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  1. The enzyme in the pineapple quickly breaks down most proteins. Meat for more than a couple of hrs in pineapple juice is near inedible. American cheese, being the processed cheese food that it is becomes gloopy in a matter of minutes thanks to the intense POWER of the PINEAPPLE. At least, that is my educated guess on it.

  2. @SortedFood I’ve been a fan of the channel for years, but I think I’m getting weary of the relays, time challenges, and silly gadgets.. I miss the old recipe videos and the normals going head to head with their own recipes. I love seeing what the SF gang has learned and made with these challenge videos, but now it feels like a game show then a channel for learning how to cook.
    I miss At The Table and Big Night In.

  3. This is the best! Love hearing Ben admit how upset he was, yet everyone laughing in the end. If you’re going to be a serious cook, you seriously need a sense of humor!

  4. What could be cool, would be if you got the chefs to actually make the dish that was originally intended to see what it could have been.

  5. I love this! One thought/suggestion: I think I would prefer if the screen of the reactions was big most of the time with the footage you're watching in the small screen, so it's easier to see your facial expressions throughout!

  6. I'd love it if you guys reacted to your previous Pass It On videos with the benefit of hindsight and that self analysis. i think it would make for some funny videos

  7. This was great! I hope pass it on reactions becomes a regular! It is a good chance for more giggles but I like that it is a chance for us to learn more.

  8. I want to see a you touch it you use it rule for a pass it on, meaning if someone so much as touches an ingredient it must be included in the final dish.

  9. Loved it guy's. Have you done a food blind taste testing before? Then after each one you get right you have to make into a dish?

  10. Ben's soul dying as he realized his friends and colleagues of like 10ish years can't tell the difference between different green vegetables 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    please do these for every pass it on! At least from now on! Pass It On Commentaries!!!

  11. You should have a either a challenge video or pass it on where a kid (like 5 or under) is directing what you do.
    Ben and James' souls would die and that would be very funny to watch.
    I remember making the weirdest shit when I was a kid messing in the kitchen when I shouldn't have been. Some of it actually tasted very good.

  12. The acidity from the pineapple will curdle dairy products. The same can happen when you add milk or cream to tomato sauce.

  13. Once again

    MIKE: “We are a James down today”

    JAMIE: “Because he’s got a ‘runny bottom”

    ME : 🤣😂😂🤣laughing while my family is wondering what I am watching.

  14. Since this burger ended up as a fail, it would be interesting to see this same dish successfully made using all of the attempted ingredients and the gadgets. How would it look and taste? Would the new version still be considered a fail?

  15. Idea for a new show type:

    Table with 5 ingredients/spices on it. Each person takes one ingredient and cooks a course to a 5 course meal without knowing what the others have selected to cook. Will you end up with 3 entrees and 2 deserts with no veg or starter or will you end up with a nicely themed 5 course meal?

  16. Pass it on breakfast . English or American or throw both into the ring. Maybe have a dry erase board where you can write 1 word on it to limit duplication or forgotten items.

  17. I love the self react followup, it's a really great format to potentially learn and improve from. Keep this up, maybe do some self reacts to other videos that you feel could use some self criticisms.

  18. 100% not a food scientist but I know that processed American cheese, especially brand name one, reacts to acid like no other cheese. In fact I have seen it bleached from reacting to hot sauce.

  19. And aahhhhh – I love love loveee this reaction video! It's so much fuun to see them laugh and have fun the way we did. Their reaction is priceless❤️

  20. Keep bringing the great content!
    Off topic, I would love a new unusual combinations video: my suggestion, cinnamon raisin bagel toasted with blue cheese. Fantastic combo!

  21. Pass it on idea:

    Give the chefs 10 words to pass to the next chef to "help" them with whatever dish is the goal. Make it a hard challenge.

  22. My mother is a Chef and because of that I physically can not cook in a messy kitchen. The first thing I do when I walk into a kitchen is wipe it down …even if it's not my kitchen.

  23. So, Pass-It-Ons bother me because of stuff like this, but I must admit that you going back and being all reflective and stuff … is very enjoyable. MOAR PLZ.

  24. The relay challenges are my absolute favorite. They're the reason I started watching this channel. But I gotta say…. watching you guys watch it is pretty entertaining too! 😛

  25. Reaction videos to your own Pass it On is something I didn't know I needed. This just makes Pass it On videos even better.

  26. Yes please, for the reaction videos! Maybe doing them will help with the pass it on videos. I love what you guys do! Please keep it up.

  27. Cheese and pineapple isn't bizarre. It works. It was probably because you used American cheese, which is barely a cheese. But real cheese with pineapple works. It's the same premise as strawberry cheesecake, or tomato soup with grilled cheese, or apple pie with vanilla ice cream or a bunch of other things. It's a sweet and acidic, fruity flavour balanced by a mellowing, milk fat flavour. And a little umami or salt helps, too. Actually, that's why tomato and cheese go together in so many foods around the world. The only difference with pineapple is it's more fruity than a tomato is thought of as tasting. But that doesn't mean it doesn't actually work. Pineapple on pizza is as popular as it is for good reason. Of course, nobody's obliged to like it, but it does actually work for good reason.

  28. Love the 'behind the scenes' getting to see you all laugh at eachother. Would have been great to see James roast you all too!

  29. So maybe this is just me but I think some of these would go better if the first thing your did when you started your turn is check everything (fridge, stove, microwave, ect.) instead of freaking out as you start. (probably wouldn't be as funny though)

  30. Please remake sorted student video😂 (the one with full yellow t-shirt) this will funny if you did this after 11 years:")

  31. I think making you watching it bigger and the video smaller would have made it better. Already seen the vid, just want your reactions. Great vid tho!

  32. I just watched a video of some guys reacting to their own reactions and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think these videos should accompany each pass it on.

  33. An idea would be redoing previous pass it on with the same exact ingredients trying to make the same food but as a chef vs normal

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