Hello everyone welcome to my virgin kitchen
I am in my in laws house which is very strange indeed thats all im going to say its abit
weird and theres a lovely picture of our wedding a little montage to the side of me. Your not
on your own though I am here. Yeah Mrs Barry is here I havent broken in yeah we are just
doing our voice overs cos the house is quite noisy. Today this is a red velvet French toast
absolutely gorgeous its got a lovely vanilla bean cream cheese filling and its red so thats
romantic isnt it. Erh we are doing some valentines recipes we just did the hidden heart cupcakes
the other day and heres another one for you to be inspired by and complete your valentines
day. If you want to know how to do it all the recipe ingredients method all that bits
and bobs are on and this is how we did it. Of course you could make
this French toast which Mrs Barry refers to as eggy bread which is quite the British term
for it right you could make this without the gorgeous cream cheese filing which turns that
flavour up to 11 you are gonna love it. In a mixing bowl with some cream cheese in there
just simply add in some sugar and a little bit of vanilla extract just give it a tini
bit of vanilla spank there and it really does taste it right at the end. Give it a good
old beat together make sure that sugar is fully dissolved in there and for the time
being just sit it in the fridge it will just firm it up. Next we are going to make our
randomly very red ergh coating for the bread so in to a bowl combine together two eggs
so crack them in there I did crack a little bit of shell in there I should definitely
use some of my gadgets one of these days. Then pour in your buttermilk add a little
bit of sugar then drop in some more vanilla proper vanilla vibe going through this recipe
and then some cocoa powder. Now beat that together its going to be a bit powdery at
first we really want to whisk it up as well as you can just to make sure all of that cocoa
powder is dissolved through you dont want it being all clumpy alright its really really
important. And I know what your thinking you are looking at that thinking thats quite brown
how are we going to make that rouge my friends. We are going to add some food colouring you
are going to need quite a bit but it is up to you could do the shade of red 50 shades
of red no uh that you want to do ok so add as much food colouring I used actually a whole
little tiny gel tube to get the right vibrant colour in there and with that done its ready
for cooking. So first I wanted to try it in a frying pan where you dunk your bread in
and I didnt lubricate the pan I got it warm I thought oh we are just going to flash fry
this and see if it works dont do that ok because it leaves a bit of a bready residue in your
pan. So what you do want to do is get your frying pan and a little bit of spray oil or
butter if your feeling a little bit cheeky. Just melt that in there then shove in your
dumped bread and maybe about two and half minutes on medium heat is all it needs just
to initially char it and flip it over repeat both sides. Now its completely optional if
you do completely char it up um you can just cover it with icing sugar anyways you know
most eggy bread is quite charred anyway. But as you see when I rested it down it did make
quite a difference in deed. So all that�s left to do now s grab our chilled cream cheese
filling from the fridge and wedge it between two slices of bread you can just have it like
that as it is it will be gorgeous but no we finish it off with some chocolate sauce another
dollop of cream cheese on top and of course the token sprinkling of icing sugar all over.
And then we are sliced into triangles it looks absolutely gorgeous to as it was like a valentines
day treat I did give Mrs Barry the treat of eating it and I think you enjoyed it right
I did it was delicious hopefully the face on the camera right now shows that I did have
a nibble too. Absolutely gorgeous I tell you I mean you can really taste the cocoa powder
the smell when you cook it and there is that vanilla vibe going through it um maybe serve
it with some fruit if you want to zing it up a tini bit more but trust me it�s a nice
little valentines day treat. So that�s it folks nice easy recipe dont forget to check
out Mrs Barrys hidden cupcake recipe with hearts in there and theres loads more valentines
day inspiration over on so dont forget to subscribe for regularly
videos follow us on social media for behind the scenes bits and bobs and we will see you
again next time.


  1. Loved this! Give it a go 🙂
    ► full recipe steps

    ► More valentines day inspiration

  2. Are you guys doing anything savory for valentines day this year? I am great at making sweets but could use some help on the savoury ^-^"

  3. Here is something you could try. Make the bread dip out of pancake batter, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Just sprinkle in as much cinnamon and nutmeg as you want. Remember, always use more cinnamon than nutmeg. Then dip the bread and fry. Its way better than the egg mixture.

  4. Those are big slices of bread! This is so up my alley, I love red velvet!! I think I would still just do the bread and hit it with some maple syrup; skip the filling but I don't like things too complicated, haha.

  5. If you're using a ton of red food dye you're going to change the consistency of the egg wash. You might want to look into the paste dyes that are used for cake decorating, a very little goes a long way and won't thin your wash. You can also get no taste red so you won't get that chemical tang.

  6. I'm really weary of eating so much food dye. Since it adds no taste, why ingest a whole bottle of something that may or may not be good for you?! I try to avoid it.

  7. I don't think eggy bread is the same as French toast. French toast is when you slice horizontally through the bread slice to make it really thin and it is toasted so it curls up at the edges.

  8. I dont know about anyone else, but I think it would be cool to have a behind the scenes of how you film the voice over. Do you watch the video while you record yourself or do you just say it and then cut your voice in over the video. I have always wondered how it was done.

  9. Never would've thought to put cocoa powder in the egg when making french toast … hmmmm 🙂 sounds delicious.

    So it's settled, I am gonna use my old bread to make some french toast. 'Cept I'm probably gonna make mine savory, so no cocoa powder this time, but I'll have to remember that cheeky trick for another time.

  10. I love red velvet stuff so much, but here in Brazil is so hard to find desserts like this, and sometimes people use white chocolate instead cream cheese and it makes me very disapointed… thank you for this recipe!

  11. As a bonus, instead of using coco powder, use red velvet cappuccino mix! It tastes just a little bit better if you're like me and you have a sweets problem XD

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