Hey guys it’s Ro! I wanted to make a video
because I have some exciting updates and, a new announcement! But the first update
is… You guys! This is it! This is the Nerdy Nummies Cookbook!
It is hot off the press, an advance copy that the publishers just mailed
to me. And I am so excited, this is what it’s gonna look like in stores
and online on November 3rd. Later in the video I’ll flip through some
pages and show you what’s inside! Oooooh! I’m so excited! And I know what some of you are thinking,
you’re like Ro, but you showed us a book cover in your last update, wasn’t
that the final book? And the answer is, it was this book, which
is what they call a dummy book in publishing. It’s where the inside of
the book is completely, check this out! Completely empty! But it’s just so when you’re making a
book you can test out the design of the cover and weight and feel of the book. So I’m gonna set this off to the side and
give you a little sneak peak in just a minute, but before we get to that I
wanted to update you about the book tour! I’m so excited! We just finalized
all the stops and the information, the whole schedule is on Go check it out there and see if we are gonna
be stopping anywhere near you. We are gonna be going to over 30 locations,
all throughout the country, I hope you guys can come and hang out! Now for my all new announcement, I’m gonna
be on TV! I just filmed an hour long Halloween special
with The Cooking Channel, so you can tune in Sunday October 25th, at
5PM, that’s for pacific time. If you’re on the east coast, 8 PM. You guys
know, I love Halloween, it’s gonna be so much fun. I’m gonna be baking with
my dad, my sister Mo, and a bunch of my friends are there. Like Jake! From VSauce3!
He’s gonna be helping me bake, I am so excited, I’ve never done a TV special
before, so I hope you guys love it and tune in! I’ll be posting
information down below and on all my social medias if you want to check
it out! Hope you can tune into the cooking channel
on Sunday October 25th, we’re gonna be having an early halloween party and I just
realized this as we’re talking, it airs right before The Walking Dead. So you can come learn how to make some creepy
treats with me, and then snack on them while you’re watching Walking
Dead! I think that’s what I’ll be doing! Last update, I told you guys a little bit
ago that I was gonna be in the music video ‘Dessert’ by my very talented friend
Dawin, and I just found out that it’s coming out this Monday, October 19th! I’ll
be posting it on all my social media, keep you guys in the loop. It was just
such a fun music video. And the video’s theme is dessert, so you
know that I’m gonna love on it! Down below I’ll put a link to Dawin’s
Channel, so as soon as the song comes out you guys will be the first to know. Don’t
forget to leave a comment in the comment of the music video so that I know
you guys saw it. I’m so excited about this because I’ve
never been in a music video quite like this before and it was just so much fun! And now! Without further ado! I’m gonna give you a sneak peak of the Nerdy
Nummies Cookbook. I wanted to share some of the special little
tidbits and stories about the book. For example, this cover photo was taken in
my actual kitchen where we film Nerdy Nummies, it was not green screened or
on a set. I really wanted Nerdy Nummies Cookbook to
embody the show, so, everything was done right here in my house. This is my rolling pin, this is my real rolling
pin that I use, this is my cookie cutter that, that’s mine, that’s
not a prop. Even this little shirt my sister got me this
shirt. And my mom, fun fact, my mom made this apron, she sewed this from
scratch. All of the food photos were shot in my house.
And we baked them in the kitchen. We were our own food testers, and our own
food stylists. I have really funny behind the scenes photos
of us in the living room, setting up each shot in the book, it’s so funny! We got Schmidt, we got Mr. Husky, and me trying
to food style, uh, this was my first time food styling, so it
was very interesting but it was a lot of fun, so many good memories. Now let’s
open it up, waaaaaaaaahhhh! Oh I’m so excited! Look at these! I really
wanted pattern little icons representing the different themed chapters, and that is
exactly what I’m looking at. I love it! Oh! You guys, this is the title
page! Ah! And on the first page right when I open this
up, right here is my dedication. I dedicated it to all of my viewers because
without you guys, none of this would have been possible! You guys made this
happen, it’s so special! So I put it right there, front and center!
Bakers gonna bake! The book is divided into different themed
chapters, all things that were considered geeky when I was growing up. We
have Math and Science, Space, Fantasy and Sci-Fi, Gaming, Tech and Web,
and, basically, miscellaneous Geeky Treats, like The Smart Cookie, he’s
in there. Oh you guys! And then, in the introduction
there is an about Nerdy Nummies page, and right here, this is the Nerdy Nummies
team, there’s me, Molly, my Mom, Matt our editor, Schmidt our DP, Greg, Geoff,
Mr. Husky, my Dad, oh look, and there’s Cookie and Henny! And some of my favorite moments from the show,
this was so cute. This was when my dad came to bake with me.
Neil DeGrasse Tyson, my favorite astrophysicist in the entire world! Oooh! You guys, I don’t think I mentioned
this before, but the Nerdy Nummies Cookbook is a smart book! And what this means
is there are barcodes throughout the book whenever I’m using a
cookie cutter or a template, I’ve pre-made the template for you guys
so that if you don’t have that specific shape, you just scan it with your
phone, dewp! And then you can print out the templates for
free. In the beginning of the book there are a bunch
of basic, Nerdy Nummies original recipes, and then throughout the book we incorporate
those, and we teach you how to decorate. You guys guys ready for the first chapter?
Oh my gosh you guys, look at that! Chapter one, Math & Science! This outfit was
actually inspired by Bill Nye! And then here are each of the recipes and their
page numbers so you can go exactly to which recipe you want, or you can
flip through. Oooh! The very first recipe in the book is
Apple Pi Pie! I’m kind of a math geek, and then for each
of the recipes they have a little blurb in the beginning, and then the things you’ll
need, a Ro tip, the instructions, and the decoration instructions, they’re
all divided. And for each recipe, like I said before, there
is a 6 picture step-by-step photo guide, so that you can actually see
the dessert coming together. I don’t know about you guys but I am a very
visual learner, and I really wanted it to feel like Nerdy Nummies the show,
and it’s so visual on the show, so. I wanted to make sure you could see the process
of how you got a really cool final product. And you guys know this one!
Chemistry Lab Cake! Even classic recipes that we’ve done before
on Nerdy Nummies, I revamped them! Because, you live and you learn, you learn
new tricks and tips that make things easier, so that’s what I did here. So those are some classic recipes from the
show, I put some of my favorite in the book. But 2/3rds of these in this book are brand
new, never been done before Nerdy Nummies recipes! Like this one, little
Atoms Cookies. I’m gonna read you the little blurb, because
some of the blurbs have some info in them that I’ve never shared with anyone
before, so I thought it was pretty special. Atoms are the building blocks of every type
of matter in the universe, even you! My grandfather was a nuclear physicist, and
my uncle followed in his footsteps. And my dad’s old high school even had an
atom in it’s emblem. I guess you could say we have an atomic bond! I decorated my atom cookies green, blue, and
purple, but you can make your atom cookies any color you’d like. Just
remember, never trust an Atom! They make up everything! Wah-wah-wah-wah-wah-wah-wah! So it’s kinda corny, just like me. Skipping ahead, this is one of my favorites,
it’s from the space chapter. It is Star Constellation Cookies! They are
these yummy homemade Lemon Sugar Cookies, and we cut them to look
like little stars. And you can arrange them to look like any
star constellation that you’d like! And I added an extra graphic of some different
star constellations, so if you didn’t want to look one up on your phone,
it’s right there as you’re working through the book! Ooooh! Another one that I really love is from
the Tech and Web chapter. And that is called the Motherboard Cake! We make a cake and we decorate it with different
candies to look like a motherboard. And to be helpful, I added
this graphic, some motherboard cake basics, and it labels all of the different
parts of a motherboard. So, not only is it yummy, but, educational! I thought that that would be pretty neat! Oh you guys! And in the Geeky Treats, we’ve
got, the Smart Cookie! He has been re-mastered and I developed the
most delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe that I’ve ever eaten, it is so good! This Smart Cookie is new and improved! He’s more like a genius cookie now! Alright, I don’t have time to show you guys
the whole book, but I hope you enjoyed the sneak peak, and if you’d
like to order a copy of the Nerdy Nummies Cookbook, you can go to and order there! Alright, that’s it for all of my updates,
I am so excited to go on tour and I hope to see you guys at one of
the stops. Or at a couple of the stops, you can come to a
couple and hang out if you wanted. Also, let me know if you would like
to see a Bus Tour Video, I’ve never gone on tour and I don’t know
how to make one, but, maybe that’d be cool, I don’t, I don’t
know! OK, thanks again you guys! Bye-bye!

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