Hi! Welcome to Sandy’s Kitchen! New Food for A New Mood! First question, are you a meat eater? Second, do you think cooking is kind of troublesome? If your answers are both yes, congratulations, today you will learn a lazyyyy way to make pork ribs with our… rice cooker!! As you can see here, my rice cooker is the simplest one, it only has few cooking options like white rice, brown rice, steam and keep warm. And it only cost about 30 bucks. So I wanna say basically you can use any rice cooker to make this dish. Due to my rice cooker being kind of small which is about 8 cups in size, I only prepared one and half lbs of pork ribs for 2 servings. First, put all pork ribs into boiling water and add 2 pieces of ginger. Bring it to boil and skim scum off. The whole process is about 5 minutes, then you can take the ribs out. I’ve plugged in the rice cooker and set it to white rice mode. I added 1 tablespoon of oil to cover the bottom, if your rice cooker is bigger than mine, you should add more oil. And add our ribs, Let it cook about 10 minutes When we’re waiting for it, we can prepare the sauce. Give it a good mix Now, 10 minutes is up. I like to make ribs with potatoes. So here I have one chopped potato. Add them to the rice cooker. If you’re a spicy food lover like me, add about 6 pieces of dried chili pepper or fresh pepper. Then, let’s pour all the sauce that we mixed earlier into the bowl and close the lid. When I cooked about 10 minutes, the potato wasn’t soft yet. So I cooked another 5 minutes. Totally is about 15 minutes. So during those 15 minutes, you can go to watch a quick show have a cup of coffee or just sit on the couch to relax. This is the point about this dish, BE LAZY! Now time is up, let’s check it out! OMG, look at it and listen! I wish you can smell it through your screen, because it’s heavenly good. After tasting it, I decided to add more salt. Next, Move to a serving plate sprinkle some scallions as garnish Jiang! It’s Done! Look at this The ribs are very tender and tasty. Look at these potatoes, The potatoes are melting in my mouth. Hope you like this dish! If you like this video, please give me a thumbs up! Or if you’d like to get notification of my next video, please subscribe! Here! I’ll see you in the next one, bye bye!

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