as we’re not drunk, we’re not going home.>>[FOREIGN].>>Yeah. [SOUND]. [MUSIC] My name is
Chung Xie Dao Phunog. Welcome to District Mot. I run this place
with my brother. We serve Saigon
street food. District Mot,
the main area of Saigon, is where people normally
go out for dinner. A year and a half ago we remodeled this restaurant
from the Xi Xing, which mainly served
Hanoi-inspired fish. Fine cuisine, very chic,
fusion kitchen. But we had the feeling
that the trend has been, these last five or
six years in Berlin, that people are getting
more into Asian food, and know what the real
thing is like. That’s reflected here
in District Mot. It feels like you’re
sitting in an alley or a street in Saigon. [MUSIC] Our signature dishes
here are pho bo, a Vietnamese beef
noodle soup, which is made in-house from the
broth to the meatballs. So, here we are in
the show kitchen. Let me introduce Nam and
Xiu. Show Kitchen Masters. This is where we
arrange our dishes. We’re setting up
a Vietnamese barbecue. We need shrimpies,
baby ribs, chicken wings, and
here we have munchies! Chicken feet!
They end up nice and crispy. Here we have Bo La Lot, minced beef balls
wrapped in grape leaves. Then we have
very thinly-cut, sesame-marinated beef
filet. Calamaris. Topped off with
a few veggies, zucchini, corncobs, and a few peanuts, rice
noodles, and there we go.>>Awesome.>>Enjoy your meal.>>Thanks. [MUSIC]>>[INAUDIBLE]
pretty good [LAUGH].>>Welcome to
our kitchen. This is Hieu, our chief
kitchen commander. And now I’m going to prepare ban chan nieu for
you. It’s what you get at
night on the streets of Saigon. It’s grilled rice paper with chopped
meat and egg. It’s a Vietnamese taco,
that’s what I’d call it.>>[FOREIGN].>>[FOREIGN].>>In Vietnam,
unfortunately there’s no real bar culture,
so when you say, let’s go get a drink, you
go to a place like this. You order a few
appetizers, and there are crates of
beer next to the table.>>Cheers.>>This is Momo. My pearl. This is my buddy,
Frank Thiel. Photographer and artist. This is Robert Wunsch. Robert Wunsch
Photography.>>Where are we going?>>To Kreuzberg! Let’s go! [MUSIC]>>Are we there yet?>>Not yet.>>He’s taking
the long way there. The driver’s obviously
not from Berlin.>>He just doesn’t
like the Adana Grill.>>Where are you from?>>Frankfurt.>>Ooh!
[LAUGH].>>We’re driving
to Chevad’s. To the Adana Grill. What’s great at Adana is
that the chef usually greets people personally
and is a great host. Chevad, chef of
Adana Grill. So let’s go in and
have a bite to eat.>>I recommend
the lamb ribs. When it comes down to it,
what makes a big difference here is the
attention paid to detail. Like warming the bread
on the grill so it infuses with
meaty flavor. But also sitting
around the grill, almost right in
the kitchen. Here at Chevad’s, they grill all kinds of
things, lots of meat, and there’s good raki. Very good raki. We had lamp chops,
kefta, veal skewers, hand-chopped tomato
salad, and my favorite, lamb haunches,
which we had last. [MUSIC]>>[FOREIGN]
[LAUGH] Finally! Finally you’ve done it! [LAUGH].>>The Turkish influence
in Kreuzberg is just incredible. For me,
Adana Grill is one of the most delicious
spots in Kreuzberg. I dream of it every week. And then we also met
Ozgul Yemin, an old friend I met in Stuttgart
who I totally love. He’s also known as
the Hip-Hop DJ Passion. So now we’re going
to Kantine Kohlmann to see my homie Roberto. In my opinion, the the most beautiful
bar in Kreuzberg. [LAUGH].
>>Where can you get weed here?>>Weed? Right here. Somebody already
asked me. Can we expense it? We walked through
Gorlitzer Park and passed through a crowd
of dealers who wanted to sell us everything
imaginable, from Special K and MDMA
to grass and cocaine.>>Photobooth! Now it’s getting
romantic.>>Look, both of us
can fit in there!>>On top of each other.>>Yeah!>>My nose is on there. After walking ten
minutes we arrived at Kantine Kohlhann. Lots of our buddies
were already there. The whole crew, actually. And Roberto.>>Thanks for coming.>>Thanks to him, I know
every kind of vodka. Every single one. [MUSIC]>>Cheers! Yeah!>>Chung Xie is having
The Kohlmann, for sure.>>The signature drink
at Kohlmann’s is made from a liqueur made
from 130 different herbs.>>This is a French
herbal elixir made by monks. It’s got a good
56% alcohol. So it’s definitely
not a weak drink. And this is my
wonderful Korn, a fine-grained Buckenhof
liqueur from Munster. I wanted to pair our
German cuisine with Korn.>>The bar uses
predominantly German products, which is nice. Roberto, one of the best
barkeepers I know. He works on his
drinks with a lot of passion and precision.>>[LAUGH].>>[CROSSTALK].>>So, off to the next
stop, Muret La Barba, for a bit of wine,
cheese, and ham.>>[SOUND]
Yay.>>What’s wrong, bro?>>Come on, man! [LAUGH]
>>I can’t get out! Getting your drink on? [MUSIC] What’s special about
Muret La Barba, and what I find really awesome,
is that everything from their daily menu to
their cheese and wine, they always buy
the best they can find. Their specials
change daily, they don’t really have
a large menu, which I really like, because
it’s always different. And it helps them
maintain the high quality of the food. [MUSIC]>>Once you’re
done working here, you’re all invited
back to my place. We’re going round the
corner, back to my place, District Mot. For more delicious stuff, the famous Bao burger,
de la sauce. And a hotpot. I think people
are already here. [MUSIC] All night we followed
the motto, [FOREIGN]. It means as long as
we’re not drunk, we’re not going home. Burger on hotpot time. This is Stacy,
Ana’s daughter. Partners in crime, when it comes to food and
drink. First we’ve got to
turn the stove on. [MUSIC] This one’s a bit
complicated. Especially at this hour. You’ve got to look
through this hole, but the flame keeps
going out. There we go. Beef patties. Very fresh. [SOUND].>>Well I love the bird
because it’s a new way of doing a burger. I love the, the rice bun. In my family, I’m from Indonesia, we do
the same kind of bun and it just reminds
me of that. It’s not the bun
that everybody uses. It’s the bigger one
cut in half with, with the fruit in the middle,
it just makes it fresh. It’s really summery. That’s what I
love about it.>>And finally, the triple crowned
Berlin’s Best Burger, voted by Stil in
Berlin magazine. We’ve won Berlin’s
Best Burger three times in a row. In competition with six
other amazing newly selected burger
joints in Berlin. [MUSIC] We had a really
great night. Everybody gathered
around the long table. We ate well and
we ate a lot. Delicious food,
delicious drinks. [MUSIC]

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