100 thoughts on “Rick Makes Tacos Placeros | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

  1. Rick's feature 'Taco Nation' is in the March issue of the magazine. Sign up today to save $5 off a one year subscription to Bon Appétit and get a free reusable canvas tote while you're at it! bit.ly/37uA8mw

  2. I finally signed up for bon appetit issues and I’ve never been happier than when I found out what my first issue would be.

  3. Rick, we need you (and all of BA Test Kitchen) to guide us through 2020. I can't imagine a better lane to grab hold of than the taco lane. We need it, bud; our whole civilization needs it. Guide us to the ever beneficent light of tacos!

  4. I very deeply relate to Rick's level of Spanish fluency…just enough to get by, but we've also been around non-Spanish-speakers for too long

  5. Were those tortillas de maiz o de harina??? I'm stunned as well how they held everything! Tortillas de harina aren't that strong unless you doubled down on that?

  6. BA saw with Parasite winning best picture that norte-americanos can read subtitles so they release an entire video in español

  7. I don't know why I was so very disappointed when I realized that he was wearing a blanket, not a poncho…on a side note, I love the apron that the chef is wearing. XD

  8. Those look like awesome Chile rellenos. One of my favorites.

    Edit : Rick, when adding the egg yolks I thought they were supposed to be folded gently ? Or at least that is what I was told when I was shown how to make them.

  9. If that’s a taco then I’m not Mexican maybe I’m Russian sorry but that’s in nooooo way tradicional I lived 10 years in Puebla and never even saw anything close to this

  10. Thank you Rick for making this video I can watch this with my mom and she'll be able to understand parts of it. She doesn't speak English but she enjoys watching bon appetit with me even tho she doesn't understand what anyone is saying.

  11. Yay my Mexican family fix on Valentine’s Day. Woot woot oh crap I’m dying for some chili rellenos, oh my gosh the ONLY thing I miss about Cali the Mexican food and my Mexican family and friends longanisa the only good chorizo

  12. All these years I ask why are tacos so small. Now I find out we have botched americanized tacos. I still love them but, I still feel lied to.

  13. I'm so surprised that I understood most of the Spanish in this video! Guess four years of high school Spanish a million years ago really stuck with me.

  14. Chili Relleños is my favorite thing. One of my favorite foods on Earth. Thowing one of those in a Tack Placero is amazing!

    Also, ^that is what I order in a new Mexican place. In a Chinese place, it's the Hot and Sour Soup. So, how good is the food here? That's how I find out.

  15. THIS is the content America needs right now. 
    Way to go, BA, and all hail Rick, el rey de los tacos y el azúcar!!! May he reign forever.

  16. I know were cracking on the taco literacy professor, but it’s not that different than a sociologist or historian. Food is history, culture, science, even religion all wrapped up into a…burrito.

  17. 6:04 Lupe wanted to yell at him for slapping the tortilla down but laughed instead! I’ve heard (I’m not Mexican so I can’t say for sure) that tortillas should be placed gently on the plancha or else face the wrath of your abuela!

  18. This is really awesome. I've had authentic tacos before but it's amazing to think you know about something and then see it in a completely different format.

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