Pros & Cons of Chocolate | Healthy Food

Most people love chocolate. And they might be wondering, cons of chocolate? How could there be anything wrong with chocolate? Well, there are some benefits and there are
some dangerous aspects to chocolate. Some of the benefits of chocolate is that
eating small amounts over time can reduce your anxiety and stress levels. And you probably knew that already. Chocolate can also actually improve your cardiovascular
system. It can lower your blood pressure, and it can
help you feel overall, good. But you knew that already right. However, there are some parts to chocolate
that can actually be hurting us. One is that chocolate doesn’t come by itself. You’re not just eating raw cocoa powder. You’re probably consuming it with a lot
of diary and a lot of sugar. And most people have a problem digesting dairy,
which can cause inflammation. It can cause digestive trouble. It can also cause skin outbreaks. We also consume most of our chocolate with
sugar. And that sugar can raise our insulin rates,
and it can cause inflammation over time. So you have to be aware that you’re consuming
the best quality chocolate. I like to use raw cacao beans or raw cocoa
powder, and add it to a smoothie with some natural fruits that are sweet like bananas
or dates. And that helps to even out the insulin response
in your body while still providing the delicious taste and benefits of chocolate. So there’s a few different kinds of chocolate. There’s dark chocolate. There’s white chocolate, and there’s milk
chocolate. Dark chocolate really is the most beneficial. The more cocoa a chocolate has in it, the
darker it is. Milk chocolate is very low in cocoa, has more
milk solids in it, and usually more sugar as well. White chocolate is only the cocoa bean fat. It doesn’t actually have any of the cacao
in it. So that doesn’t have any benefits at all,
except it tastes good and it has some sugar in it, which we like. But for the real benefits you want to go with
the dark chocolate. The higher the percentage of the cacao, the
better. So 65, 75, 85 per cent cacao—those are really
going to give you the benefits.

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