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(speaks Russian) I’m not even able to talk English and I start talking Russian! So, today I am going to make a very vegetarian dish. We will cook the vegetables in the proper way in the oven, then I will glaze them with a nice Greek glaze, based on yogurt, and at the end you will have the best roast vegetables you ever tried! And let’s start! First, we have…you know…we have to preheat the pan, high heat, non-stick pan. On heat and let it get extremely hot. And now, it’s time to start cutting our veggies. I have plenty of veggies here, so I need an eggplant. And cut the eggplant into small cubes. I have a nice bowl here and all the veggies will get in. Second, the zucchini. You need two small zucchinis or one large one. Also cut in small pieces. One potato, skin on… inside the bowl. One onion, thinly slice… inside the bowl. And now, I need peppers. Two “carota”. “Carota” is the Greek word for carrots. And again, cut the “carota” into small pieces. And in this way, we will have different textures to our food. Just cut them… and the veggies go in. Thinly slice three cloves of garlic… and inside the bowl. Now, the only thing we will not put inside the bowl is the tomato because we don’t want a lot of moisture. We need a lot of herbs. I have some rosemary here, I have some oregano… in Greece, we love oregano. Some thyme… and of course, some basil. Put all the herbs in. Of course, some extra virgin Greek olive oil, add at least 5-6 tablespoons. Salt and pepper. We need to spice up our veggies a little bit… and now, it’s time for mixing. And I think my pan is extremely hot by now and please, do not add all the veggies in this pan. You have to put in batches, so at least four batches to give a nice caramelization. We need only one to two minutes in the pan, so let them cook correctly. As you can see, the first batch is ready so I will put in a roasting dish and I will carry on with the rest. And the last batch of vegetables… this is the secret of all recipes, vegetables. All these flavors combined to perfection and I will add now the tomato… inside the bowl. The zest and the juice of one lemon. The last ingredient, the honey. We need to give a nice glaze in the oven. We don’t need a lot of honey, just a bit, but it is very very important. Mix everything together… and it’s time to roast them. My oven is preheated to 180 degrees Celsius set to fan and I will cook them for about 40-45 minutes, until it is ready. It’s almost been forty minutes so my veggies are almost ready and I will prepare my glaze. I need one, two, three, four, five ingredients. Yogurt, parmesan, lemon, one egg, and some pepper. I will add the parmesan to give an Italian touch to my recipe. The zest of one lemon… one tablespoon of lemon juice, one egg… and a lot of pepper. This is an extremely easy recipe, you just mix everything together. Yogurt does all the job here and when this lovely glaze is ready, it’s time to pour it over the vegetables. So, take them out of the oven. It smells so nice! I will put the glaze on… don’t mix it, just pour it over the top. Of course, if you are fans of the glaze, you can make more but this is I think the best amount of glaze and put it again in the oven, until it is golden brown and crispy. Five minutes. And my roast vegetables are ready! Look at that… Amazing! In Greece, this dish is served as a main dish but of course, if you like, you can serve it as a side dish with a nice steak. You have all these lovely flavors from the vegetables and the acidity from the yogurt, and the sweetness from the vegetables and the honey… and this lovely juice. Look at this! This is unbelievable! This is something not only for vegetarian people but for everybody else. And it’s time to taste! It’s still very hot so I will try to say the rest things I have to say before I close this video. You need to subscribe to this channel, you need to make comments underneath the video, you need to share the recipe with your friends, and…now I have to try! It is so tasty but so hot! But I have to… I am unbeatable with veggies. It is amazing! Truly, this is something you have to try! See you next time, bye bye!

100 thoughts on “Roasted Vegetable Medley | Akis Petretzikis Kitchen

  1. thank you so much for this recipe it looks delicious and it's sooo healthy, you rock as always Akis!!! greetings from Miami

  2. First,why you sotee the vegie,before adding to the roasting dish?Secondly,yogurt doesn't tend to split in high temps?

  3. if i ever get the chance to meet you in real life before i die… i will be so so so happy…('''—"')

    i have such an empathy for you.. EVERYTHING YOU MAKE is só delicious en you make it so easy. i work in a greek restaurant in holland called "sirtaki" and i can't get enough of the food… everytime i have watched a new video from you, the next day i tell it to my greek boss and he is like: omg there she is again with het akis videos haha.

    i just love you man..

  4. I think I'm going to add this to next week's menu plan, it looks amazing 🙂 quick question: would you consider mushrooms worth adding to this dish? I'm kind of a big fan of them and have a tendency to add them to pretty much anything I make

  5. During the summer I crave a lot of veggetarian dish but it's hard to find good veg dishes but this one looks amazing. Can't wait to try it. I will eat it with some Greek Pita bread when I made this dish. Yum.

  6. hi Akis, the recipe is perfect. just one question. I don't eat eggs…can I omit them in the yogurt sauce? by the Wat, you are great and super cool 😊

  7. an your videos make me to go crazy, your so young but you are an awsome chef , and i like that greek accent

  8. How is it for you, as a star chef, to handle criticism from a "hobby chef"? What I mean is, if someone acts like they know how to cook and criticize your recipes, do you conter them or do you just say "Yeah, maybe maybe…" 😀 I had to experience this a looot of times. I'm a chef now for 10 years and I can master any recipe, but still a lot of people are smartypants who just know better.. 😀

  9. I've been watching a lot of vegan youtubers recently and most of them have something against oil and salt- this was so refreshing to see! A little salt and (Greek haha) olive oil is life 🙂

  10. Your knife skills are incredible Akis! Hope one day I can do the same after losing 1 or 2 fingers along the way 😂

  11. akis…man your chopping skills are awsome…is it the sharpness of the knife that makes it so..??

  12. Akis, can you do delmothakia or avgolemeno? I love your channel and appreciate the effort.

    P.S. why not use mizithra instead of parmesan? I think it has a much more complimentary flavour for yoghurt.

  13. Looks so delicious! I am quickly becoming obsessed with your channel. Could you make a version of fish tacos in the future?

  14. what can I substitute egg for? or can I leave it out? or can I not make the recipe? 🙁
    I don't eat eggs

  15. Hey there, can I skip frying the veggies on the pan? and if I do what difference will it make? (I try to avoid frying as much as I can). Thanks for the recipe!

  16. it looks delicious…but I have one question….is there a substitute for eggs….I'm allergic to eggs
    and btw is there room for some mushrooms too?

  17. Just made a huge batch of this for the entire family…. Lapped up in 15 minutes. Super tasty. Thanks a ton Akis!!

  18. I'm a kidney patient and so much am I restricted to eat, I looked up the vegies and saw I can have except tomatoes…..thank you for such great recipes!!!💋YASO!!

  19. Its Time to Roast… Akis…. Not Its time to roasted because its not Roast yet Lol…. Fix it… please…. Btw your recipe its very Nice

  20. Looking for ways to improve my non starchy veggie game in meal prep. This was fantastic. Thanks for making veggies just as good Akis

  21. OMG
    I’m so glad I ran into your channel…
    I have been binge watching and I must say Greek food and whatever else you’re cooking just so easy to follow , looked delicious and of course you have a great personality..
    Subscribe right away.
    I definitely gonna make the rolled baklava. Yours by far the best on YouTube land.
    Thanks for sharing all the cuisines

  22. thank you for always saying to subscribe and share with friends. I been liking every video ever since

  23. Great recipe Akis! I made this for dinner yesterday and it's perfect for the summer. What really makes this recipe amazing for me is the honey on the veggies … so delicious. The Greek yogurt glaze is great too 🙂

  24. 3:00 I just heard the manliest dude on the web say 'mixy mixy' 😂

    I'm with you Akis, I think this would make an amazing main course! Thanks a lot for the inspiration

  25. I am in love with you, I mean, your recipe's! Just found you today, and have already made 2 of your recipe's. Will be making more for sure. Thank you!

  26. I love your recipes but I must tell you that you should NEVER heat a nonstick pan that doesn't have anything in it. It gives off toxic chemicals.You can check with any nonstick pan manufacturer.

  27. Mama mia! This is my word for extraordinary. Thank you for sharing with us. I love roasted veggies and I am always confused.

  28. other than the eggplants, zucchini, the rest of the veggies could be eaten raw, since it's a meatless dish, so why would it takes 40 mins to bake it?

  29. Πετρετζίκη αν χαλάσει το λάπι τοπι μου απ'το νερό που έφαγε θα το πληρώσεις στα ρώσικα!!!Τι παλικάρι είσαι 'συ ρε φίλε!!!!

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