REAL Thailand Vlog 3.I Try Cooking Hot Thai Street Food/Thai style egg + North Thailand Market Tour

gutting the fish here okay instead of buying curries today or
buying street food we’re going to make a classic Thai Street food dish called pak kapow moo and the moo is the pork and the pak kapow is the basil but as
we were in Thailand it wouldn’t be the same without plenty of chilies and
garlic so we’re heading off to the morning market to pick up the
ingredients have a look around see what we can find and yeah you can come along
with me so remember don’t forget to subscribe comment and like whatever you
want to do and I’ll see you in a bit duck eggs curries but what we’re looking
for is a bit further up the market we’re looking for the ingredients for our pak
Kapow it’s a bit dark here as well so we’ll head further down here we go this is what I like all these
chilies I think these are the dried chilies yeah
beautiful looking pumpkins there onions chilies garlic cherry tomatoes
it’s just chilies everywhere I’m gonna have to pick up some chilies and some
garlic actually but we’re just having a little look first this seems to be the
fish fish area good morning how are you ? so they are gutting the fish here so yeah, a lot of workers from neighboring countries like Burma
Cambodia right so it’s getting a little bit busier now and people picking up
their things for their lunch and their dinner
let’s have a little look down here so we’re looking for the kapow which is the
main herb that we’re going to put in our pak kapow moo and I can see no that’s
is it no not the pak kapow is it? no not pak kapow plenty of pork Thai desserts all right let’s see what we got here so
we’re gonna get our kapow we’ll look for a nice fresh one here we go
this mustn’t be confused with the Thai basil which is the holapa which is this
one which you find in green curries so we will take this one this looks rather
good okay so we got
our kapow now we’re looking for some chilies and some garlic and I’m gonna
put long green beans in my one which is a variation on the classic pak kapow
moo but you can basically put anything in it you want as long as you’ve got the
base ingredients all right all sorts of things here along with the food you can
get some lipstick trinkets and we can get a pair of pants Wow okay what
are we looking for we need some Chili’s Chili’s this have a look
or thankyou
so we’ve got our Chili’s all right I’m gonna pick up some fruit while I’m here
as well we got some long gongs here which are the beautiful Thai fruit
really sweet and I’m really looking for these boys over here these are dragon fruit
and they are absolutely fantastic okay okay they’re not the
best looking these are great they’re great
for your tummy a little bit like papaya and and probably my
favorite fruit in Thailand only comes out this time of year so anyway not to
worry it would be mango season soon so love the snacks here these are actually
banana chips they they look like normal crisps but they actually fry the
bananas and they taste lovely these this is why I’m putting on weight these are
lovely these are little Thai desserts the guy making them over there all right
so with this dish you can use either either pork or chicken I’ll be using
chicken which I’ve got at home so I’m just buying me the base ingredients now
I need long green beans and some garlic I can spot some rather looking nice long
green beans here all right So as I say you can put these in if you want okay so yeah I put these in 10 baht oh!
right I am a chili addict let me have a look 10 baht I mean you can’t say no
can you 10 baht that’s what 30 cents okay okay and
that’s what you call an upsell I like that okay so that’s the beans and I’ve got some extra
chilies just in case okay so this looks to be the local fish mongers and that’s
what I call fresh Wow look at these bad boys it’s me I’m not a fan of
fish but if you are I think this would be the place to come we’ve got huge shrimps here
right yeah I’m not a fan of fish really so we’ll carry on down here and I need
some garlic so this shop is amazing this has all the different curry pastes the
Penang curry pastes your green curry all the Thai curries you can think of your
pastes are here I might get a green curry one because I might need one later this
one looks like the green curry alright that’s nothing to do with today’s video but I just while
I’m here I’m gonna pick up some green curry paste
alright we still haven’t got our garlic yet
so usually it’s garlic everywhere but when you need to run this a bit like a
bus you need one they never come along hopefully there’s some garlic down here
so as I say there’s a lot of Burmese that work here we’re very near the Thai
Burmese border it’s only about 70 80 kilometers west from here so a lot of
the workers here speak Burmese I can hear it I don’t understand it right I can see some over there hello hello
hello I can see some here this is what we’re looking for right I’m buying the big garlic a lot of the Thais use the small garlic
and it is actually stronger and more tasty but I just find it easier to peel
and chop okay right that’s all our ingredients
and we’re gonna head back home well it’s not Cooking Channel really but I thought
I’d show you what you can buy here from the market and cook up or rustle up a
home and to be honest you could probably do this back in in the US or Europe
wherever you’re from I’ve seen the basil in Waitrose in the
UK Sainsbury’s and then all you need is like a fish sauce and oyster sauce some
chilies which are pretty easy to get some garlic and you’re pretty much good
to go so we’re gonna head back home and I will see you in a bit okay so I’m
gonna pick up my chicken from here it’s the chicken in the market is okay but this
is just a bit more hygienic and it works out about
about $2 a kilo and yeah it’s vacuum packed and there aren’t
any flies flying about on it see I just think it’s the
safer option to do this way that’s just over $2 Thank You cap okay so that’s everything
got everything bought so let’s head back and have a munch
okay so we’re home now and we’ve got all the ingredients so we’ve got the green
beans the Kapow all different sorts of chilies
here these are the ones I got from the market I’ve got some medium-sized ones
as well the small ones are ridiculously hot the bigger ones
unbelievably are the least hot and powerful but they add a different flavor
and these were the ones I was up sold yeah I got a chicken breast we’ve got an
onion plenty of garlic it’s good for the blood flow and plenty of other things
we have got oyster sauce fish sauce soy sauce and I’ll be adding a little bit of
sugar so all these you should be able to get in your supermarkets back home you
can use a mortar and pestle to pound the chilies and garlic or you can just chop
them up I tend to chop them up myself so yeah I’ll get these prepared and we’ll
see you in a bit right so we’re all ready to go we’ve got the pounded chili
and garlic which is again pretty fiery fantastic we got some minced chicken
lightly seasoned with soy sauce because some onion remember this is just
optional I just love the flavor of onion as is putting the extra chili and the
green beans the base ingredients are basically the kapow of the chicken or
the pork the sauces obviously and the chili and
garlic right bear in mind this isn’t a cooking channel so I’m not going to give
you all the amounts like all master chefs we just judge things as we go so
let’s start with a smoking hot wok put in some oil okay it’s nice and smoky wait until it smokes turn the heat down a little bit don’t want the garlic to burn add onions give that a good stir I’m choking on the chilis It’s flavouring the oil basically and as I say
you don’t need to put the onions in I like to use onions because when they cook down they give a really nice sweet flavor and if you were to cook this
authentically there would be a lot quicker than this you would literally
just pop the chilies and garlic in and then pretty much chuck everything else
in so I’m gonna let that cook a little bit and let the flavors blend into the
oil all right that smells wonderful and my eyes are streaming just cooking this
all right chicken mix it all up okay so all the flavors from the onion
and the chili blending with the chicken nicely okay
once the chicken is nicely cooked add your green beans if you want I’m adding
some more chili because I’m a pretty Nutter you can add a
little bit of water if you want at this process but we’re going to be adding the
sauces soon so let that just cook a little bit there is juice from the chicken
anyway so let that cook down a little bit and as I say like all master chefs we
know exactly how much to put in I basically put four blobs of oyster sauce fish sauce now with fish sauce you can
just add it sparingly and test but I sort of know just a splash will do if you need to add more you can afterwards and just a little bit soy sauce all right let all of
those flavors come together and smells fantastic all those flavors are bubbling nicely
and I’ll just add a teaspoon of sugar mix it all up right then finally we just throw in the
kapow which is rough very roughly ripped off the bunch we bought
I tried to break the leaves so that the flavor goes into the fuses with the rest
of the ingredients and basically in a nutshell there it is
smells fantastic so I’ve never done this before so I’m
gonna give it a go and we’re gonna try to make a real authentic Thai fried egg
right so this here goes the first attempt so the wok is smoking hot
I don’t know how much oil I was supposed to put in really it seems quite a lot
that’s probably the reason why I’m getting fat eating all the street food
right I’m gonna wait for that to bubble a bit that must be enough
alright that’s bubbling but I think it needs to be really bubbling so we will
just wait a little bit that’s pretty angry put some oil on the top of it I don’t want to burn the bottom maybe the oil was a little bit too hot that’s not looking too bad if I can get it off the bottom well not too bad as you can see is nice
and crispy on the bottom on the sides yeah Thai style fried egg okay so there we go
very easy to make this one is very hot because I like chilis but you can use
one or two chilies to your taste you can add less fish sauce if you want it less
salty and I’m very proud of my egg actually any Thais watching hopefully
when I break it it’ll be yolk inside but it’s been sitting about for about 15
minutes because I was cooking some rice but yeah very proud of my egg so yeah
as I say you guys can cook this at home you can add other vegetables to it
I’ve had it carrot to it before so yeah I hope you enjoyed it and I’m gonna give
it a taste test alright so before the taste test I know in Thailand how they
judge a great fried egg it’s one the crispiness which I’ve got and – when
you crack it there should be yolk I do believe
it is yokie not hugely it was sitting around for a while but yeah maybe
slightly overcooked but not bad for a first attempt anyway let’s see how it
tastes right pretty good if I may say so myself pretty fiery but just the way I like it’s the garlic the chili and the onion which I added which really creates the base of the flavor and yeah I eat this regularly
it’s fantastic it’s healthy easily done at home I’ve done it in the UK and I
hope you enjoyed it today we’ve got plenty more coming so don’t forget to subscribe
and yeah we’ll see you in the next video

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  1. Welcome to the 3rd Real Thailand vlog. Remember you can try this dish yourself with variations to cater for your taste. Enjoy. Time stamp below.
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