Rutgers Dining Serves Tasty & Healthy Food

We all know what’s good for us but nobody
wants to eat something that doesn’t taste good. Rutgers University Dining Services serves
about 35,000 meals per day. We do about 6.9 million meals a year and we
have an obligation to feed them the kind of foods that are going to keep them healthy. Usually this time every year, we bring in
the Culinary Institute of America. They’re trying to help us train our people
on some of the latest trends. Really, the training was focused on delicious,
cravable foods that are healthy and not just empty calories. It’s all about deliciousness. There was a dish that we tasted today that
was a dessert, a chocolate dessert with what looked like a cream on top that had absolutely
no eggs, no cream, no butter, and it was fantastic. It’s about making it taste so good that if
you see one of those on a table again, you’re going to grab that instead of the big ole
fat piece of chocolate cake. I think we have an obligation to do the right
thing for the students, to show them, to educate them. We have a lot of really talented, intelligent
students here and they’re here to sharpen their minds and we’re here to sharpen their

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