Professional Chefs Guess the Mystery Oreo Flavor for $50,000 | Taste Test and Review

– I’m here with the
expert taste testing panel from the Meredith Food Studios. Robbie, Ivy and Adam. They’re all test kitchen professionals, with expert palates. We’re here to see if we can figure out Oreo’s mystery flavor. If we think we’re right, I’m
going to submit our application for our chance to win $50,000 and maybe I will share it with y’all. – Let’s hope so. – I hope! – Without that I’m out of here! – I’m leavin’, if we don’t get that cut. – So, did y’all know this is a thing? – Didn’t know this, had no idea. I’m a fan of Oreos, too.
– Not until today! – I mean, I didn’t know either. – [Ivy] I think it looks
like a normal Oreo. – I think it’s supposed to- – [Robbie] But, it’s just got flavor. – It’s just got a flavor. And-
– [Robbie] I’m a purist. I’m wondering what this is gonna be like. – I wasn’t gonna do this challenge, because I said my daughter already told me that they figured it out and it was already fruity pebbles. But, then I found out that
was last year’s flavor. (everyone ohhing) – So you gotta like think outside the box, this isn’t gonna be just like
– Lemon – Lemon.
– Mint. Or something like that. – It’s gonna be somethin’ outrageous.
– Random. – It could be, like, garbage disposal. – Yeah, so. – Sick! I think we can, like, already ex out nuts, ’cause people are allergic and they can’t just, like, put that in there.
– Yeah, that would be like an almond flavor.
– Oh, good. – That’s good. – It smells like something. – It smells familiar. What is that?
– Oh, I know, I know, I know! Before even tastin’ it.
– Coffee? – Uh uhn. – Butterscotch?
– Cookie butter! – Biscoff.
– Yes, that’s it. Smells like biscoff. (laughing) – Good thing I’m- – It’s not what it smells like.
– What if we don’t even need to taste these? – It’s what it tastes like. – I mean, I agree. – It might taste totally different. (crunching sounds) – I mean, I’m just sayin’. – Why doesn’t it look like
the Biscoff cookie in here? – ’cause it like-
– It’s gotta be white. It’s just gotta be a white filling. – But, how do they make
like cinnamon turn white? – Chemicals, it smells
different than it tastes. – Yeah, because it doesn’t taste like a cookie butter.
– Yeah, it’s like less offensive. – Yeah, if you smell it.
– Not offensive, aggressive – How do you find the answers? Like, you have to email Oreo? – I guess they’ll unveil it. – You just text them. – Text ’em. – Or should we be more like generic and say, like, gingerbread? – I think they already have that. – Well, if last year was
fruity pebbles, like, that’s a brand. – Oh, yeah. – Biscoff is a brand. – Cookie butter, Biscoff, that’s a brand.
– I think this is Biscoff.
– What are the brands that Nabisco owns? You know they’re gonna be
doing some cross-marketing. – Clue! – Can we look at the ingredients? – We can read the clue. – Oh, the clue! – Pairs well with chocolate,
hence why we chose it. Go to
and uncover more clues. – I don’t think they’re gonna do that. – Speculoos? – Well, this doesn’t smell like it, but it tastes like that.
– Maybe they’re calling it- you think they would call it speculoos? – I think there’s a coffee thing in there. – That’s like a fake coffee it if is. – You go on the website, Adam? – [Adam] Clue one, its name
it stole and history kept. Perhaps from a creature
that lives on the steppe? – What’s a steppe? Google s-t-e-p-p-e. – This is way more intense
than I thought it was gonna be. – A large area of flat
unforested grassland in Southeastern Europe or Siberia. – What? – It looks like a sheep
or something like that. – What does that have to do with an Oreo? It’s like goat milk.
– Eight clues. – Sheep milk. – It’s got a footy flavor to me. – Fruity? – Footy. – Footy, as in like
– Yeah, like. – Sick! – Is it the first one to guess it? It can’t be, it’s gotta be- – Google where this is from, Biscoff. – It is not that. – Speculoos, I think they’re
gonna call ’em speculoos. – What is speculoos? – It’s what this stuff is, it’s the base of a speculoos cookie, which
is a heavily spiced cookie. – It’s got all these things in there
– So is like a gingersnap. – European, Belgian. – So what is your answer, Biscoff? – I mean, yeah, whatever
– I think it’s speculoos. – Like a cookie. – It’s a type of cookie of spiced blend. – You’re going with that too? – No, I’m not going with that. I think it’s, it’s got some type of, like, – Google speculoos.
– Cheese flavor to me. – Cheese? – Yeah, like musty cheese flavor. – No. – They’re not gonna make it-
– I know! – But that’s what it tastes like.
– But, speculoos cookies have all these spices like
cinnamon and nutmeg and- – But, that’s too, like,
fruity pebbles last year, that was fun, like, nobody’s ever gonna buy, speculoos flavored Oreos. ‘Cause they’ll be like, what the heck is that?
– Maybe if you’re in Siberia. (laughs) – It’s like, what is that?
– Southern Europe. – Caramel, coconut oil-
– Y’all are thinking too- – Rapeseed oil, water-
– I think it’s maybe like a graham cracker. – I could see that. – Oh yeah. – What about just graham cracker flavor? – I can smell graham cracker. – Yeah. (laughing) – No, that makes sense. – And Nabisco makes graham crackers. – They make graham crackers. Really good ones.
– Or like gingerbread house flavor?
– And like a speculoos cookie is very similar to a graham cracker.
– ‘Cause that’s like a s’more. It goes well with chocolate. (gasping) – That’s it, 50k richer. – It smells like a graham cracker, now that I’m in it. – Can I get twenty bucks? (laughing) – I’ll give you-
– Can I get an advance on this 50k?
– I’ll give you 100! That’s it.
– That’s it. It’s graham cracker. – That’s 100% in, I’m
backin’ down on my Biscoff. (laughing) – She was 100% Biscoff.
– Well, it could fool you. They’re similar. – It’s already trending. – I first called it graham cracker. – Only after-
– And you are concurring graham cracker? – I am now, yes. – It could almost be like
an oatmeal cookie, too. – Not sweet enough. – Or oatmeal! – Too many spices.
– Oatmeal flavored! – That doesn’t go well with
chocolate, per their clue. – It kinda does, oatmeal
chocolate chip cookie. – Aw, yeah. – Did you even have a flavor
that you’re gonna end with? Or are you just sayin’
– I don’t know. – You’re not-
– I can’t, I don’t think any of you are right. – The last clue is
available on November 4th. – We’ve got a while.
– Little while, yeah. – Oh wow, we’re way ahead of the game. – All right, this is
stage one of our research, we’ll be back with step two.
– Let’s keep these open. – So that they can nice and stale? – Get nice and stale for
Adam’s second tasting. – He prefers a stale cookie. – All right, well this is phase one, we’ll reconvene next month for phase two of the Oreo challenge. Thank you, good job, guys. – Thanks. – Speculoos. – Speculoos, yeah. – I think it’s oatmeal cookie.

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