Rainbow Cake Decoration HOW TO Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to howtocookthat I am Ann Reardon
and this is an easy buttercream rainbow cake. Firstly you need to make up your buttercream,
the recipe for that is on the blog howtocookthat.net there is a link in the description below this
video. All you do is add the butter and icing sugar, stir well then and whisk for about
5 minutes on high speed until it is pale and fluffy. Add a tiny bit of milk but not much
because you are going to be adding a fair bit of liquid colour to get those bright rainbow
colors. Split two thirds of your frosting into 5 bowls
and add your chosen colours to each bowl. Now to get the really bright colours here
you will have to add quite a bit of liquid colour, so add it a tablespoon at a time until
you get a colour you are happy with. Then take each colour and place it into a
plastic bag push it down into the corner and twist the top to stop the icing from oozing
out the top when you squeeze the bag. Take half of the remaining uncoloured frosting
and put that in a bag also. Put your bottom layer of cake onto a plate
and pipe a cirlce of uncoloured frosting around the edge. Then you can either put buttercream
in the middle as well or you can use a filling. Here I am using home made lemon curd. Having
the layer of buttercream around the edge helps contain the filling and stops it from oozing
out the side of the cake and effecting the decorating. Repeat this with the next layer
of cake as well. Then take a palette knife and smooth the buttercream that is in the
joins adding more if necessary. So you have a nice flat finish. Place a thin layer of buttercream on the top
of your cake just to level it out. Cut the corner off each of your coloured bags
and then starting at the bottom pipe of blob of each colour repeating them when you get
to the top going through a pattern. Take a spoon that’s been dipped in hot water
and push it sort of half way along the blob and drag it across the cake. So just push
it in and drag it across. Keep doing that all the way up the cake.
Then for your next row of blobs you need to pipe the colour that was just above the one
that you are currently doing on the previous row. And continue in this pattern the whole
way up. Use your spoon to spread them out and keep piping and around the cake.
On the top of the cake pipe blobs in a circle shape smearing them one at a time. Until you
have filled in all of the gaps. Thank you to all of my lovely subscribers
for commenting on the videos and sharing them with you friends sharing that really helps
me a lot, hope you have a great week and I’ll see you soon.

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  1. I love this cake I am going to make it for my birthday but I want to use purple blue green in that pattern thinks

  2. How do you finish off the blobs going round the side? When you get to the last column do you just leave it as a blob without pulling it out with a spoon?

  3. How to cook that Ann I absolutely ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Your AMAZING👌 videos you are the best baker EVER

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