RIBS & BURGERS – Australian Restaurant Chain – Melbourne Food Tour

G’Day! it’s JD here and today we’re gonna
try some ribs and burgers let’s go check it out. Today we’ll be trying some
eight hour slow cook juicy beef ribs and an Angus beef double cheeseburger.
Wow! In this episode we’re filming from Ribs
& Burgers, an Australian restaurant chain started in 2011. Link to the
locations will be in the descriptions below. Look they’ve got all kinds of ribs
have got pork ribs lamb ribs beef ribs they’ve got salmon they’ve got chicken,
wrap got all kinds of Salads. Their burgers are made with Angus and
Wagyu beef, they’ve got chicken burger as well.
They’ve got veggie burger. Wagyu beef burger.They’re having a special
today for their birthday $7.00 double cheeseburger, Angus beef patties. We’re
gonna order now. They’ve given us a bucket with our cutlery and the table
number, cool. All right that looks like our burger patties and ribs are on the grill
right now, they’re smoking on the grill. All right the cooks baste it in some
kind of sauce he’s basting the burger, he’s flipping
over the ribs, I’m guessing the ribs have been precooked and they’re just heating
it on the grill. The history of Ribs & Burgers is a chain started in
Australia in 2011 and currently they have over 20 outlets in Australia, an
outlet in the UK and an outlet in South Africa as well. Their concept is serving
fresh local ingredients in a boutique kind of way so they focus on obviously B
and ribs and they try to make it the best they can. we’ve got beef ribs
here we chips too, Wow look at that and we’ve got our double cheeseburger Angus
beef cheeseburger Wow oh wow! look this is a three bone rack of
ribs beef, ribs looks so juic, that’s awesome! they’ve
baste it with some sauce, Wow! look how juicy the beef ribs are, and this is
falling apart. These beef ribs have been slow-cooked for eight hours.
well this place is called Ribs & Burgers so they better have good ribs
here, let’s try some. I’m gonna cut a little piece of the ribs oh look how
juicy it is, Wow! it just falls off falls off the bone
almost, so nice and juicy, oh look at that, clean off the bone. Wow! look at that! you
can tell just by looking at it that this rib is gonna be juicy. look at that, look
at the meat look at that Wow! Well it’s cooked for eight hours let’s
see this all worth it. oh that look at that rib, oh wow! so
tender my mouth is watering looking at this rib, my heart’s pounding Mmmm. my goodness that rib just melted in my
mouth and the outside was nice and charred but it beef was so tender and
juicy it’s melted in my mouth that was awesome this is really good as
well oh my goodness, Aussie beef cooked well
they’ve really lived up to their reputation, Ribs & Burger, they’ve cooked
their ribs really really well, perfectly! mmm Ribs heaven there.
so succulent this is an Angus beef double cheeseburger. Oh check it out look
at that have a look it’s double Angus beef, look at the cheese is melted
there those cheese underneath. Wow this burger is so juicy, it’s cooked perfectly
look, check it out it cooked perfectly it’s perfectly medium it’s not
overcooked and dry it’s so juicy look I’m gonna squeeze it a bit look at all
the glistening juice, look at the juice Wow look at that look at all the juice. the juicy Angus beef,
the pickles, the cheese, they use of American cheese here it’s really tasty.
The cross-section in this burger look at that look at the amount of beef in
there. Wow! look at that beef is so juicy look at it, it’s gonna
be a real punch of beef in there. This is a real beef burger cooked perfectly. Wow there was an awesome meal, Ribs &
Burgers really delivered on their ribs and burger today. So what’s your favorite
type of ribs? how’d you like to cook? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t
forget to hit the like button if you enjoyed this video and please subscribe
to this channel for more awesome food videos, JD out! wow this is an angle the kids have been so patient waiting to eat the burger, the food get some burger how is it?

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