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Aayu Pihu playing Aayu Pihu Food is ready, shall I serve it ? What have you made? Roti & Vegetable Just roti & vegetable ? Mumma, tell me how many days make a year? 365 You give us roti twice a day… We have got bored Yes Make something exciting like – Pizza Like some sweets…. Yes Then you will eat? Yes You will eat Pizza for 365 days Yes Will eat sweets also ? Yes But not roti? No What else do I make? Shall I make chappan bhoog (Dish with 56 varities) ? Mumma make something else… You want something new everyday Mumma, I don’t want to eat Have you made something else? No Any sweet? No Aayu I am with you Mumma look at Aayu Please make something else You are such a gimmick Please Mumma I am bored with roti (bread) Yes mumma, make something else. You are doing drama I am going Where are you going? Please eat your food… Have you seen friends? They are not eating healthy food properly Does this happen at your home also? Kids deny to eat roti / bread OK, so I will make them eat heathly roti, in a new style. Please like & share Let us watch, how Aayu & Pihu will eat roti… Welcome to Aayu & Pihu Show I’ll give so many different variety of things with roti. That they will enjoy a lot They will relish the roti/ bread a lot. I will call Aayu & Pihu Aayu & Pihu come here. We are here They come by magic You called us and we came. Laughing This is Roti Challenge Roti Challenge? Yes Today we will eat roti with many different things. Mumma, I told you earlier I don’t want roti – I want Pizza & Burger Yes, I also want Pizza First we will do this challenge OK You will enjoy this challenge very much That you will forget Pizza & Burger I don’t think this will happen… But as you are saying, I will eat it. Who will start first? STONE, PAPER, SCISSOR Oho.. Aayu won… Which number will you choose? 5 Ooo… I forget to bring Chapati/roti I can call chapati by magic 1 2 3 Which number did aayu choose? Number 5 You have to eat 2 bites, with that. Only Aayu Pihu should eat more 1 2 3 What is it aayu? Caramel Aayu 2 bites Take bigger bites Eat it, yummy caramel syrup Faster 2nd bite is pending What is it aayu? Can you guess what is it ? Tamarind Sauce Yes Aayu, thought it is caramel syrup Wow it must be very yummy Aayu 2nd bite You to eat 2nd bite as well. Now such small Earlier aayu dipped in that sauce nicely Take it Take it as much as you want Dont get so excited sister You will also get something like this only. I choose number 2 Number 2 1 2 3 I like it , but…. You can try with chapati Atleast warm it. You can eat cheese, like that also. Wow mummy, sister wanted Pizza Only cheese came, pizza is pending. Enjoy sister Sister will eat roti and cheese. Like a Pizza How will you eat Pihu? Cheese bite First this one and then roti Take a piece of cheese with roti Put inside chapati Tell your friends – How did chapati & cheese taste? Add something like sauce Is it good? I don’t like it… No don’t like Number 10 No 6 Number 6 1 2 3 Chapati with namkeen (spicy snack) Sister eat roti with namkeen many times. Chapati and namkeen taste very nice together. I like it – No Shall I eat salad Oho… I forgot to tell you the salad twist Before the challenge ends… You have to finish the salad You will get a gift Which gift? That I will decide Ok I will not recall that you have to eat salad. You have to finish salad by your self – Remember Friends – You note, weather they finish salad or not. No – Aayu got this option. Isn’t it taste nice? Ok, aayu remembers. They remember everything for gift. Mumma, who doesn’t like to get gifts? You also like Please like Now Pihu;s turn What is in 10? All options are standing only this one is lying flat It might got tired, so sleeping Ok Sister remove the veil. Veil – laughing Aayu brings new new words 1 2 hahaha Banana was sleeping Mumma, but banana with roti? You know, my grandma used to eat chapati & banana Few eat with mangoes also Ok try I will taste good Or else, she would not like it. is it good? Tasting good… See These kids doesn’t try You should atleast try Yes, I am concerned for roti. You ate it 2 Bites I will eat the banana later I got banana, I asked for 1 piece Did you gave? Yes, you have not shared, so you will also not get. Finished Till then aayu will choose his number 8 Number 8 Hoooo…. Ice Cream Aayu will enjoy a lot. Aayu shall I take this turn ? No No No No Look at them, Now they have got a very nice option Very nice aayu Chilled ice cream Aayu will tell, how does chapati taste with ice cream? How is it aayu? Nice OK, now I will eat the rest of it. No Wow mumma, you gave a very nice option. Eat chapati nicely Chapati should be finished, by the end of challenge. Minimum 2 bites with each option You have to eat regularly to finish it. I ate 3 bites Look at how many options are left. You have to finish the chapatis I am thinking to finish remaining roti with ice cream. You can finish with ice cream, but will loose challenge. Loser Loser Pihu sister is loser I will take 4 1 2 3 It is good but? With roti,.,, It taste very nice with roti. When pihu’s grandma was young She liked to eat roti with gulab jamun (sweet) I ate gulab jamun curry Yes he ate gulab jamun curry with roti. Yes, he ate in Sweet vs Spicy challenge and i ate this Now I will eat and I will finish this roti. Finish fast Can I also eat 1 bite No You also didn’t offered Aayu made mistake, by not sharing with sister in start Yes, you can eat now. You have to finish 2 chapatis You can eat more with your favourite options. Thumbs up for gulab jamun and roti. Thumbs up is also a drink Laughing Means, now if pihu will get hungry She can eat roti with gulab jamun also I ask for gulab jamun You say it is unhealthy If you eat 4-5 gulab jamun at once, that is unhealthy But, eating 1 gulab jamun with chapati is OK. You are eating 1 chapati also, that is healthy Like aayu is after ice cream Look He will finish off the ice cream Whose turn now? Whose turn now? Mine Number There is no number in multiple of 2 Everytime your same method would not work. Seven Seven Aayu was planning to do same, as we did with his dad. What is this? Gud / Jaggery This is my favourite since childhood. When ayu was small.. In play school In morning before going to school he used to eat Paratha with jaggery If, I ask for tifin ? Mummy Paratha with Jaggery After coming from school… Mummy Paratha with Jaggery He ate a lot of Jaggery His grand father also likes jaggery He also eat chapati with jaggery By the way, jaggery is healthier than sugar Whenever you like to eat sweet? Try chapati with jaggery, it is very tasty Yes mumma Gud is Good !!! Laughing If we add warm ghee / clarified butter. Then it becomes even tastier Then gud becomes very good Laughing Good becomes very good Laughing Now Pihu’s turn Which one should I choose? Sister, choose salad. Not finished yet. I will choose number 3 1 2 3 Sauce Pihu would atleast get the feeling of a Pizza Sister add this also Mix cheese as well Yes add, some namkeen, sauce and cheese. So let us try I will not give namkeen He knows it is your favourite I like this as well Add this in roti and cheese Add gulab jamun also It will become great !!! Yes very funny Pizza with gulab jamun First aayu will try, then I will eat. laughing Now let sister check the taste. 4 layers Sister What happened? I was saying, please eat eat he frightened sister Yummy Is it good? You are also going to try? Roti Pizza Now aayu’s turn Akkad bakkad bambe bo (aayu choosing) Number nine Laughing Dahi / Curd Add sugar as well No sugar – You have eat plain curd Add jaggery in curd and eat. OK Add tamarind sauce also. It will taste good. Have you tasted curd with jaggery? It taste very good First bite with curd is a bit sour… After second bite curd taste better. No taste of jaggery Who all doesn’t eat curd? Curd is very healthy Yes I will not choose First you will finish salad. OK Till that time I will take rest. Aayu your roti is left Mumma, what surprise will you give to winner? First eat, then I will tell. Wow Salad finished They are ready to do anything for challenge. Take your number Pihu choose number 1 What will this have? Aayu think Pepper / chilli Laughing This is also aayu’s favourite. You must have tasted Jam Roll I like it very much. Try chapati with jam. It taste very good. Aayu tasted already Aayu has tasted everything which is sweet. Is there any sweet left, which you haven’t tasted? We have to think – It will take 3 days. laughing Our gift? Aayu’s chapati is still left. I will eat with my favourite option. yes this your gift You can eat your favourite thing. No mummy What else you want? Allowing you to eat your fav things. We would have anyways eaten that. then eat Laughing They want gift every where

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