y’all ready let’s go let’s go hey my connectors welcome back to the channel if you’re new to the channel and
subscribe join the family I feel like good food is the place to be
come and have a little fun with your girl Casey what am i connected and
welcome back to the channel yeah you can see I’m not home but anyway I’m an
Animal Kingdom Lodge in Orlando Florida so I have hot and juicy I have a seafood
boil from hot and juicy so if you are new to the channel if you
can please hit your subscribe button and your notification bell so you’ll be
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a comment I truly appreciate it so yes we have
it’s called the drool okay so I have snow crabs crawfish shrimp sausage
potatoes I have calamari Perrier to drink I think that’s everything and corn
potatoes I think I say there but anyway I know you probably can’t see me cuz I
ain’t bring no lights but we’re gonna jump in and get started
anyway I hope you guys are doing well ready for the weekend I’m having a lot
of fun and ready for the weekend so we don’t have a hot you juicy when Jackson
will try come wait to Texas but and then they’ll drool you get this just a crap
day don’t worry about it that’s the crab leg I got
mmm-hmm and the total price of this was I want to say sixty-five dollars I know
you laughs yeah 65 so y’all ready no I was looking for sideways this steak
sauce I poured it out of the bag mr. hot reduces sauce when I’m bout some
lemons to y’all about some lemons from on public alright no I don’t say I’m a
needle oh thank you guys so much for watching that sushi video that was like
1 o’clock in the morning here I was so tired
yeah um I dressed up I shall I pull it after me I bought us what out the closet
and it was – look this would be a really pretty sweater alright so many sweaters I didn’t either
well the nozzle mm-hmm sure I could have brought some snow
perhaps I’m home don’t worry about it we gonna talk about it oh you did what it
is oh shoot I don’t put it in the cocktail sauce it don’t matter
mmm no stops is just good I finished I ain’t doing sausages okay good well we
had a lot of fun having lunch but we are back late last night oh baby if you want
to know if you insane try to hit these amusement parks and see if you can go
around these parts one or two times that’s how you know if you a shape
mm-hmm okay and you want to be the last one trying
to hang around you know trying to hang calamari good they actually if you want the Cajun
calamari go to regular I got the Ridgeland so then one other so I know
how soldiers won’t be hmm and then um clue piano Ilana and Alicia went to
movies on me and kids went this morning to UM vitality boat go get this and I
like an acai bowl you know that’s what he won’t like so shrimp oh no yo I love
myself well maybe it was just out okay yeah you don’t know how to do but
anyways yeah thank you guys so much watching that video it was late that
night Keanu was getting up for midnight snack and I was like listen we’re gonna
pop on the weed though some clothes on and on film a video so that word doesn’t
do it so grateful because the Wi-Fi when uploading here is not fans it’s not fast
at all so this video won’t be long gone cuz I don’t want to take felt about
uploader nobody just clean this out real quick I
know y’all are like uh-uh let’s eat it like that I can’t clean
back not like mushy mm-hmm mushy shrimp I’m taking other people mmm they have to
cook my own boil come every night for $67 don’t get once not bad I’m used to
eat 300 well young son I want to do the power
challenge may not do Alisha or Keanu I don’t can’t be trying to be sleep see
it really low they’re reducible to kiss each other play the trash someone do it
out hope not me at this video uploaded it won’t a fail but I don’t know what’s
not go I need to open this oh and I got the spice level that I got
on this was um medium because she says she don’t think I can handle spicy Dario
do you know me there’s like if you if you have to
question the spice I would never tell you to get spicy so that was like how
spicy is the spikes me it was like if you have to ask you can’t handle it I know you like because I want you to
enjoy your food I don’t want you to get it can’t eat it
who say the medium is a seven I can handle this one it’s got a kick
but it’s not bad at all at all mmm-hmm no I should go but I should have
got spicy oh no that’s okay why did shrink why
does shrimp mushy I don’t understand wait and see that you shouldn’t you
shouldn’t be able to squeeze your shrimp like that okay he does yes I should be
calamari and their loved one crab earlier they gave me top done anything a
word I need to travel some people call um lots of people Cajun boy or something like that and I
remember juice of crap stuff being like this so I wouldn’t be like y’all go
taste em knife is like this all the time Oh unless you said we can take the head
off the shrimp plate for two dollars so you have to just you know do what you
got to do you know home okay not home a sausage I just do the sausage and
potatoes I asked me if I told her has me isn’t it so I already boiled adenosine
Publix but I told you no I should have went to that crap last time to April
took me to one time great food was good no I don’t even that place called Carens
gets do that hmm well I definitely not something I recommend mm-hmm and those of you have been hot juice let
me know if you like him now what did you do it’s funny cuz I didn’t like that on
what’s that place submarine down and down south I don’t like that one either
hardy mine ain’t like them reason so I guess I’m just gonna be a person that
just eat out to eat bones make my own stuff but the restaurants the boy is
gonna be good we’re like like cars outside
we are you and it’s those they something all that either to me I would have rather had be loved or
dating some Washu locked my lover songs dating stones beloved sauce Tasha’s
songs a lot of people don’t watch they snow crabs yeah oh yeah buddy yeah I
wash on snow crabs I wash mine you get all of the lakes stuff out of
this part right here my restaurant they don’t I’m gonna toss it in this thing yeah they just toss some but I can not
eat the shrimp like that ain’t happening so nobody shrunk light it mm-hmm mm-hmm ciao well yeah shall I share the picture
though well the Savannah view but the resort oh my G I’m probably gonna share
some more stuff I think it goes to the power to my park tomorrow well because
we went back-to-back yesterday we took a break today
thank you baby these thighs and feet and legs and knees all of her no sausage you that should have got some
I thought it they said white rice when I should have got some sausage I mean
sausage racing to Commons or something look what I’m saying people eat this so
I was like oh next time a minute oh I did it
I’m trying no dance my kids just say no thank you
thank you no thank you in this CrossFit Brown now this thing will be no long
video okay Oh somebody said I’d do that somebody told
me not to say that don’t say that just do the video you’re right I said
not the happy oh girl look at this you just mush it in your hand no no we’re about I was gonna take out
like that so you gotta see the result but y’all kinda y’all haven’t seen
Animal Kingdom reserve before right cuz I had any one of my vlogs so I was gonna
take you around so y’all could see that but I don’t do it on the next video cuz
this one there’s a bus and then I gotta wash my hands and get all this stuff up
so I’m sorry this video was a lawyer so thank you so much for joining me I
really do appreciate it much love peace and blessings to each and every one of
you until the next video I had in my face
continue making connections with endless possibilities I love y’all bye y’all welcome to the after party show my kids
probably go coming here be like what is this many of let’s see food little bit
what is that dang I won’t let it in beckylyn strong autumn crawfish hmm yeah excuse me I don’t think I’d be
able to get the boy or some stuff from places like this and I was really no but
I’m gonna tell you who I didn’t like I might boiling crab when we went out
there in California I like boiling crab dance was good but hot and juicy the
first time I went to hide roost they were really really good this time I
don’t know they got some new cooks new management but this ain’t this wasn’t it
maybe because it was Friday lunchtime or something like that but this wasn’t it
right here I wouldn’t get histor nobody the commander I knew the corn look
overcooked and mushy so I don’t know you know how sometimes restaurants to cook a
whole bunch of stuff that they knew the rush I was coming in that’s what this
tastes like mm-hmm I already knew it I knew it what
I look daddy okay do this one y’all sorry I wish it was better when I get
home would have a good one cuz this wasn’t it alright love y’all let me turn
this camera off for cleaning stuff up back


  1. You have to let them know they food wasn't right. Uh un give me my money back. But lesson learned never go their again

  2. The shrimps are over cooked that’s why, I believe with the combo you got thru give half a pound of crab legs but girl that’s not half a pound

  3. Hey Sis, I would call and complain about that boil. I hope you and your Family enjoy your trip. Have fun you deserve it. Love You⚓😘🤗😘⚓

  4. Hi can you give me a shoutout on one of your videos please I love ❤️ you so much and you make the best seafood 🦞 boils ever I’m pretty sure

  5. If you are in Vegas please please try urban crawfish it is 10 times better! Get the all 4 mix and please please do a video on them they are bomb! Vegas is my place born and raised!

  6. I hope you called and complained about that. Ain't nobody got time to be blowing 65 dollars on something you cant enjoy. I'd take pics and the whole shit.

  7. While in Orlando we always go to the Lighthouse Seafood Buffet.Its $55. A head. Girl when i tell u. Its all u can eat and they cook your lobster and crab legs fresh . all u gotta do is ask. There food is sooo good. My husband and i tried everything on the buffet and we couldnt find anything we didnt like. I hope u have an amazing time . we love Disney. We go every year for a week 🙂

  8. Hey Niece, so sorry that you are unable to enjoy your seafood. Whoever overcooks corn on the cob? I'll wait until you are back home to enjoy? I did enjoy the conversation anyway. Auntie loves you to life. SopNItUp

  9. I don't like smooshy shrimp either I like mine real firm and I get you, I rather do my own but that's just us love you sis😀❤🙏I pray you had a wonderful time as always😀🙏👍👏👏

  10. That whole meal is just a mess for ya sis. Those shrimp are so 🤮 I agree with you. Y’all have fun in Disney n the Animal Kingdom is my favorite.. yes when you get home you can have a mountain of crab legs….

  11. Yess you in my city.. Hope to see you round maybe at the classics 😊 Glad you tried Hot and Juicy we haven't been yet was a bit skeptical but we will give it a try, looks pretty good.

  12. Ugh KC! I would’ve been taking that ol mushy meal right back to them. You a good one. Sorry you didn’t have a good experience. I’ve only gone to Hot n Juicy twice and neither time was it like that. Come to the Chicago area, I got a couple of places for you!

  13. Hello sis How are you but if I was you I would take The shrimp back to where I got them because they were no good when shrimp are mushy they are Old so I’m glad you did not eat them they probably would have made you Sick enjoy your vacation and have a blessed day much love

  14. Aw nawww. This boil…CHILE THE GHETTOOOO!! I like all my seafood slightly** overcooked. I’d rather it have a little extra snap than make me sick 😷🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️. I ask them to make sure my boil is well done period. I’m sorry that place played you Auntie 🤦🏾‍♀️

  15. Hey KC I did not get this video yesterday I happen to find this by scrolling down on YouTube. I can see YouTube tripping again choosing my videos to see they got me mess up because I'm not playing bout seeing my Mukbang channels 😁. KC call them and have them refund you your money and tell them to watch this video. They know not to cook those shrimp like that 😝😝😝. I wash everything going in my body especially seafood.

  16. What a waste 😔 they should be ashamed smh… I’m not worried because I know KC will have something good for us today!! Much❤️❤️❤️💯💯

  17. Hey sis the juicy crab here in Houston isn't all that. We have better places like Quuen crabs and King krabs and my house lol.

  18. Hello KC, since you are in the Orlando area try Hook & Reel Cajun Seafood Restaurant. Their food taste very good, the service is fast, and the atmosphere is very welcoming.

  19. Well know you know. No they not alright . You can't even eat your Shrimps. They need to give you back some of yo money. IJS. Mrs. KC CONNECTION

  20. You said 'Jacksonville' and I said Hey 🤩 I’m in J-Ville too 🙂 always looking for new places here!! Hope you had an amazing trip!! Keep up the great work 🤗

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