Hi everyone, welcome back to the kitchen and today we’ve got something delicious the folks at Simfonio sent me their Ten-in-one multicooker to give a try so I thought what a perfect opportunity For me to share with you this recipe for Ranchero beans making it in. The pressure cooker is super easy and super quick No soaking no boiling. No fuss. No muss. I can’t wait to share with you how this all comes together Today we’re going to be making some Ranchero beans or what some of you might know as Frijoles Charros, which are Mexican Charro beans and we’re gonna be making them in the pressure cooker I I had another company contact me and asked me if I would Demonstrate their pressure cooker in a recipe video and since this seems to be a running theme on our channel I went ahead and I said absolutely You can never have too many options and every single one of these machines is a little bit different and this is the Sinfonia multi cooker It’s a pressure cooker a slow cooker a steamer a rice cooker You can make yogurt in it and there are a couple of things that it came with that I was really impressed right out of the box with it. So I’m happy to share this with you today It’s really easy to use and I love it because it has this digital LCD readout And it has all sorts of different options presets it also has an option for you just to pick pressure cooking and then you can tell it how how long to to cook for so we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna get started on our Ranchero beans what we’re gonna be using. I have one pound of pinto beans. These are dry beans We’re going to be doing the no soak method when you make beans in the pressure cooker it literally takes 35 minutes and you’re gonna have some delicious beans you can make them with no flavorings just with water and It’s gonna be great. But today we’re gonna be making Mexican style beans and they’re gonna be awesome We’re also going to be flavoring this up with about eight slices of bacon that I have just cut into pieces We’re going to be using this sautee function on the pressure cooker in order to cook this off and render it down a bit We’re going to be adding a variety of fresh vegetables Aromatics to be specific. I have two medium sized onions that I’ve diced. I Have a – jalapeno peppers that I have seeded and diced. I have two Poblano peppers that I have seeded and diced neither one of these are very spicy at all these people on Oh peppers are like a sweet bell pepper and I have one red bell pepper that I have seeded and diced. I have six cloves of minced garlic We’re gonna be adding a tablespoon each of ground cumin and dried oregano We will add salt after it’s done cooking because you never want to add salt to your pot when you are cooking beans Otherwise you run the risk of them coming out tough We’re also going to be adding a large 28 ounce can of tomatoes and green chilies if you prefer you can use fire roasted tomatoes or just diced tomatoes, but this is the equivalent of approximately a quart and That’s pretty much it if you’d like to add cilantro to your beans That would be something you would add with the salt at the end We are not huge on cilantro so I’m gonna leave it out because I’m probably going to be freezing some leftovers and cilantro tends to bloom the Longer it sits like black pepper. Have you ever added something? added black pepper to a dish and then later come back and eaten it and all you can taste is that Overwhelming flavor of black pepper. Well, that’s the same with cilantro It releases its oils as it cools and when you put it in the freezer and then thought back out and reheat it it Just goes crazy and you get an overwhelming flavor So if you are on the side of iron like cilantro a little bit, but not a whole lot You might want to leave it out and just add fresh cilantro to each serving as you eat it When you get ready to sautee you just want to turn the knob until you reach the sautee option and then you want to push the knob in and Then you want to just tell it if you want to adjust it to whatever amount of time We’re not gonna need to saute this for 20 minutes or even 15 minutes, but I’ll set it for 15 minutes Push the button and then you can see it says it’s preheating and I already threw my bacon in there but that’s alright because it’s bacon so it’s just gonna we’re gonna render it out and then we’ll be back when it’s To add our vegetables and move on to making our original beans. I wanted to go over the Simfonio multicooker with you guys just Briefly I want to thank them for sending this to us so that we could use it and share it with you I also want to thank them for sponsoring today’s video. This one has a chime when you open it and close it and it has you know, just like all the others it has the the sealing and the venting venting Option and the vent the lid is very easy to take on and off it comes already inserted with one Gasket but it also comes with a spare gasket, which I love you guys know I love it when they come with a spare gasket because That means you don’t have to worry about having an extra it already came with the machine You don’t have to worry about purchasing an extra. Of course It comes with the rice measuring cup the rice paddle and a little bit of a ladle It’s just little plastic ladle. This also has a stainless steel insert Vessel and it comes with this awesome Steamer basket This will make cooking hard-boiled eggs so easy or steaming vegetables Like I said, this is a multi cooker. You do not have to pressure cook in this you can simply set it on whatever your Cooking method is that is desired and it will do what you tell it to So this is really awesome If you want to steam some broccoli or some zucchini or any kind of vegetable you can most likely fit a whole head of cauliflower in here and steam it in about seven minutes and Then it’s going to be raised up It has little legs on the bottom as you can see here and that’s going to help you because we always want to make sure That we put a rack in the bottom Especially if we’re putting eggs in here if you’re interested in learning more, I’m gonna leave link down below in the description Box, you can go on over to Amazon and check it out. They are very affordable and they have They have a good warranty. You will have to register your machine Once you receive it on their website if you turn if you turn the knob You can see it has options for poultry Soup and these all have presets of time and pressure as well You can adjust the pressure and you can adjust the time also So you can do it bean and chili which is the setting we’re gonna be using today for our Ranchero beans porridge or oatmeal Or you know whole grain cereal if you want hot cereal Cake that would be a setting if you’re gonna make a cheesecake in a pressure cooker. There’s an egg sitting a slow cooker setting a rice setting a Pressure cooker setting just if you if you’re cooking something that’s not on this list and you don’t really know where to go That’s gonna help you the saute setting is going to help us right now. We’re gonna get ready to sautee some bacon and A steam setting for when you want to steam some veggies also It has a yogurt setting this also came with these awesome little silicone grippers so that when you get ready to finish and we want to take your pot out, you just can put these on and Grab it and this you’re gonna not burn your fingers Our bacon has rendered and a little fun fact for you guys if you didn’t already know this When your bacon is cooking and you see it start to get foamy like it is here in the bottom of the vessel that means that it’s rendered all of its fat and it’s just gonna continue to Kind of crisp up in there. So this bacon is ready for us to move forward We’re not really looking to crisp this up because it’s gonna get soggy. Anyway cooking in there with the Beans and all what-have-you. So I’m gonna go ahead and add all My vegetables in here so our poblanos and our onions our red bell pepper our jalapenos Which I kind of just tossed on the top of that pile And give this all a good toss We’re not looking to completely saute this I really interested in getting it coated in the bacon fat Oh that smells so good already. I’m gonna have the garlic in and give it a toss Our pot is still on the saute setting and I’ll have Rick come down here and show you When it comes to temperature It’s gonna tell you it’s hot and it’s cooking and there’s a little thermometer gauge here at the top I don’t know if you can see it But but it’s just telling you that it’s ready to saute and if you let these veggies sit in here for a little while They’re gonna start to sizzle and they’re gonna start to cook down, but we’re not going for that right now I’m gonna go ahead I’m gonna add my beans in And I’m gonna add My tomatoes in green chilies There are some helpful lines on the side here It gives you the halfway mark down here Right here, and then the two-thirds mark So you don’t want to fill it. It says P c-max two-thirds and then over on this side It tells you cooking max is up to here. So which is about 3/4 That’s if you’re slow cooking. I have heated some water in my electric kettle and this is only to speed up the process for a pound of beans you’re gonna need between 6 and 8 cups of Hot water now. We’ve got all of our ingredients In the pot sometimes it’s helpful to move your events just to vent Before as you’re trying to close it then move it over to seal okay, so I’m gonna hit the cancel button so that we can get it off the sautee setting and I’m going to move this over to the bean setting and I’m going to do this for 35 minutes on High I’m gonna press that again. It’s gonna start preheating and bringing up to pressure and Then it’s gonna cook and when it’s time to open it up and show you our around Sherrill beans I’ll be back so can share them. Okay, our beans have come down off of pressure and what we’ll do is once you get beeps that the Cooking the pressure cooking time has completed it will beep and let you know that and then it will start counting up so it’s been 22 minutes since the pressure cooking process was finished and I did go ahead and release the pressure and I vented the remaining Pressure that was inside and it just took a couple of seconds so we can open it up It’s gonna sing to you And this is another one that has a little notches in both handle sides you can see here and the lid has a little tab on both sides to where you can just use that to hold your Lid after it’s done cooking and these look fabulous. They smell amazing The beans are perfectly done and we’re gonna go ahead and serve some up for you. I mean look at that, isn’t that gorgeous? Now Charlotte beans can be served as a nice side They can be served as a meal with some tortillas on the side Like I said earlier you could add some shredded cheese to this You could eat it like bean soup and it’s although it’s up to you So I’m gonna add salt into the pot and then I’ll salt this serving that I just took out again This is all to taste We did not season these other than the oregano and the cumin so you can regulate that According to your dietary needs or your preference these look amazing. And I think we need to taste them. You ready babe laughter? That’s really good. Yes, like that looks good I wanted to share with you some delicious food made in the symphonia pressure cooker Multi-cooker it’s a 10 in 1 multi-cooker If you aren’t interested in more information or getting yourself one of these if you’ve been on the fence about getting a pressure cooker Maybe you’re just kind of weighing your options You’ve seen me use a lot of different models here on on the channel Then I will leave a link down below where you can check out their Amazon page I’m also gonna leave a QR code here on the screen you can use your QR reader and it will take you to their website where every month they’re going to be giving away one of these pressure cookers as well as recipes and other different things that they’re going to be offering to you for free and Just a you know a fun thing for them to do I also did want to mention that this comes with a cookbook –let as well as an information booklet on how to operate clean and maintain your new pressure cooker the the vessel the Gasket and all of the little couch. Armaan that came with it our dishwasher safe However, the lid should not be cleaned in the dishwasher You should watch that with mild soap in warm water and then you should dry it You should not keep put that in the dishwasher at all because it could affect the inner workings of the pressure lid I hope that you enjoyed today’s video. I hope you enjoyed learning about Ranchero beans or frijoles tomatoes I hope that if you are interested in this symphonia pressure cooker, you will go and have a look at the link and Tell them I sent you so thank you to Symphonia for sponsoring today’s video and for providing this lovely pressure cooker for us to use today You will most likely see it be used in some future episodes as well If you liked today’s video Please consider giving me a thumbs up if you’re new to my kitchen and you wandered on over to see what was going on Welcome always a pleasure to have new friends Join me, please be sure and hit the subscribe button If you are trying to ensure member of the Noreen’s kitchen family, please be sure and hit the bell notification button So you will get a push notification on your smart device or an email in your inbox every time we upload a new video Because we don’t want you to miss out on all the real food for real people real easy recipes that we present all the time Right here on our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen I hope you enjoyed this recipe for Ranchero beans and I hope you give it a try sometime soon And I hope you love it and until next time I’ll see ya


  1. That bean recipe sounds fantastic! I've been considering a multi-pot and really like the features of this one. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ty for this review! I love this pressure cooker! I just had to replace my 3qt Instant Pot (which I have not been a fan of!) I replaced with Crock Pot's 4qt and it is fantastic (so was the price)! I already own their 6qt too. But I am looking at New 8qt pots. I am delighted to see that they have this in an 8qt. Please do a couple more videos using this pressure cooker. I will definitely do some research on this company so I can be sure it is what I want. I love how modern but looks easy to work. Tyty!

  3. Ty again for this video! I contacted the simfonio website and told them how impressed I was by their multi cooker and that I had seen it on your channel and I got an immediate response back and was offered a free 8qt if I would write a review! I had to purchase it and after I receive it and use it, take some pics and write the review they would refund my pay pal. I was leary but they were very nice and asked me to trust them. So if they do what they say after all not only will I love the machine but I will be able to sing this companies praises! I use my pressure cooker at work to sample our products (we are an old fashioned meat market) and people love to see me cook with my gadgets! I can't wait!

  4. This looks like a great pressure cooker! If I didn’t already have a multi cooker I would buy this one!
    Your beans look really yummy!

  5. Just a helpful hint to anyone who has never cooked with pablano peppers…some of them are not at all spicey, like Noreen mentioned. But some of them will set you on fire. Be careful!

  6. Thank you for the demonstration. I went to Amazon halfway through your video and ordered the 10 qt cooker. Don't see where to put your recommendation info though, sorry.

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