Salted Egg Yolk Prawn Recipe (Sugpo na may Itlog na Maalat)

Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy I’m Vanjo Merano. How are you? Today we’ll cook a unique dish that I definitely enjoyed it’s called Salted Egg Prawns It’s prawn cooked with salted egg yolk sounds exciting right? here are the ingredients for this recipe here’s the prawn, specifically pink prawn it’s color pink. It’s still raw but it’s pink it’s important to wash it properly and to devein it I used kitchen shears to cut the top part that’s easier than using a knife once it’s cut, use a fork to take out the intestine and pull it, that’s very important devein all the prawns here’s the salted egg, it’s a regualr type of salted egg that we usually eat with tomatoes cooking wine, this is a shaoxing cooking wine. You can also use Dry Sherry we’ll use this for marinating the shrimp cornstarch heavy whipping cream, we’ll use this for our sauce later curry leaves. This is different from curry powder, ok? Tip for the newbies, curry leaves gives aroma for our dish for your information, I have here curry leaves still attached on its stem so you can familiarize how it looks like you might not know, you have curry planted in your backyard thai chili pepper or “siling labuyo”, chopped into small pieces if you want a spicy dish, you may opt not to add this here’s our butter, ok? we’ll use this for the sauce later garlic, crushed and minced Knorr shrimp cube I’m using this to add more Shrimpy flavor to our dish later I’ll show you when we’ll add this ingredient aside from these, we’ll also use cooking oil if you’re ready, let’s start first thing to do is to prepare our prawn for marinating let’s place the prawn in a zip lock to make sure it’s soaked properly let’s transfer the prawn here in the bag the prawn looks good, it’s large and here’s the shaoxing cooking wine like what I mentioned earlier, you can use dry sherry if you don’t have shaoxing cooking wine let’s put Knorr shrimp cube add half of the Knorr shrimp cube Knorr shrimp cube adds flavor to our cooking wine marinade for our prawn it’s simple guys take half of the cube and put it here in the wine then mix we can use the other half for pancit or chop suey the other half can be used for a lot of other dishes as well crush the Knorr shrimp cube in the cooking wine make sure the cube dissolved so prepare the prawn mix then pour the mixture here I think this is already mixed well If you see small particles, just go on. It doesn’t matter, it will dissolve over time pour the mixture in the bag with prawn then seal the bag I’m using a resealable plastic bag because it’s more convenient to use and you can marinate it better compared in a bowl in a resealable plastic bag, you can turn it upside down. Turn it this way and this way, what ever you call it you know what I mean, yeah and we can make sure that the prawn can absorb the marinade better that’s all. Let’s marinate the prawn for 10 minutes. It’s that quick then let’s proceed to the next step after marinating, dredge the prawn in the cornstarch then fry see? It’s like making Drunken Shrimp. This is just the prawn version of it it doesn’t end there. We still have to make the sauce that’s where the salted egg yolk comes after 10 minutes of marinating, preheat cooking oil in a pan and get ready to deep fry the prawn let’s dredge the prawn in the cornstarch first I placed the cornstarch in a container with cover so it’s easier what I do here is, take a prawn, put it here let’s put 2 pieces there you go then cover then shake see? The the cornstarch is coating the prawn while we shake it so it’s ready it’s ready to fry. Let’s add more since the container is large to save time I think 4 prawn can fit in then let’s shake again shake while waiting for the cooking oil to warm up we can even shake it upside down see? It’s now ready It’s important to remove the excess cornstarch prior frying shake it a bit otherwise, it’s ready let’s wait for the cooking oil to warm up, then we’ll deep fry the prawn aside from prawn, you can also use shrimp that’s the only difference but the rest of the ingredients is still the same i think it’s ready so let’s put the prawn with cornstarch deep fry it 2 pieces at a time, I think that’s enough and while waiting, let’s prepare the other prawn let’s set this aside first while waiting for the fried ones, we’ve prepared the others let’s put the other prawns in the cornstarch. At least the process still goes on wait for it to be fully cooked prawns can be easily cooked see that? actually it’s ready about 2 minutes or less as long as you can see that it’s light brown, that’s nearly done after few more seconds, let’s transfer it I have prepared here a plate with paper towel. I’m going to put the deep fried prawns here at this point, let’s take the prawn out shake off the excess oil then put it here wow, it’s beautiful the deveined part opened, it looks good ok so let’s deep fry the next batch of dredged prawns then continue frying. Then let’s cover the cornstarch box so we can shake the next batch of prawns it’s very easy. Let’s repeat the process for the next batch let’s take these together with the deep fried ones guys, I’ll continue cooking with the others here’s our deep fried prawns. It’s very easy. It’s like Drunken Shrimp recipe but in this case we used prawns. Marinated in wine with Knorr shrimp cubes so it would be much tastier and more delicious, too! then dredged in the cornstarch then deep fried here’s the output, let’s set it aside and let’s prepare the salted egg yolk sauce in salted egg yolk sauce, we need salted egg it is covered with red paper but in Philippines it’s different. It’s painted in red both them are salted eggs so let’s remove the cover I’m looking for the end, there you go were using 4 salted eggs don’t worry guys. It won’t be that salty because we’re just going to use the yolk part only not the white part. The white part is the saltier part I’m removing the cover then we’ll extract the egg yolk then, we’ll take the egg yolk get a knife I think paring knife should be ok since it’s small usually guys what we do here is (let’s set aside the eggs) is cut the egg in half to open once opened, take the yellow part of the egg there you go, be careful. It’s better if you use a smaller spoon so it’s easier to control not to take out the white part the yolk is so small maybe the other side is bigger there you go, so let’s put it here ah there! Here’s the egg yolk let’s scoop it out let’s take out all the egg yolk because it’s so creamy, contrary to the salty egg white part but don’t worry guys, the egg white will not be put to waste we can still use it for other dishes so I’m removing the egg whites cut the next egg. The idea here is repeat the egg yolk extraction with the rest of the salted eggs so we’re done extracting the yellow part of the salted eggs so what I do is mush the yolk make sure it’s finely mushed because we’ll mix it with the heavy whipping cream later ok, so I’ll show you how to make use of the egg white I chopped the tomatoes into squares place here the egg whites. Scoop it here so we have another dish this is not part of our recipe. I’m just showing it to you so you’ll know where to put the egg whites. You can combine it with other things. You can make Ensalada from it here goes the heavy whipping cream I’m using heavy whipping cream to make our dish creamier mix well then we’ll cook the sauce, prepare a new pan for cooking I’m going to use a wok for this set aside the mixture. It’s ok if you see undissloved egg yolks. If it’s hard to crush, that’s alright as long as most of it is finely crushed at this point, it’s ready. Set aside. And get ready for the pan preheat frying pan or wok for the sauce here goes the butter. Melt it wait for it to melt while waiting for it to melt, we can add the garlic I really like this smell, the butter and garlic is so fragrant It’s like our buttered garlic shrimp, have you tried that recipe? that’s very delicious the butter melted we’re cooking the garlic. Here goes the chili. This is an optional ingredient. You may opt not to add chili here goes the curry leaves. Let’s fry it it’s that easy. The curry leaves is so aromatic mmm~ it gives off aroma right away let’s continue cooking. By the way, set the heat between low to medium to avoid burning the butter after 30 seconds, it’s ready the garlic is starting to startle and turning to brown so let’s add the heavy whipping cream and salted egg yolks mixture make sure to pour out everything mix let’s turn the heat to high temperature so we can simmer this faster wait for it to simmer. Once simmering, set to low heat it simmered quickly right? I just placed down my spatula and it simmered immediately mix while cooking and lower down the heat at the same time the mixture is starting to thicken continue mixing to make sure there’s no adhered mixture this is a unique recipe. Have you ever tried this? if haven’t then try this one! for those who haven’t subscribe yet, please subscribe to our PanlasangPinoy Youtube channel so you can receive notifications everytime there’s a new video upload your subscription is a big thing for me. I want to thank you for your subscription and you’ll receive notifications so you won’t miss our new recipes if you ejoyed this video, please hit like the desired consistency is acquired. As you can see it’s reddish and oily that means we can put the deep fried prawns here. Let’s add one by one so the oil won’t splash out It’s safer if we add one by one. There you go then slide the prawn in once the prawns are added, let’s toss it let’s toss it, carefully so we won’t ruin the prawn so be careful. There you go notice the salted egg yolk sauce blends with the prawn and the smell is so nice! The curry leaves really help for it’s aroma be careful in tossing. Just make sure both sides of the prawn is covered with sauce we’re still in low heat this one is naughty, it won’t let me flip him, I need to use my hands here then transfer to a serving plate and serve let’s taste and try if it’s really good take the prawn one by one and place it here on our serving plate I don’t want to behead the prawn this one is already beheaded. I’ll eat this one since it’s like that already see? we’re not yet done next is the sauce we’ll take all the sauce. Let’s get a piece of paper towel we don’t want this to be messy let’s pour all in here, look at that, wow! It’s rich and creamy. Smells good! see? look at it it’s very simple but it’s very flavorful actually, this is not difficult to cook. It’s quick so guys, here’s our Salted Egg Prawns. Let’s have a taste let’s take the beheaded one here it is. Oh! Still hot Mmm~ Delicious It’s better if you use hands when eating prawns You can really feel it Mmm! So delicious and flavorful I bit the chili but it’s ok let’s set this aside so we can peel it with our hands let’s open Mmm~ pardon me, I’m already using my hands we need rice to complete this Mmm~ aside from it being hot, it’s also very delicious I can really taste the marinade It has a very flavorful shrimpy taste compared to a non-marinated shrimp, there’s a big difference cooking wine did a big role here it gave a unique tasty flavor here Mmm~ delicious! I used my hands let’s take all the meat, don’t put anything to waste. Later, I’ll take the rice with the other prawns I like using my hands let’s take more egg yolk sauce pardon me, for my actions it’s so good, plus the chili. See? look guys, mmm~ it’s yummy Mmm~ this is too much goodness! It’s so tasty, flavorful it’s flavors are not overpowering this is a perfect match with rice what else should I say? I forgot what I’m going to say because it’s so good if you’re interested to learn how to cook this, well just watch this video and follow here’s the complete list of ingredients use this as you guide in buying. Take a screenshot then check your phone when you’re buying in the market so you’ll know what to buy guys, thank you so much for your support and for watching our videos especially to our subscribers, thank you so much you’re the reason why I keep on doing this you’re the one giving me strength and inspiration expect more videos in the future if you enjoyed this video, hit like below this video here’s our Salted Egg Prawn come let’s eat

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