SCP-241 Good Home Cooking | Safe | food / biohazard / book scp

Item #: SCP-241 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: SCP-241 is
to be kept at Site-19 using standard operating procedures for containing Safe-class book-
and manuscript-type SCPs (see Document 241-05-3H), with the following additional conditions:
SCP-241 must be kept open on a flat surface, with restraints across opposing pages of the
open book to keep it from closing accidentally. Containment devices must be checked at least
once a week for structural integrity. Any anomalies must be reported immediately
to Site Command. Access to SCP-241 is restricted. Any and all usage of SCP-241 must be logged. SCP-241 must be transported in an authorized
bookstand such that it cannot accidentally be closed in transit. In the event that SCP-241 is opened outside
of a testing environment, the last person to have touched it must report to the nearest
infirmary, and a D-class personnel must close and re-open SCP-241. Description: SCP-241 appears as a normal book,
33 cm x 23 cm x 3.5 cm, entitled Good Home Cooking. The cover of SCP-241 is a red and white checkerboard
pattern, with the title in simple black letters on the front and spine. When open, SCP-241 contains 99 recipes, sorted
into typical sections of a cookbook. Many of these recipes include a picture of
the dish that is invariably appetizing, and a small percentage will call for rare or exotic
ingredients. Whenever SCP-241 is opened by a subject (known
as the Target) different from the one who last opened it (i.e. the previous Target),
the recipes contained in the book change. Preliminary investigations concluded that
if the Target eats a dish prepared from one of the recipes in SCP-241, that person soon
dies from apparent anaphylactic shock. Others who eat the same dish are not similarly
affected. Testing has been authorized to determine the
exact nature of SCP-241’s effects. SCP-241 appears to be impervious to getting
dirty and to at least minor damage. For example, sauces splashed onto its pages
disappear almost immediately, and torn pages and nicks on the cover are repaired within
seconds. Testing on the limits of SCP-241’s durability
are not authorized without approval from [DATA EXPUNGED] and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Research on SCP-241 continues, including potential
interaction with other SCP items. For more information on current experimentation,
please see the Supplemental Testing Log. Directive 241-S06, ██/██/20██ In light of recent test results with SCP-241,
no further testing of SCP-241 on personnel without pre-existing food allergies is authorized
without Level 4 Security Clearance. Testing may continue on personnel with pre-existing
food allergies as long as documentation of said allergies has been filed with [DATA EXPUNGED]. –O5-██. Directive 241-S09, ██/██/20██ Reclassification of SCP-241 to Euclid class
is denied. Honestly, the cookbook? Leave it in its room and everything’s fine. It’s no one else’s fault if you don’t
know what you’re allergic to and don’t bother to find out beforehand. Unless you’re cooking for your significant
other, then you’d better know. –O5-██. Directive 241-S11, ██/██/20██ Cross-testing SCP-241 with other SCPs will
be considered on a case-by-case basis. Exposure to SCP-682 has already been considered
and denied. –O5-██. Addendum 1: Acquisition Summary The Foundation became aware of SCP-241 in
April 20██, while investigating reports of a “black widow” in ██████, ██, named
████████ █████████. Mrs. █████████ had been married
four times, and all four of her husbands had died shortly after eating a meal at home. However, since authorities never found evidence
of foul play, Mrs. █████████ was never charged with any crime. Subsequent interviews with Mrs. █████████ by
Foundation personnel revealed the existence of SCP-241, at which time SCP-241 was seized
by Foundation agents. Mrs. █████████ revealed
that she had first realized there was something unusual with SCP-241 when [DATA EXPUNGED]. See document [DATA EXPUNGED] for transcripts
of interviews with Mrs. █████████. Addendum 2: Initial Testing Log All tests on SCP-241 were carried out in Test
Kitchens at Site-19, using D-class personnel for test subjects, unless otherwise indicated. Test 241-01, ██/██/20██ Subject: Subject 241-A was chosen from general
population. No unusual traits selected for. Procedure: Subject 241-A was presented SCP-241
while closed and instructed to open it, choose a recipe, prepare it, and eat it, while giving
feedback during the entire process. Results: Before exposure to SCP-241, subject
declared that he had “never cooked anything more complicated than Ramen noodles.” Subject opened SCP-241, reporting nothing
unusual. Subject looked through recipes in SCP-241,
choosing Sautéed Scallops in a White Wine Sauce. Subject prepared the Sautéed Scallops from
the recipe in SCP-241, and when complete, remarked that he did not know he could do
that. Subject declared that the prepared dish smelled
“fantastic”, and while eating it, declared, “This is the best thing I’ve ever eaten!” Three minutes after completing the meal, subject
started showing symptoms of anaphylactic shock. Subject was treated with emergency doses of
epinephrine, but treatment was not effective. Subject died from anaphylactic shock six minutes
afterward (later confirmed by autopsy). A subsequent examination of SCP-241 revealed
that 81 of its recipes called for shellfish. SCP-241 was left open. Analysis: Results are consistent with previous
descriptions of the effects of SCP-241. Test 241-02, ██/██/20██ Subject: Subject 241-B was chosen from general
population. Subject reports no known allergies to scallops
or other shellfish. Procedure: SCP-241 was still open from Test
241-01. Subject 241-B was instructed to not close
SCP-241, find the Sautéed Scallops recipe, prepare it, and eat it, while giving feedback
during the entire process. Results: Before exposure to SCP-241, subject
expressed doubt that he’d be able to prepare the Sautéed Scallops recipe. After preparing the dish, subject expressed
surprise that he had done so, similarly to the reaction of Subject 241-A, and said that
the dish smells “pretty good”. While eating, subject declared that the dish
was “pretty good” and again expressed surprise that he had cooked it. Subject did not suffer anaphylactic shock
or any other adverse effect after completing the meal. Post-testing observation of subject revealed
no long-term effects from eating the dish. SCP-241 was left open. Analysis: Results are consistent with previous
descriptions of the effects of SCP-241. Suspect that SCP-241 may somehow improve the
cooking skill of whoever is preparing the dish. Test 241-03, ██/██/20██ Subject: Subjects 241-C and 241-D were chosen
from general population. Both subjects report no skill in cooking and
no allergies to shellfish. Procedure: SCP-241 was still open from Test
241-02. Subject 241-C was instructed to not close
SCP-241, find the Sautéed Scallops recipe, and transcribe it to a standard sheet of paper. In a separate test kitchen, Subject 241-D
was given the transcribed recipe and instructed to prepare and eat the dish prepared. Results: Subject 241-C found and transcribed
the recipe without incident. The transcribed recipe was visually compared
to the recipe in SCP-241 and confirmed to be identical. SCP-241 was left open. Subject displayed no adverse effects from
interaction with SCP-241. Subject 241-D was given the transcribed recipe
and attempted to prepare the Sautéed Scallops, but experienced difficulty and frustration,
several times declaring, “I told you guys I can’t cook!” The completed dish did not look or smell nearly
as good as in previous tests. Subject balked at eating the dish, saying
that “it smells like ████,” but was persuaded to eat it by [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject ate approximately 40% of the meal
before stating, “I’m gonna be sick,” at which time subject vomited. Subject was instructed to finish the meal,
but subject responded [DATA EXPUNGED]. Termination of subject considered but rejected
in favor of further testing. Analysis: More evidence that SCP-241 can improve
the cooking skill of its user. Subject 241-D retained for further testing. Test 241-04, ██/██/20██ Subject: Subject 241-D. Procedure: SCP-241 was still open from Test
241-03. Subject 241-D was instructed to not close
SCP-241, find the Sautéed Scallops recipe, prepare it, and eat it, while giving feedback
during the entire process. Results: Subject vociferously protested to
having to eat her own cooking, but was persuaded to cooperate with the promise that subject
would not have to eat the resultant dish if it turned out like in the previous test. Subject expressed skepticism but proceeded
to prepare the Sautéed Scallops recipe. While cooking the dish, subject experienced
none of the difficulties she experienced from the previous test, instead expressing the
now-familiar surprise that her cooking was turning out so well. The completed dish looked and smelled similar
to the results of Test 241-02. Subject was not nearly as reluctant to eat
the prepared dish, declaring it “not bad… not bad at all.” Subject did not appear to suffer from any
adverse effects after eating the dish. During post-testing interviews, subject was
asked how she was able to prepare the Sautéed Scallops during this test when the results
of the previous test were so unappetizing. Subject stated that she did not know, only
that once she started cooking the dish, it became perfectly clear to her how to do it. Subject did not appear to have any additional
knowledge of cooking, and even had trouble remembering the cooking techniques she used
in this test. Analysis: There is now little doubt that SCP-241
can turn people who know nothing about cooking into gourmet chefs, at least for the dish
that’s being prepared. Test 241-11, ██/██/20██ Subject: Subjects 241-E and 241-F were chosen
from general population. Subject 241-E is known to have an allergy
to peanuts. Subject 241-F has demonstrated considerable
skill as a chef. Procedure: Subject 241-E was presented SCP-241
while closed and instructed to open it and choose a recipe. Subject 241-F was then instructed to prepare
the selected meal from SCP-241. The prepared dish was given to Subject 241-E,
who was then asked to eat it. Results: Subject 241-E opened SCP-241 and,
while looking through the recipes offered, stated that all the recipes called for peanuts,
adding, “peanuts mess me up something fierce.” Subject found a few recipes that did not include
peanuts, and selected an Australian Carrot Cake. Subject 241-F prepared the Carrot Cake from
SCP-241 and remarked that the finished product was better than he expected. The cake was presented to Subject 241-E, who
started eating without prompting or hesitation. Subject stated that the cake was “the best
thing I’ve ever eaten” and ate nearly half the cake before claiming satiation. Within two minutes, subject started showing
symptoms of anaphylactic shock. Subject was administered epinephrine, which
was ineffective, and died four minutes later (autopsy confirmed anaphylactic shock as the
cause of death). The recipes in SCP-241 were examined, and
85 of the 99 recipes called for peanuts or peanut products, but the Australian Carrot
Cake was not one of them. The Carrot Cake and seven other recipes included
lupin flour; a quick search found that lupin flour can induce an anaphylactic reaction
in those who suffer from peanut allergies. The remaining six recipes called for more
exotic ingredients: two called for [DATA EXPUNGED], and while the other four asked for [DATA EXPUNGED],
respectively. SCP-241 remained open. The remaining half of the cake was saved for
further testing. Analysis: Reactions of Subjects 241-E and
241-F were both consistent with prior observations. The selection of recipes supports the theory
that SCP-241 somehow determines the substance that the Target is most allergic to, and offers
recipes to specifically induce a fatal allergic reaction in the Target. Contacted [DATA EXPUNGED] for analysis of
the six “exotic” recipes. Test 241-12, ██/██/20██ Subject: Subject 241-F, [DATA EXPUNGED] Procedure: Subject 241-F was instructed to
prepare the six dishes that contain neither peanuts nor lupin flour. The dishes were turned over to [DATA EXPUNGED]
for analysis. The six recipes were transcribed and turned
over to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Results: [DATA EXPUNGED] Analysis: [DATA EXPUNGED] Subject 241-F showed no apparent ill effects
from preparing seven different dishes from SCP-241 in quick succession. Recommend retaining subject to study long-term
effects of secondary (i.e. not as the Target) exposure to SCP-241. Test 241-13, ██/██/20██ Subject: Subject 241-G was chosen from general
population and is known to have an allergy to peanuts. Procedure: Subject was instructed to eat the
remaining cake from Test 241-11. Results: Subject asked if the cake contained
peanuts, and was assured that it did not. Subject stated that he didn’t much like
carrot cake, and was told [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject started eating the cake, remarking
that the cake was “pretty good, actually”. Subject consumed approximately 75% of the
remaining cake before declaring satiation. After seven minutes, subject started showing
signs of anaphylactic shock. Epinephrine was administered, and subject
was stabilized. Subject eventually recovered, although recovery
time was somewhat longer than expected. Analysis: It appears that, although the recipes
from SCP-241 are potentially hazardous to anyone susceptible to the allergen in question,
SCP-241’s recipes are most potent against the Target. Results from Tests 241-12 and 241-13 are encouraging
to [DATA EXPUNGED] for [DATA EXPUNGED]. Test 241-14, ██/██/20██ Subject: Subject 241-H was chosen from general
population. According to complete health screenings, subject
has no food allergies. Procedure: Subject was instructed to open
SCP-241 and leave it open for analysis. Results: Analysis of SCP-241 showed that 79
of the recipes on its pages called for chicken eggs or egg-based products. 15 of the remaining recipes called for eggs
from [DATA EXPUNGED]. The other five recipes [DATA EXPUNGED]. These five recipes were transcribed by [DATA
EXPUNGED] and turned over to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject 241-H stated that she had never experienced
any problems eating eggs before. Subject was presented with one dozen hard-boiled
chicken eggs and was instructed to eat them. Subject asked for salt and pepper (granted),
and proceeded to eat the eggs. While eating the third egg, subject started
complaining of stomach pain. Subject was instructed to continue eating,
and she begrudgingly continued. Upon ingesting her seventh egg, subject collapsed
on the floor, doubled over in pain. Within 60 seconds, subject started showing
signs of anaphylactic shock. Epinephrine was administered, and subject
was stabilized. Subject recovered, within the expected recovery
time for such an episode. Analysis: We now have evidence that SCP-241
somehow induces or amplifies an allergy in the Target when SCP-241 is opened. This ability would explain how SCP-241 is
able to cause an allergic reaction in Targets without pre-existing food allergies. For information about subsequent and current
experimentation, see the Supplemental Testing Log. Experiment Log 241-L02: Supplemental Testing
on SCP-241 just as in Initial Testing, all tests on SCP-241
were carried out in Test Kitchens at Site-19, using D-class personnel for test subjects,
unless otherwise indicated. Test 241-21, ██/██/20██ Subject: Subject 241-J was chosen from general
population. Health screenings indicate subject is allergic
to peanuts. The severity of subject’s allergy was determined
using [DATA EXPUNGED] Test. Procedure: Subject was instructed to close
and open SCP-241 several times at prescribed intervals. Each time SCP-241 was opened, the complete
contents of SCP-241 were recorded and transcribed, while subject underwent [DATA EXPUNGED] Test. Results: [DATA EXPUNGED] Test results indicated
the subject’s allergy to peanuts worsened each time subject opened SCP-241. Subject’s allergy was most affected the
first time he opened SCP-241, and subsequently opening SCP-241 appears to have diminishing
effects. However, subject’s allergy worsened from
“mild” to “severe” on [DATA EXPUNGED] Scale. Most of the recipes in SCP-241 reappeared
when subject closed and reopened SCP-241. Between 11 and 17 (inclusive) new recipes
appeared each time SCP-241 was reopened. Recipes that had been replaced did not reappear. Only one “exotic” recipe was replaced,
after subject had opened SCP-241 for the fourth time. Complete records of the contents of SCP-241
during this test can be found [DATA EXPUNGED]. Analysis: The effects of SCP-241 appear to
follow the Law of Diminishing Returns. SCP-241 also appears to tailor its choice
of recipes to the specific condition of the Target, though much more testing would be
necessary to prove that theory. Suggest analysis of recipes offered during
normal testing of SCP-241. Test 241-22, ██/██/20██ Subject: Subject 241-K is a rhesus monkey. Health screenings indicated no apparent food
allergies or other health problems. Procedure: Subject was introduced to SCP-241
and encouraged to open it by handlers. Handlers were instructed to keep subject from
closing SCP-241 again. Results: Subject eventually opened SCP-241
and handlers kept it open for analysis. The contents of SCP-241 were consistent with
previous results for a Target with a shellfish allergy, though again unique for the Target. Testing confirmed subject had developed an
allergy to shellfish. A dish was prepared from SCP-241 by Subject
241-F and presented to Subject 241-K. Subject 241-K ate the meal without hesitation, and
nine minutes later was dead from anaphylactic shock, consistent with previous testing. Analysis: SCP-241 is just as effective on
(certain) non-humans as it is on humans. The working theory now is that SCP-241 works
on anything potentially susceptible to food allergies that can and does open SCP-241. Test 241-23, ██/██/20██ Subject: Subject 241-L is a robot designed
for remote manipulation of hazardous materials. Procedure: Subject was remote controlled by
[DATA EXPUNGED], who was instructed to have the subject open SCP-241. Results: Subject opened SCP-241 via remote
control. The contents of SCP-241 were identical to
before it was closed previously. Analysis: SCP-241 apparently does not respond
to inorganic Targets. Test 241-24, ██/██/20██ Subject: Subject 241-M/859-E was chosen from
general population. Health screenings indicated no allergies. Procedure: Subject was exposed to SCP-859
via touch. Subject then placed within a MOPP-4 containment
suit. Subject was given SCP-241 and instructed to
open it, and to keep it open. Results: Tests on skin sample taken from subject
confirm development of severe allergy to spider venom, as per usual with contact with SCP-859. [DATA EXPUNGED] producing a mild burn. SCP-241 retained its previous set of recipes. Analysis: SCP-241 apparently requires physical
contact with Subject. Test 241-25, ██/██/20██ Subject: Subject 241-M/859-E Procedure: Subject given a standard Class
D uniform. Subject was given SCP-241 and instructed to
open it. Results: Subject dropped SCP-241 to the floor
and began screaming. SCP-241 came to rest against [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject given a mild sedative. SCP-241 contained a set of arachnid-based
and themed recipes. The meal “Mr. Skeleton’s Halloween Spider
Snacks” was selected and prepared from SCP-241 by Subject 241-F. Due to Subject 241-M/859-E
having severe arachnophobia, [DATA EXPUNGED]. Within two minutes, the subject experienced
breathing difficulties and partial paralysis. This was closely followed by the typical symptoms
of anaphylaxis. Immediate administration of epinephrine did
not prevent the Subject from expiring. Analysis: Although the images found in SCP-241
are typically considered pleasing or appetizing, it does not seem to have any particular sentience. Autopsy confirmed the presence of venom and
neurotoxins produced by the Brazilian Wandering Spider. Upon inspection of the crate of bananas which
was used for chosen dish [DATA EXPUNGED]. Helicopters ███████ ██████. Local
farmers were [DATA EXPUNGED].

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  10. This one implies the boom seems to affect probability or can scan for objects that contain anything that can be made into an allergen from environment before putting forth it's lethal choices.

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