RT Life – Cooking With Burnie & Joel’s Squirrel

[Theme Music] Burnie: So this is Game of Thrones night we cook food that’s fitting for Game of Thrones like Jon is cutting bread and then Barb is making the garnish for.. Barb: I made them! Wow! Burnie: ….those steaks right down there. Barb: Just so you know, Burnie put in, probably about an entire thing of butter into this one pan Burnie: A thing of butter. An entire thing. Barb: What’s the actual, like, term for that? Burnie: A pound Barb: A pound?? Burnie: No, no. Joel: Is that a squirrel? Joel: It’s a squirrel, he climbed up into my engine compartment He’s right there, he’s crawling into my car Joel: No no no, no no, don’t crawl in the car! Aw son of a bitch Blaine: Arryn, so what are you making right here? Arryn: I’m making tiny sandwiches Arryn: Miles eat my tiny sandwich Blaine: Miles, how good is Arryn’s cooking? [choking sounds] Miles: It’s delicious Blaine: What is that, vanilla? Burnie: Is this vanilla? Blaine: I don’t know, man! Burnie: It says fish sauce. Blaine: Whatever Voice: Season it, Miles Miles: Bam! Kick it up a notch. You gotta take your spice weasel, and bam it Joel: Now I can never leave. Is he in my tire? Joel: You see him? Burnie: I think there’s a special place in hell for people who like well done steaks and crispy bacon. Sorry. Alan: Do you think he’d notice if I tore a little piece off? Burnie: Did anyone reset the timer when you flipped it? Blaine: Run now, run! Miles: I want you to know every single time I come to Game of Thrones night Burnie asks me to do this and every single time I have no idea what I’m doing Miles: Burnie has to do it [laughing] Miles: I’m a failure Blaine: Draw your emotions Joel: Go away squirrel Burnie: Alright, so success? Various: Yay! Whoo! Ashley: Successful night! Joel: Now he’s under my car! [End title music]

100 thoughts on “RT Life – Cooking With Burnie & Joel’s Squirrel

  1. Not a big Game of Thrones fan, but I would watch the shit out of it if each episode was accompanied by a steak the size of my face.

  2. And the prize for the most valued cooking featured in this RT life goes to… Arryn's "tiny sandwich". ^_^

    Because there's not enough to go around.

  3. lol, one time a cat climbed into one of my teacher's car engine and when he tried to start it there were complications.  When he finally did start it he popped the hood and found a gory mess all over the engine.

  4. I used to like well done steaks, because when I was young I just thought that eating something with blood in it was inherently wrong. Figured I'd get salmonella or something. Nowadays though, typically medium, though sometimes I might slip into medium-well or medium-rare. As for bacon, DEFINITELY, crispy is just too much. Also, why do some people just take an entire pack of bacon and dump it onto a frying pan? Lay the strips out evenly, neatly, give them all their space, give each individual strip some time, attention, and precious tender, loving care. That's how you make the best bacon, do it the Canadian way, in a nice and peaceful manner.

  5. Bet normal watchers of The Amazing Race don't know that Burnie hosts such a thing called Game of Thrones Night at his place 😀

  6. Agree with Burnie on the steaks and the bacon. If my steak isn't bleeding, you're doing it wrong. And it's bacon, I shouldn't have to crunch it.

  7. The title of this video always makes me laugh, sounds like they're cooking a Squirrel that Burnie and Joel have.

  8. I want all the tiny sandwiches. Give them to me. Or just give me Arryn. I promise I will feed her and walk her everyday. All I ask is sandwiches and cuddles.

  9. Crispy bacon is the worst, you can't even taste the meat at that point, it's all just char and smoke in your mouth.

  10. The title misled me and I'm disappointed. I thought it was going to be cooking with two chefs: Burnie and Joel's Squirrel.

  11. I've watched this video 3 times and been watching roosterteeth for a long time and it took me till now to realize that Miles actually drew that picture

  12. I miss Miles and Arryn being a thing. Which is weird because I didn't know it was a thing until it was no longer a thing.

  13. never ever connect people who like crispy bacon to people who like well done steak. My grandma likes soft bacon but well done steak and everyone else in my family likes their steak medium rare and crispy bacon.

  14. I like medium well steaks and everything else idk about what kind of bacon I get as long as its not raw

  15. It's good to see arryn and miles together. If only they didn't break up but I know that arryn didn't have a future at rooster teeth whereas miles did

  16. Lol I immediately noticed the car was an e46 m3 for some reason. Immediately when I saw the clip, I thought "that's an e46 m3!"

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