Rodney Dangerfield’s Top 10 Jokes About His Wife’s Cooking

– Oh yeah, my wife can’t do nothin’ right. She can’t cook, the
worst cook in the world. Gave my kid alphabet
soup, he spelled out help. (audience laughing) What a lousy cook, I mean,
how can toast have bones? (audience laughing) She’s a lousy cook, too,
she can’t cook at all. I leave dental floss in the kitchen, the roaches hang themselves. (audience laughing) And I tell you my wife,
she can’t cook either. My house we pray after we eat. (audience laughing) I bought her a pressure cooker,
now I eat off the ceiling. (audience laughing) What a lousy cook. I don’t think meatloaf
should glow in the dark. (audience laughing) I mean it, she can’t cook at all. My backyard, the flies chipped
in to fix the screen door. (audience laughing) Now, I tell you, my wife, with eating there’s always problems. She’s a strict vegetarian. In fact, when I met her, she
was grazing on the front lawn. (audience laughing) I mean she can’t cook at all. She made chocolate mousse, an
antler got stuck in my throat. (audience laughing) What’s really annoying with my wife, the way she serves a meal. – Serves badly?
– Oh, terrible. – Aw. – I mean, you put down a steak, how do you forget the plate? (audience laughing)

37 thoughts on “Rodney Dangerfield’s Top 10 Jokes About His Wife’s Cooking

  1. Rodney is one of those people that make you smile and does it with such class and a style uniquely his own. Miss You Rodney 👍
    Thank You to those who keep this channel going 👍 makes my day to watch these videos on YouTube.

  2. I'm lying in bed, my back is killing me and it's 3:30 in the morning. And You can STILL Crack me up.
    Thanks Rodney 😁

  3. Notice the 666 hand sign on the cover of his YouTube Chanel. That’s the way Hollywood actors show their allegiance to Satan. Sad I use to like his videos until I came to his Chanel and saw that! No more for me.. What a shame!!

  4. This man's legacy is, at least to me, kept me going at most of the lowest times of my life. You're the gift that keeps on giving Rodney, I can't thank you enough for making me laugh when I needed it the most. RIP Rodney, nobody can come close to you and no one ever will.

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