  7. He so fine 🤤🤤🤤…and he can whip a meal up out of nothing!!! He is most definitely a keeper!!!😍😍😍😍

  8. Everyone's going crazy with this chef but here in the Philippines, that kind of look is kinda average and probably be even insulted as ugly…I don't know but Filipinos can't just appreciate our natural look as everyone is trying to look like Americans (this is not an insult of something), get our naturally tanned skin white and everything.

    I just hope our fellow filipinos appreciate our own looks like the way you guys appreciate this asian guy who resembles filipino so much

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