Season Chasers Crappie Catching & Cooking 115

Welcome to Season Chasers, I’m
Rob Freeman. Those that love nature and
outdoor sports spend a lot of quality time
looking for adventure throughout the year. The more you study, the more
you learn about the peak seasons in
nature. Its fun to know when its best
to go fishing or hunting, when its time to pick
blueberries, wild mushrooms or native pecans. Sometimes the peak season is
close to home, right in your own back yard. Or
it could be miles away near the mountains and the sea. Either way, this program will
Chase the Seasons where the action is Hot. The
season is Spring Its the last week of May and we’re at one of these
County crappie lakes here in Southeast Kansas. We’re
calling it a crappie lake because thats what we’re
catching today, or thats what we’re after. On the retrieve. [birds singing] [birds singing] Jason: That must be just
chumming it up. Rob: Today you’re in the
crappie boat with Jason and I on a couple of recent trips in the
month of May. Today we study, learn and share crappie fishing in Kansas. One thing we’ve learned for
sure is that this is not a go-fast lake. I’ve got a fifty-horse outboard on this boat, but we haven’t
even fired it up all day. There’s so much trees and brush here in the
way, that the last thing I want to do is tie into that
with a moving gas-operated propeller. We’re just using the trolling
motor today, and most of our fishing I believe is gonna be back in
the coves and in most instances when we
think we’re gonna find the fish, we’re gonna tie
up and really work it out. Not any long casts going on
here. A lot of up and down movement
close So, we want to get right on top of the fish, and get them in
the boat today and if we do, we might get them
in the pan before the morning is over.
Thats the whole idea Alright ladies and gentlemen,
we’re out here at a new place. And we’re scouting for crappie, and we found a few. I got a
little bit of a plastic crawdad on here, I’ve
been putting a little crappie nibble with it, and here’s a little
crappie for us to nibble… woo-woo. And we’re gonna try to get a
whole basket full of these today and the limit at this place is
fifty a day per person. If we end up
with fifty like this, we’re gonna
have a heck of a cleaning party. We’re gonna try to bring you
some of the action today as we share crappie season. Its probably about the middle
of May, and we’ve got some warm enough
water to get these crappie up into some shallower water, and
they’re feeding. We’ll get this guy in the
basket and show you what we’ve got so far. Here’s what we’ve got. We’ll
add this one to the stack! [splash] Crappie season, a lot
of fun here
in Southeast Kansas. [birds singing] [splash] Rob: Alright, Jason. Jason: In
the little fry zone. [birds singing] Rob: Got him. About average. [splash] [birds singing] [birds singing] [splash] Rob: What have you got, Jason?
Jason: Hey, we’ve got another one. The kind we like Rob: Woo, thats what we came
out here for. Jason: This is prime. for the frying pan. Rob:
Excellent. Jason: Yeah. Rob: Oh, I got one. Another
nice one here too. Look at this. This is why we like fishing
here. Heh-heh. Wow. [birds singing] Nobody wants to run the camera when we’re catching fish like
this. Jason: No. [birds singing] Rob: Got him. A little one. Jason: A fighter? Rob: No, its
my reel doing this. This is a dinker. This one is going back. [splash] [birds singing] Jason: There’s
one. Rob: Sometimes you got to get
through the tiny ones to get to the big ones. Rob: There’s a nice crappie.
Nope, not that big. Its a crappie. Its a target fish. Its a fat one. [splash] Go back. Jason: Oh, wow. Hit it like, that was a bass.
Rob: Yep. Yeah it was, I saw a black tail
on it. Jason: Hit it on the way down. Rob: Must be a big crowd down
there. Jason: Running with the wrong
group, didn’t he? Rob: Here we go. Medium. Jason: I just saw the
nibble come off. Rob: Yep. Somebody will get that. And enjoy it. Jason: Feels like a good one.
He’s not. [splash] [splash] Rob: Its a nice little channel
for them here. Jason: Yeah, we’ve lost very
few jigs and thats amazing. That you can even find Oh, yeah. Rob: Got him. There’s little ones in here too. Thats why they have a lot of
nibbles in those jars. So you can re-load. [splash] Cast out for a bigger one. Jason: Oh, I think he’s on
there. Rob: Good one? It was pretty close wasn’t it?
Jason: Yeah. [birds singing] [splash] Rob: The brown boat Yeah, this one might keep. Jason: Yep, I got it. Rob: We’ll, one of the bass
fishermen I talked to said he caught one on a plastic worm or something
one time that was three and a half pounds. Jason: Yeah, so did these other
guys. They said no they caught em on three pound crappie on bass
tubes. … plastic worm. Rob: Right here. Jason: Took my nibble off. Rob: Got him. Oh. Look at that, he part of my part of my crawdad. This is an unusual color. I
mean its brown. Thats not something you usually
think of for crappie. You know, you’d think of pink, white,
red, chartruce and all of those as being
crappie colors. We want the adventuresome,
artistic, big-fat kind. [splash] [birds singing] Rob: Right under the boat.
Descent too! Jason: Got him… oh, no. Rob: Oh, yeah. Rob: No fish in here. Rob: We need one of those big
boys again. Jason: Yeah. Rob: Now in the trees. Its a nibble stealer. [birds singing & splash] Rob: Its really difficult to do
is land a small fish and keep your nibble. Jason: You should get points. Jason: We can go across and
come back if you want. Rob: Well, lets make sure we fully exhausted this poor place. I don’t think so either, I just
got one right under the boat. Jason:
Must be a pile in there. [birds singing] Rob: On the retrieve. Jason: On nibbles. Jason: Thats gotta be just
chumming it up. Rob: Yeah. Rob: It leaves a lot of scent
in the water. [splash] Rob: Giving it the old twitch. [splash] Rob: Got him. Oh, lost him, he was half
sized, dog gonnit. Rob: Well I don’t think there’s
too much in the bag here thats gonna catch em any better than
this stuff. Whatever we’re using. Make him give it back, huh? We’re not that short on em. Rob: If you’re keeping it, you’re going in the
basket. They weigh better with a couple
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get ready for some great entertainment for a great cause. We do our best to navigate
around this lake. The trees make it real hard to
move. But you can see, they provide
excellent crappie habitat. The biggest problem we’ve had
with this place is you see a lot of trees in
the background. When you go trying to locate
crappie, in a place like this, where do
you start? We think some of the coves might be the best option. Join
us today on Season Chasers, where we’re
doing what we can to study crappie fishing, we’re
learning what we can and we’re gonna share it with
you today. One hundred per cent real.
There might be something good to eat before the day is over. Thanks
for coming along on Season Chasers. Crappie time! Just past sunrise, Jason and I ease the boat
toward a cove that seems to be full of
bait-fish. We hope its equally filled with nice big crappie. Jason: A huge school of shad. Jason: a huge school of shad. Jason: Look, there they go. Look at em. Jason: The cove is full of bait. Rob: They should be down there. Rob: If you want to find the
fish, be sure to find a place with
lots of fish food. There are plenty of minnows
scurrying around out here, probably being chased
by a lot of bigger fish. Our slow jigs with a crappie nibble on top
just might get them biting on our baits. Jason: Its a bass. Jason: No its a crappie, a big
crappie. Rob: He-he, get him in there,
its a black one too. Jason: There he is. Rob: Good
one, woooo. Jason: Yeah. Jason: Alright. Rob: Was that real deep? Jason:
It was on the drop. Jason: Yeah. You’re right, I’m just watching
the line Jason: When it quits stops moving, you’d better pull. Rob: You got a knife? Jason: Wow, theres another one. Jason: Another big one. [laughs] Jason: Oh no, its a perch. Rob:
Bigger. Rob: Its early morning, and
we’re grinning already. Jason: Theres another one. Rob:
Get this one. Jason: Get it up this time, a
crappie. Jason: Yeah. Rob: Right where we found them
last time. Rob: Right at this drop-off. [splash] Jason: Looks like I already had
a bite. Rob: There he is. Jason: Tighten that drag a bit.
Oh! Rob: Some of these crappie seem
to want to go home with us. And our baskets
have plenty of room for more. Jason: Yep. Rob: I gotta get mine going. Set it on the platform, aiming
this way. Rob: We’re trying a new place
to fish and I’m doing a little crappie throwing here with a real nice
ultra-light and four pound line. And thats one of the fun things
about crappie fishing, is you never
know what you might catch. This isn’t the State record or
anything, but its a nice bass. And on four pound line, and ultra-light tackle with this kind of brush, I’m
glad to get it in. We’ll get this jig out of this one and get it back in the
water. Lets see if we can get us a crappie. Thats the whole
point of todays mission on Season Chasers. But in the
meantime, this will keep things
interesting. But crappie, there’s gotta be a
lot of em in here. This is a bass. And we’ll keep you informed
today on the show, thanks for coming
along. And its fine. A white jig. Maybe there’s more. If I could find the water.
[laughs] A little brushy in here. OK
ladies and gentlemen, Its almost eleven o’clock in
the morning what, Jason and I didn’t get
here until almost eight thirty this morning, but
we found a couple of good spots here,
and we’ve come up with some good crappie. Look what we get to share with
you today our little bit of a fish story. Let me show you Jason’s stuff. Now this is Jason’s personal basket. These are the
ones that he’s claiming
responsibility for. He caught every one of those
this morning, and what was the jig combination
used most of the time? You’ve got a pink jig-head and
kind of of a pearl body with a little bit of sparkles in it. And a big nice, basket of
crappie to show for it. Jason: Pearl with a black fleck and pink
head. Rob: So, what do you think
about the crappie in this lake? Jason: Pretty nice, but don’t forget the crappie
nibbles. Rob: We’re talking about
bringing out some minnows here sometime and we might be really
dangerous with some minnows in this lake. Jason: Yeah. Yes,
definitely. Rob: But now that the sun’s
getting a little bit higher, its slowing down just a little
bit, so we’re gonna call it a day, and it looks
like we’ve got a pretty good batch of cleaning to do here.
Here’s my crappie basket woo-woo. These are all about the same size, a
nice average I’d say ten to eleven inches. Just about perfect eating size. We can take these out of here
with this species and really not harm the
population much. As it turns out in this lake,
there’s no length limit. On crappie, and there’s a fifty
a day per person limit. We’re not
anywhere close to that. Anyhow, its some pretty nice
fish. Alright, two nice baskets of crappie. This one’s
Jason’s over here. This one’s mine, lets not get
them mixed up. They all look about the same. They’re all really nice, and
we’re glad to share them with you today on Season Chasers. We’ll
show you what these cooked up to and what we did with them here in just a little
bit. When you’re fishing for crappie
there’s probably a really great
selection of the right sized jig heads and bodies to use. You can use
everything from one of these Grandpa jigs with
a little bit of hair and feathers at the end of it,
or a maribou jigs and some crappie rigs you can
even put a little crawdads on. There’s all kinds
of painted different jig heads. I kind of
prefer the lead, plain ones myself. But here’s something that you
just about have to have in every crappie box. Is these crappie nibbles. You can throw these jigs all plain and catch some now and
then, but you catch a whole lot more with these nibbles on em. Keep
those baited up and you might get to come in
with some fish like this. Now, both of these were caught
by Jason. I want to tell you right now,
but These are nice crappie just
about where ever you go. We’re gonna get these dressed out today.. We’re gonna get these on ice,
get them in the cooler get them dressed out, get them
in the kitchen, and we’ll tell you the rest of
the story coming up next on Season Chasers. Thanks for
coming along. We’re fixing some crappie and we’re using this
Louisiana all-natural Fish Fry breading
mix. We’re putting it on with some
fat free half and half, and double dipping it and
putting it in some panko breadcrumbs. And today,
its been Evan’s job to get the crappie
prepared for the pan. So, show us what you’ve been doing here, Evan.
Evan: Put it in the half and half put it in the fry. Shake around
a little bit and make sure it comes up dry. do to do to do…. do to do do
to do. Put it back in half and half,
put it in and shake it around some
good. Put it in the bread crumbs, shake around some
good. Shake it up and down if you
could, Then be done with the nuggets and put them on the
plate. Cooking with Evan. Rob: Good job, alright, well… Stay tuned, and we’ll let you
know how this turn out. We’re cooking crappie over at
Dylan and Evans house How about that? [laughs] Rob: What do you think of that
crappie stuff you guys? Dylan: Pretty good. Evan: Its like high quality
fish sticks. I’m not saying like, I’m just saying its like
fish sticks but better. [laughs] Rob: Thats one thing about
cooking crappie, it trying to stay out of it a little bit
while you’re cooking it. Its hard to resist, wouldn’t
you say? Well, this crappie is for eating and theres really
no time limit on it. You guys can start any time.
[laughs] We’ll have some more stuff to
go with it here in just a little bit. So Evan did most of the breading and
preparation. And Dylan did most of the
cooking. Pretty good team effort, guys. Evan: And you did absolutely
nothing. Rob: All I did was catch the
fish and bring it down here. Evan: Yes thats important. Rob:
How about that? Rob: You can’t buy this crappie
in a grocery store you know. Evan: Teamwork, it always
helps. Waka-Waka. Tune in each for
some of the stuff you just won’t see on other
shows. Outdoors, Wildlife and a life
of Adventure. Being on the lookout for
natural foods, and making the most of what the
wildlife provides. Study, Learn and Share the
great outdoors with someone who’s important to

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  1. I'm not sure why but the opening scene where you shoot the turkey made me laugh so hard, majestic shots of nature and suddenly turkey getting shot

    Good video but god damn it that was funny

  2. I am just starting to crappie fish and it is somthing you need to learn. I allways bass fish so I think I'm Jerking the crappie lips off because I can't catch one maybe next trip

  3. that rod and reel looks like it was made in the prehistoric era should be in a museum a fascinating fossil LMfAO matter fact I think cavemen were using st.croix legend rods with Abu Garcia mgx reels and Shimano ci4 plus reels compared to that dusty ass piece of shit pole your using I'm surprised the first crappie bite didn't make the reel turn to powder time for equipment upgrade guy!

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