Recreating a Classic School Sausage Pizza Recipe | The OG Rectangle Sheet Pan Lunchroom Pizza

(bell ringing) – I hear the lunch bell
ringing, and pizza is served. That’s right, I’ve got the
recipe for school pizza. That’s the title and it comes from an official website called My friend posted this recipe
and I immediately knew I had to try it for y’all, because we all want a
taste of the old classic. I think kids today don’t know
about this little treasure, so, let’s recreate it. But first, I gotta take these
off, I really can’t see you. I’m gonna start with the crust and I’m already blown
away by the sheer fact that this didn’t come
straight from a freezer. The recipe is making the crust
straight up from scratch. The secret, shocking
ingredient, powdered milk, goes into the flour and then sugar. It always had that little
sweetness in the crust. Salt and yeast, this is
the fast instant yeast. All right, so you whisk all that together. It’s easier than making a bread dough. Then I’m gonna add oil to warm water, 110 to 115 degrees, stir that together, and then this goes in here. Stir with a wooden spoon
until a batter forms. Don’t be trying to use a metal spoon here, it says wooden. It says don’t worry about lumps, you just want no dry spots. So I’m guessing you
don’t wanna over mix it. This looks like a really wet dough. You probably don’t have a pan this size because it probably wouldn’t
fit in your oven anyway. The recipe’s actually
written for a smaller pan, but we gotta keep it authentic here. So it says spray the pan with Pam spray and then put parchment on it. This pan looks like it’s been around since I had school pizza. I swear, I don’t think I ever had this kind of school pizza though. I mean, I had it before but I don’t think my school served it. I should probably follow the recipe but I just feel like
it’s a little too wet, so I’m gonna just add a little more flour. Here we go, I’m just gonna trust it. Okay, so were gonna spread this to all edges of the pan. See, school pizza tasted so good ’cause there was all this love
behind these homemade items. It’s not like just pulling things straight from the freezer. Could feel the TLC. All right, I’m gonna put this in the oven, 475 degrees for eight to 10 minutes, we’ll see what happens. Now, time to make the sauce. Y’all, the instructions
here just say nothing. It just lists the ingredients, so that’s all I have to go on. Couple cans of tomato
paste, because cheap. I would say this whole recipe, even doubled, costs $3, $4. Garlic. I like that the
ingredients that are there, I mean, pretty fresh. It’s not like again, a packet or anything. Water, olive oil, salt and pepper, oregano, basil, and dried rosemary. I can’t stand dried rosemary, but I’m gonna trust the lunch lady. Now it’s starting to look
more like pizza sauce. (lips smacking) I don’t know, this is all just
gonna have to come together. I’m glad it’s not sweet
though, I will say that. Okay, and then the toppings. The only topping on here is ground chuck. So it’s just browned hamburger meat. I guess that’s what it was and we probably thought it was sausage. Okay, just gonna go right in. All right, it says brown the meat, it doesn’t say to season
it with salt and pepper but I’m sure you do. See, this is back in the day when they could just have a
little freedom in the kitchen and kids would eat it
because it tastes good, it tasted like mama’s home cookin’. Now we’re not allowed to add
salt and fat to anything. So my kids want me to make
their lunch every day, they don’t even like the school pizza. A little salt never
hurt nobody, or did it? Okay, I guess I should of
had a little more faith because it looks like pizza crust. But since I made it from scratch is it called processed still? I mean, so this is probably
less processed food back then than we have now. All right, I would say my
meat is browned and crumbled. Drain it. And it’s about time to assemble. Now, this is not a lot of meat, it’s not even a pound of ground meat. So you’re talking about
$2 to $3 worth of meat, about a dollar or so worth of sauce and a dollar or so worth of crust. To feed like, 15 kids. And that’s how it’s done. These lunch ladies know
what they’re doing. All right, let’s talk cheese. I’ve got a shredded mozzarella that you get from the dairy section. The recipe says to be really
authentic school pizza I’ll need to use imitation mozzarella. Can’t do it, I don’t even know
if they make that anymore. On goes the sauce, I
don’t know if I’m gonna use this whole thing. I didn’t even read the directions, I hope I did that right. Sauce, spread all over the crust. Then sprinkle the meats, the meats! If only we could be playing
the “Sloppy Joe” song, we’d be a complete lunch lady experience. All right, sprinkle the cheese! Imitation cheese would cost a lot less, so I’m kinda gonna have to go
back on what I said earlier about how much this whole pizza costs, ’cause we’re using about $6
worth of cheese at least. Still would even out to cost about, probably less than a dollar a slice. It’s lookin’ pretty good! I probably should have trusted the crust and spread it evenly to the edges. Here goes nothin’! Going back in at 475 for
another eight to 10 minutes. That looks like school pizza. All right, here we go. I feel like I’m a doctor, only better. The pizza is supposed to stand for at least five
minutes before we cut it. So as of right now, I
think it looks great. However, I’m still skeptical on the crust. Even though it was kinda firm
before I put the sauce on, once I put that sauce
on it made the crust, you know, gave it a little more moisture. I’m gonna go three by five. How did I do? I mean, it looks like school pizza. I mean, it was kind of flimsy
so maybe this is right. You know, a chef has to
taste their food first, before they serve it to their customers. The flavor is pretty close. I mean, this is a great, affordable way to feed kids at a party. I mean, I might just work
on that crust a little bit. But this is pretty much exactly what was served in the cafeteria. I think we nailed it. But to be perfectly certain, I’m gonna serve this up just
like a lunch lady would. Hey baby, you hungry? – [Customer] Yeah! – All right, I hope you enjoy! Come get my good pizza, oh yeah! Did Mama not feed you today? – [Customer] No ma’am!. – You can come back for
another one, I’ll be here. Enjoy! – Thank you!
– I made this one special. You hungry? – [Customer] (laughing) No! – Eat it anyway, you need your nutrition. Next!

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