SciGirls 108: Science Cooks!

(Jake groans) Oh, Jake, you don’t
look so good. Ew! You gotta
start eating better! (Jake) Um-hum. (Izzie) I’ll
bring you a salad for lunch. Oh, no! No vegetables!
I hate vegetables! All 4 of us love to cook! The menu today is collard greens
and peach cobbler! A lot of sugar! (all laugh)
We need to change this. Our goal is to make them
more nutritious. We want healthy to be good
and not turn people off. (Izzie) I like this one too! Funding for “SciGirls”
is provided by the following… The National
Science Foundation– supporting education
and research across all fields
of science and engineering. The National Science
Foundation– where discoveries begin! (woman) Math and science are
everywhere. They’re the building blocks
of tomorrow. That’s why Exxon Mobile
sponsors programs to get kids excited about math, science,
engineering, and technology so one day they may become
the scientists of the future. (girls)
♪ S-C-I-G-I-R-L-S ♪ (Izzie)
♪ We need you ♪ (girls)
♪ S-C-I-G-I-R-L-S ♪ (Izzie)
♪ Come on! ♪ ♪ When I need help,
and I’ve got a question ♪ ♪ there’s a place
I go for inspiration ♪ ♪ Gotta get to the Web, check
the girls’ investigation ♪ ♪ What girls? ♪ (Izzie)
♪ SciGirls! ♪ Whoo! (girls)
♪ S-C-I-G-I-R-L-S ♪ (Izzie)
♪ I need you! ♪ (girls)
♪ S-C-I-G-I-R-L-S ♪ (Izzie)
♪ Come on! ♪ ♪ You’ve gotta log on, post, ♪ ♪ upload, pitch in! Yeah! ♪ ♪ Wanna get inside a world
that’s fascinating? ♪ ♪ The time is right ’cause
SciGirls are waiting, ♪ (girls)
♪ S-C-I-G-I-R-L-S ♪ (Izzie)
♪ We need you! ♪ (girls)
♪ S-C-I-G-I-R-L-S ♪ (Izzie)
♪ SciGirls!! ♪ [Jake groans] Oh Jake,
you don’t look so good. Man, I’m really glad there’s
a whole Internet between us. I don’t want to
catch what you’ve got. I don’t think
stuffing yourself with Rancho Double Stuffed
Cheese Fryballs is contagious. Oh wait. Dude, how many
did you eat? Ewww! Do you know what
those things are made out of? Look, I’m reading
the ingredients here, and I don’t even know. Jake, you gotta start
eating better. [groaning] Um-hum. I’ll bring you
a salad for lunch. Oh no! No vegetables!
I hate vegetables! If you don’t eat vegetables,
what do you eat? Rancho Double Stuffed
Cheese Fryballs? Oh! I’m gonna need some help. SciGirls! Wee-hee! Girls, I have a problem for you to chew on. Um, maybe. Oh, that looks yummy! Just the kind
of mouth-watering help I need. ♪
♪ All 4 of us love to cook. So we go to other
people’s houses and try out our own family
recipes. My food background
is southern food. In my family down south, when you’re tall enough
to reach the stove, you’re old enough to cook. It’s really fun to cook with
my friends because they have more experience than me,
so I can learn from them, and I can do more stuff in the
kitchen, which is always good. Everybody comes from a different
background from cooking, so we just come together
and bring our own ideas. ♪
♪ Today we’re at Claire’s
house, and we’re going to cook some dishes that
Bree’s family likes to make. So the menu today is collard
greens and peach cobbler. They’re 2 very big
dishes in my family. Our goal is to
make them more nutritious. The taste of collard greens before you cook them
are really bitter. They’re not very good at all. One package of smoked ham hock
or smoked turkey, lean. We have one medium chopped
white or yellow onion. Salt and pepper, garlic salt,
4 to 5 bunches of greens. Reduce heat to medium low
boil for about an hour. Yup, it needs a
little bit more seasoning. What’s surprising to me
in these recipes is, there’s a ton of salt
in the collard greens. (Monica) I think in the peach
cobbler, we put the whole stick of butter
into the recipe. That’s a lot of sugar!
(all laugh) Uh-huh. I’m an athlete,
and I like to eat stuff that will give me
energy on the court. (Claire)
My personal goal and
I think everyone else’s goal is to take these 2 recipes
and really change them so that you can eat them without
worrying about your health. Now, the reward of tasting. They’re good.
Mmm, yeah they’re good. They’re so good. I love these,
they taste like my Mom’s. (timer dings)
That smells so good. One, 2, 3. ♪
♪ That is so good. Mmm. This is a comfort food. It’s definitely like
if you had a rough day. Just crawl up in your
sweatpants and cry and eat this peach cobbler. ♪
♪ (Claire)
We started thinking about how we
could make the original recipes more nutritious, so we went
online, did some research, and found that they’re
really bad for you. Sugar is
52.4 grams. Oh my gosh! Yeah,
that’s a lot. In one serving size.
Oh my gosh! Sodium is 6676 milligrams. Oh my gosh! That is a lot of pretzels! (Claire)
The core ingredients, the
peaches and the collard greens, are really good for you. They kind of get canceled out
by all the other ingredients. You guys, this is awful for you. We need to change this. Yeah we do. Seriously.
We need to change this. We’ve already made
the original version, so the peach cobbler
and the collard greens. Now we should try to figure out
healthier versions. Our goal is to
make it healthier, like substituting
some ingredients, but not losing
the general flavor. So we want healthy to be good
and not turn people off. We should break up
into teams. I’ll go with Akilah,
and you 2 can go together. So in our separate groups,
maybe we could make like, 2 different versions
of the original recipes. Yeah, and maybe we could rate
each other’s, because cooking, it’s kind of like you’re
gonna like your own food. So you guys can rate ours,
and we’ll rate yours. Why don’t we try
bringing a bunch of friends so that we could have a lot
more opinions on our food? I think that’s a really good
idea, Claire, we should do that. So a taste
basically, at the end
of everything.
Exactly. ♪
♪ So we went online, we found
this really cool scientist named Emily, and we’re all
really excited to meet her. ♪
♪ Emily? Yeah. Hi. Hi. (Bree) Emily is a grad student. She’s worked with kids our age
a lot. So you ready to help us,
because we need a lot of help. Tell me what you want
to do. What’s the plan? We’re trying to make
an old southern recipe of collard greens
and peach cobbler into a healthier meal. I love collard greens
and peach cobbler! Maybe we could try to enhance
the flavor of the peaches and the greens
a little bit more rather than just kind of
drowning the flavors out with all that yummy
butter and flour. (laughs) Let’s shop! Let’s go!
Yeah, let’s go. (Izzie) Wow, look at
all those veggies! No Fryballs here. Hi. These peaches here
are from Michigan. These are a white peach,
and it’s from California. Smell that. What do you think
we should do, Emily? Yeah, which ones
do you think we should get? I think we should go
for the ones from Michigan. (Monica) Why?
(Emily) Because they
don’t have to travel as far, and the longer something has
to travel before it gets to you, the more it loses its nutrients. ♪
♪ (Izzie)
Whoa! look at those sunflowers. Those are taller than me! (SciGirls) This garden is
so pretty! Wow! I can’t believe that this
is in the middle of the city. Look at all these vegetables. We’ve never been
to this garden before. What’s the story behind it? (Emily) It’s a community garden.
(Bree) Oh, we found the greens. (Emily)
You guys made a really
good choice choosing the collard greens because
look at how dark green they are. It means there’s loads of
Vitamin A and Vitamin K in here. (Claire)
So Emily, what made you
decide to go into nutrition? Well, I’ve
always loved food. When I was an undergraduate,
I studied chemistry, and I was always writing
my papers about carrots or caffeine or some kind
of food-related topic. After I finished
my bachelors degree, I got a job cooking
on a tall ship. So I actually applied to
the University of Minnesota grad school while
I was on the ship. Emily knows so much about
nutrition and chemistry, and we’re just hoping that
she’ll be able to give us that extra push forward
in our investigation. (Izzie)
Let’s go learn about Bree. I’m Bree.
Come on in. Tah-dah! The room. I’m like, a big makeup freak. This is what my eyes look
like before I put makeup on. This is what my eyes look
like after I do my makeup. This is where all
the cooking goes down. This is my dog Sable. Go lay down.
Back up! Go! (laughs) No. (laughs) I play volleyball. I’ve been playing since I was 4. Got it! ♪
♪ (Claire)
Emily took us to this really
cool cooking academy for kids. So it was really bright, and
it was really roomy in there, and it was nice. We’re just going to
focus on each ingredient and what’s really special
about each ingredient. Sugar molecules love water,
totally attracted to water, so they’ll just pull
them out of the fruit. So you’ll get a nice
sauce from putting sugar on, and that’s going to be
to our advantage when we’re making
a peach cobbler. So collard greens;
there’s an enzyme in here. When you cut the leaves, you break
the cellular structure, and it makes a new compound
that has a really better taste. Is there
a way to alter it so that it still has the same
benefits, but tastes different? Oh, that’s a
really good thought. Well, I think that’s
where seasonings come in. Why don’t we break
and do some brainstorming. Yeah,
brainstorm, SciGirls. My stomach is growling. (Claire)
So we really want to
change up this peach cobbler, and well, like Emily said, find different things
that we could change. Maybe roll it up and…
And chop it. Yeah. So we’re going to
need to come up with some way
to evaluate our foods. So one of the ways that
we can do this in science is to set up
a survey. I would probably ask like,
what the texture is? (Bree)
We want to do a taste test because we are just basically
trying to take the food, greens and peaches,
and find out a way to bring out their flavor. So we just want to start out
with us and work our way up. So how do you want to
set up your peach experiment? Well, we were thinking
maybe experimenting with sugar and salt
and seeing how the juices can come out
with those two. What about like,
maybe an acid? Like lemon? Oh, yeah, lemon.
What are some other acids that we use in the kitchen?
Are you familiar with… Vinegar? Yes! Vinegar! (Monica)
We put lemon juice, we put
vinegar, we put salt, sugar, and we just had the peach itself
in like a control. (Emily) So we’ll try to retain as much of the texture and the
color as possible, and try to get rid of that
bitterness. Okay, I think we should
cook them all together. Yeah, and then every 5 minutes
we’ll take a small amount out. Yeah. It’s 5 minutes now. Okay. (clock ticks) Time for the taste test. (low, resonant chime) I’m ready for the test! ♪
♪ Can’t see anything!
(Bree) Good. What flavors come to mind
when eating this dish; sweet, salty,
bitter, sour, spicy? Salty,
and a little bitter. (Bree)
Giving the taste test
was really fun because it was just fun
to see what they thought without looking at the dish. (Monica)
When tasting the greens,
it was interesting. When Bree and Akilah remade it, it was more crunchy
and dry a lot of the times. With the collard greens,
you had one big batch, but we would take out a
certain portion every 5 minutes. What was the favorite? There was a tie between the
version cooked for 10 minutes and the version cooked for 25
minutes, which is interesting because one is cooked
way less than the other. (Claire) All right Bree,
are you ready for your test? Yeah! Let’s go! Then this is
your nose plug. The purpose
of the nose plug is so that you can’t smell
what’s on the peach. Okay, good? (Izzie) I’m good.
I got mine on. Ready! (Claire)
So what flavors come to mind
when eating this dish? (laughs) It’s like, sour and salty. Not good. Uh-uh. It was really fun to do
the taste test because it was fun seeing their reactions
to the peaches. (Bree)
Okay, so what do you guys
think was your least favorite? The one with the salt.
For sure. That was just horrible. It was like oh my gosh,
I can’t believe I chewed it. (Claire) You were
right on the salt. That’s the one that
was the least favorite. The favorite overall,
we put vinegar on it. That’s
interesting. Yeah. (Bree)
I think it’ll be interesting to see how these recipes turn
out as each of us experiment and find out new things
about our dish. Yeah. Bye. Bye. Good luck! (Izzie)
And here’s Akilah. Hi, my name’s Akilah, I’m 14. (plays classical music) I like to play the violin. That’s my favorite thing
to do, is play the violin. I like
to play softball. I brought my cat Nadia. I like to
read, watch TV– I’m a regular person. ♪
♪ Bye! We had our taste test.
We came up with some pretty weird results I’d say.
Do we want to make a graph? Yeah, we should. Let’s put
the highest number first, which was vinegar,
which is kind of weird. Emily said that
we should just use like, 2 to 3 teaspoons of vinegar
for 5 peaches, which if we can eliminate
2 cups of sugar… That would be
incredible! Today, Monica
and I are testing our variations
on the peach cobbler, and the first one
was the granola topping. That’s pretty much all it is, is oats and nuts
and dried fruit. So my guess is that
it’s pretty good for you. So we just made the granola
that my family makes and put it on top of the peaches
with a little bit of vinegar and then popped
that in the oven. (timer bell rings) ♪
♪ I think it’s done. Tastes a lot more
like peach. Yeah, this is really good. But it doesn’t taste
like peach cobbler, which was one
of our main goals. I have an idea
for a technique. We could grind some of
these nuts up into a fine meal. The second one,
we made a nut topping with Emily and put that on top. (Emily)
So this is brown rice syrup, and it just is
a little bit less sweet, and it’s a
little bit stickier I find than some of the other binders. We put coconut milk in
it just to make it juicy, and make it a little
bit more interesting, and get a different flavor
and see what happened. (timer bell rings) ♪
♪ It’s an interesting flavor and kind of an interesting texture. Hm, I like this one too! Yeah, me too. And I think our decision should
be the nut streusel topping with the coconut milk
and the granola topping. Well, I think
it’ll be good to let the taste testers
taste it out. Hi. I’m Claire,
I’m 15 years old. I’ve been a dancer since I was
3, and I love to cook. I really like to use fresh
ingredients from our garden. This is my dog
Oakley. Hi Oakley! Pasta is one of
my favorite foods, and shells are
my favorite pasta. When not cooking and dancing, I love to spend time outside
at my house. (Izzie) Back at ya, Claire! Today’s challenge…
collard greens! That was a little scary! Today, me and Akilah
experimented with how we wanted to flavor
the greens in a healthier way. We learned from Emily that
the longer you cook something, the more the
nutrients comes out. So maybe if we
added some seasoning. We could cook it for
5 minutes, which is even better. We’re gonna start
it at 5 minutes, then we’re going
to add the greens. (sizzling) (Emily)
Hi guys, how you doing? We were thinking
to add more flavor, soy sauce and smoked paprika.
What do you think about that? I think those are both
really great ideas. I think they’ll replace
the ham hock really nicely. Are you going to serve
them just as collard greens, or have you decided how
you’re going to serve them yet? (Bree)
We going to put them on a pizza. (Emily laughs) Oh, good idea! (Akilah) Everyone likes pizza.
(Emily) Everybody like pizza. (Izzie laughs) Whoa! Amazing, SciGirls! ♪
♪ That’s really good! One thing I’m
really happy about, the bitterness
factor is gone. When we tasted
the pizzas, Bree and I both liked
the paprika one better. It’s definitely sweeter
than this one. This one is definitely
more bitter. Yum, good job,
you guys! We were thinking let’s just
make 2 paprika pizzas, but call them different names
and see how people take to them, and see how a name can affect
how people like it or not. So our next big step is
to invite all of our friends to come and taste the pizza,
and what they think of it. ♪
♪ First thing today
me and my friends are going to go to
this test kitchen, and that’s where we’re
going to do the taste tests. The main idea is we’re going
to have the same pizza. Just the names are
going to be different. Yeah. Play with people’s heads,
make them think they’re eating 2 different pizzas,
but they’re not. Same thing,
different names? Tricky! (Bree)
So we will go with
Pizza ala Tasty. Then let’s just put…
(Akilah) Collard Greens Pizza. (Monica)
We’re cooking and trying
to get this taste test ready, but we have to get it done
in like what, 1/2 an hour? Okay, we really need
to move fast here because people
are showing up. In the next room, we have
our taste testers showing up, which is really, nerve-wracking. I’m definitely getting
a taste of the pressure of being on a cooking show
or something. We could use help
kneading out this dough. As long as our cobbler
is in the oven, I’m fine. We had this little tiny oven.
We put our cobblers in, and after I had put it in,
I didn’t really feel any heat coming out towards me, and I was
like hmm, that’s a little weird. This has
absolutely no heat. Oh, my goodness. (Bree)
It’s just like, warm in there. (Monica)
We planned the taste test, but I mean, there’s only so much
you can plan when you face difficulties like that–
that oven didn’t work. Okay, let’s try to find another
market, like another bakery, and see if they’ll
let us use it. Everyone’s waiting already.
Grab your things, and let’s go. Um, slight difficulties have
led us to believe that we will not be starting this taste test
for maybe a couple minutes… More than a couple minutes
because the oven is not working. Sorry for the delay. We’ll try to get it done
as fast as we can. All right. Thank you.
Thank you. Hi. Thank you so much!
Thank you so much for letting us use this.
We owe you. (Monica)
When the bakery offered
to let us use their oven, I think as a whole group
we felt really relieved. And so even though
it was hectic, I think we did pretty well. You’re going to
be tasting 2 foods and 2 versions
of each food. So be honest
about what you taste. Yeah, don’t try
to be nice. (all laugh) If you don’t like it,
just say it. 1, 2, 3 go! ♪
♪ Here’s collard greens pizza–
do you want to taste some? That’s pizza A. And try this one pizza B,
Pizza ala Tasty. What flavors come to mind
when tasting this dish? It’s not really spicy,
it’s kind of savory. Okay, so soft. It’s still salty.
Still salty? The leaves are kind of,
a little bit bitter. Which textures come to mind
when tasting dish A? Kind of smooth. Okay, so soft. Chewy… and hard. It’s really soft. It’s kind of dense. Which dish do you
prefer, A or B? A. If you had to pick one,
which one would you pick? Out of these 2? A. A? A or B? Um, probably B. I like A better.
You like A better. It was a really hectic day.
We were all running around, scrambling around
and half trying to figure out what we were
supposed to be doing. We got everything baked,
we got it all done. So that was good. (Izzie)
Now let’s meet Monica. I’m Monica,
and this is my drum set. ♪
♪ Oh yeah,
that’s my Dad. Hi! This is my family’s guinea pig. And now we can
go into the kitchen. The finished product, Scallion
pancakes–it’s delicious! Let’s look over our data here and see what we found. That was pretty interesting
today, wasn’t it? Yes, it was.
It was kind of hectic. It was super crazy. (Akilah)
8 people liked the
greens pizza, which is letter A. 6 people liked the Pizza ala
Tasty, which is letter B. (Bree)
Which is surprising because
I thought Pizza ala Tasty would be way above the
greens pizza’s numbers. In the future,
instead of having them taste it and telling us which
one they liked better… Just have them pick it off.
Like if we made a menu, then we say
which one would you like, and just see
which one they pick. The family recipe
compared to the paprika recipe. Sodium from the family
recipe is 1926 milligrams, and the sodium from
the paprika recipe is 366. Shocking.
Not really, but… But it’s a good shock. Yeah! For paprika, the total fat is 8
grams, and the total fat in the family
recipe is 43 grams. So we didn’t just accomplish
this, we nailed it. Yes. So looking at this,
it’s kind of obvious that people really liked
the granola topping. Granola was picked
as the favorite by our taste testers
by more than 2 to 1. I was a little bit surprised by the results of the taste test
just because I thought they were going to
like the nut topping better. Because when we made it, we both thought
the nut topping was better. Better tasting
and, yeah. So I wonder what the difference
was between us and the crowd. The calories and the sugars
and the fats were all decreased by a lot. And we added fiber, and we added protein,
which is important, and it’s good that you
get that in a dessert. ♪
♪ So today we’re at the Farmers
Market, and we’re going to be passing out our recipes
and passing out samples for our peach cobbler
and the collard greens. In the end, we decided on 2
names for each of our dishes, and it’s Peach Out… Peach Out! And Pizza Ala Tasty. Yeah! Attention all
Farmers Market shoppers. We’re currently having
a cooking demonstration, and we’re going to be giving
out free samples of pizza and peach cobbler. So come on over
to the information booth. I feel really good
about what we did because we actually
achieved our goal. We’ll show you some of
the techniques we used so you can see how
to make it at home. We have some
recipes up here. People at the market seemed to
really honestly like our food. They kept on wanting more. It was really rewarding,
and we were all very happy! Hi guys!
Great job! Hey, Emily! (Akilah)
Emily met us
at the Farmers Market, and so it was pretty fun
to see her, that we learned a lot from her, and so we kind of applied
that into our cooking today. Thank you so much, Emily,
you helped us so much. Thanks for being
such great learners! (Claire)
I think what I gained
from this experience was really being aware
of healthy eating, so that I could really
change the way that I eat and the way that
the people around me eat. The things we did here, it really reinforced
our friendships, and I think we’re going to keep
doing that in the future. (Bree)
We have that mentality,
like okay, we’re a team, we’re gonna nip this
in the bud, we’re gonna get it,
and we have fun doing it too. So it’s great. Yea! We did it! We did it. 1, 2, 3. (Monica laughs) Okay, so if you can’t tell which ones have
vegetables in them, you cut out the junk food
and eat healthier, right? You’re not gonna fool me
with this blindfold thingy. I can smell a vegetable
a mile away. So yeah, it’s a deal. Deal! Mmm. Mmm…hey, that’s good! Mashed potatoes.
Nothin’ wrong with that! Yeah, except that it’s
mashed potatoes and broccoli! No way. Way! That’s one…next dish. (slurping) Ooh, that’s awesome! It’s a chocolate shake, right? Well, it’s
chocolate infused. Chocolate infused what? (Izzie) Wheat grass! Yuk! Ugh. Hey, hey, hey! You can’t
take back liking it! I know. I know. (laughs) That’s 2. Last one. (crunch) Mmm. Okay, it’s good,
tastes like an apple, but I know it has to be a trick. It’s got a spinach wrap
or something? Nope, just an apple. Tricky. I’m sorry little guys,
I’m gonna miss you. Oh Jake, you’re
breakin’ my heart. Ah, go ahead, eat it. It’s all about
moderation, Jake. All about moderation. In my family, we like to make
a lot of foods from all over. What about that paradise salad
that you were talking about that one time?
(Claire) We make that a lot. You just find
a bunch of canned vegetables and throw it all together. (Akilah)
My food background
is somewhat southern, but then we like to eat
a lot of pizza and chili and different stuff like that. What about you, Monica? We make Chinese food
in general, and one of them is
called cao you bing, and it’s basically like a
Chinese pancake I would call, and it’s super delicious. Our investigation
is about rescue robots. We wanted to give the robot
human personality traits. (computerized voice) Hello
SciGirls! (all) Robots! We went star gazing, and we
couldn’t see many stars. (woman) Light pollution is
actually a really big environmental
problem. Star party! (all laugh) Let’s scuba! We both became
interested in the health of the reefs, and it became this
full-on investigation. I used to think being
a scientist was wearing a lab coat.
It’s going to be really cool. Funding for “SciGirls”
is provided by the following… The National
Science Foundation– supporting education
and research across all fields
of science and engineering. The National Science
Foundation– where discoveries begin! (woman) Math, science,
and curious young minds. They’re our future. That’s why Exxon Mobile and
former astronaut Sally Ride created the Sally Ride
Science Academy to help teachers inspire
our students so they may become the scientists
and engineers of tomorrow. ♪
♪ Hey there! Hi! The SciGirls Website
is off the hook! You can set up a profile,
find new friends, create a page
for your science project, watch SciGirls videos,
and have fun! So come on– be a SciGirl
on See you there! Bye! (girls)
♪ S-C-I-G-I-R-L-S ♪ CC–Armour Captioning & TPT

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